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The Truth Behind the Anti-Q Anon Attacks Revealed- 2-17-18
Podcast Episode #34

Q anon attackers

Q- Overview- Decoding the Big Picture For Patriots - 2-11-18
Podcast Episode #33

Q anon summary

This ONE Factor Defines the Left and Unlocks Deep State Plans - 2-3-18
Podcast Episode #32

One thing

Deep State Truly Unraveling! Q Messages Decoded - 1-27-18
Podcast Episode #31

Q messages decoded

Late Night Q Critical Interpretations For Patriots- 1-23-18 Part 2

Q anon late night 2

1-22 Late Night Critical Q Anon Interpretations- #GreatAwakening

Q anon late night

Q Drops New Bombshell!! Checkmate For Soros, Podesta, Brazille- #Prison

Q anon bombshell

Trump's New America Giving Birth! Patriots Rising, Deep State Destroyed- Podcast #30 1-20-18

Remember this day

Q Update! Future Proves Past AGAIN!! Deep State Exposed! 1-19-18

Breaking Q-anon

Breaking Q-Anon: "Checkmate", "We are closer than you think" 1-14-18

Breaking Q-anon

Shocking Reality About Q's Predicted "Great Awakening" Now Revealed!! Podcast Episode #29 (1-13-18)

Great awakening

Bannon Betrayal Backfires, Deep State Collapse Continues In Trump's Storm- Podcast Episode #28 (1-7-18)

Bannon betrayal

Q-Anon Revelations, Trump Era Awakening Explained As 2017 Concludes- Podcast Episode #27 (12-31-17)

Trump's Great awakening

Storm Update: State of Emergency, Indictments Revealed! Trump's Great Awakening - Podcast Episode #26 (12-30-17)

Great awakening

Breaking- New Q-Anon Post Puts Patriots On High Alert Nationwide! - Podcast Episode #25 (12-25-17)

Christmas report

Apocalyptic Ending to 2017 As Trump's Storm On Deep State Rages On - Podcast Episode #24 (12-24-17)

Storm rages

Trump's Storm Now Sweeping Nation As Deep State Fights Back- Podcast Episode #23 (12-17-17)

Storm sweeps nation

Who Will Survive Trump's Storm? Here's the Answer- Podcast Episode #22 (12-10-17)

Who will survive

Trump Goes Nuclear On Deep State- The Storm is Here!- Podcast Episode #21 (12-03-17)

Trump goes nuclear on deep state

This Thanksgiving Rant Will Silence Trump Haters- Podcast Episode #20 (11-25-17)

Thanksgiving rant

Trump's "Storm" Has Begun! Here's the Evidence- Podcast Episode #19 (11-19-17)

calm before the storm

Paradigm Shift is Here- Pray... The Swamp is Draining!- Podcast Episode #18 (11-11-17)

Pray drain swamp

Did Trump Just Admit Deep State In Control Of DOJ?- Podcast Episode #17 (11-04-17)

Trump frustrated

The JFK Files Release- Big Picture For Dummies - Podcast Episode #16 (10-29-17)

JFK files release

This Will Dismantle the Anarchy Paradigm Once and For All- Podcast Episode #15 (10-22-17)

Dismantle anarchy

Here's the Secret to Seeing the Big Picture Today- Podcast Episode #14 (10-15-17)

Secret big picture

The Vegas Shooting Massacre- Big Picture For Dummies- Podcast Episode #13 (10-07-17)

Vegas shooting

This Really Can Save America IF Understood Widely- Podcast #12 (10-01-17)

Save America from Cultural Marxism

"National Liberation" Spreads As First MLB Player Kneels to Protest National Anthem (9-25-17)

MLB player protests

Details Matter: Here's Exactly HOW the NWO is Forming. Podcast #11 (9-24-17)

Details matter

Cultural Marxism Exploding In America- All Part of NWO Plans- Podcast #10 (9-18-17)

Cultural Marxism

What Happened to 9/11 Truth? Here Is the Answer- Podcast #9 (9-11-17)

9/11 Truth

From 9/11 to Antifa- An Eye Opening Point Of View (9-10-17)

From 9/11 to Antifa

Trump Haters Didn't See This Coming! Podcast #8 (9-3-17)

Trump haters shocked

Explosive Documents Prove Far-Left Violent Attacks Coming to America- Podcast #7 (8-27-17)

Far left attacks

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Bright Light of 9/11 Truth Shines THROUGH Trump Afghanistan Speech- Is There Still Hope? (8-25-17)

9-11 Bright Light

White House Petition to Recognize Antifa As a Terrorist Organization Quickly Explodes With Over 200K Signatures (8-22-17)

Antifa exposed 2

Antifa: The Political Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Is Now Revealed (8-20-17)

Antifa exposed

String of deception
String Of Deceptions Revealed- Scalise Shooting "Hoax" Claims Dismantled
Seth Rich
Another Seth Rich Murder Psyop Launches- 2 In One Day!
Seth Rich murder
Psyop Alert: MSM Rolls Out Brand New Seth Rich Murder Claims Based On "83 Page Report"
Sandy Hook
Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Alex Jones "Condolences" to Sandy Hook Parents
Scalise shooting
Did American Revolution 2.0 Officially Begin With the Shooting Of House Majority Leader Scalise?
Proxy Army
Are Proxy Armies Coming to America?
Civil War
Irreversible Road to Civil War Guarantees Many Will Die Fighting

08-19-17 This Antifa-ISIS Stunning Comparison Will Shock You!- Podcast Episode #6

8-13-17 Trump, America- Here's the Big Picture Few Are Willing to See- Podcast Episode #5

08-05-17 The Liberal Left Phenomenon Explained! Plus Ongoing Anti-Trump Movement- Podcast #4

07-30-17 It's Happening! Trump Pushes Back Against Coup d'etat- Podcast #3

07-22-17 Truth and Art Radio Podcast #2- 9/11 Deathbed Confession, Chester Bennington's death

07-16-17 Podcast Debut- Reviewing 1st 6 Months Of Trump- NWO Giving Birth?

07-01-17 Bernie and Robin Discusses Government Psyops and the Future-2 Part Interview

08-21-16 Bernie Discusses ISIS, Gladio B, NWO With Randal Kraus on 'Taking off Da' blinders'

07-03-16 New Truth and Art Music Album Sample Tunes Now Available

06-17-16 Bernie on Freeman TV: Talking Truth, Art, Solutions

06-04-16 Bernie Interviews With James Tracy- Real Politik on Truth Frequency Radio

05-22-16 Bernie On Trivium Cafe Radio Network With Randal Kraus- 'Taking Off Da' Blinders

Do you understand what Cultural Marxism is?

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