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"Aerosol Injections" Covering the Globe! Artificial Chembombs Now the Norm!

Taking a look at the typical aerosol injections we are seeing almost every day now all over the globe. Chemical plumes coined 'Chembombs' now fill our skies. Those are the unnatural looking feathery/fuzzy/stringy looking "clouds" we now see in our skies.

In this video we look at the massive aerosol injections or chembombs from both the ground-level view and various satellite infrared views as demonstrated by geoengineering researcher Bruce Douglas.

Here is the LINK to Douglas' presentation on the topic at the 'Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference in Los Angeles in 2012:

Here's the lecture by Joyce Penner at the University of Michigan:

We discuss also the links between geoengineering and the persistent global warming moving which operates under the banner of "climate change".

Awareness is one of the most important tools we have to be able to maintain hope that someday these spraying programs will stop. We all deserve clean air to breath and a chance to live a healthy happy life so let's keep fighting to expose this unethical experimentation on humanity and ongoing tampering with the equilibrium of the planet.

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