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May-Nov 2017 Archives (Pre-Q Anon)

Did Trump Just Admit Deep State In Control Of DOJ?- Podcast Episode #17 (11-04-17)

Trump frustrated

The JFK Files Release- Big Picture For Dummies - Podcast Episode #16 (10-29-17)

JFK files release

This Will Dismantle the Anarchy Paradigm Once and For All- Podcast Episode #15 (10-22-17)

Dismantle anarchy

Here's the Secret to Seeing the Big Picture Today- Podcast Episode #14 (10-15-17)

Secret big picture

The Vegas Shooting Massacre- Big Picture For Dummies- Podcast Episode #13 (10-07-17)

Vegas shooting

This Really Can Save America IF Understood Widely- Podcast #12 (10-01-17)

Save America from Cultural Marxism

"National Liberation" Spreads As First MLB Player Kneels to Protest National Anthem (9-25-17)

MLB player protests

Details Matter: Here's Exactly HOW the NWO is Forming. Podcast #11 (9-24-17)

Details matter

Cultural Marxism Exploding In America- All Part of NWO Plans- Podcast #10 (9-18-17)

Cultural Marxism

What Happened to 9/11 Truth? Here Is the Answer- Podcast #9 (9-11-17)

9/11 Truth

From 9/11 to Antifa- An Eye Opening Point Of View (9-10-17)

From 9/11 to Antifa

Trump Haters Didn't See This Coming! Podcast #8 (9-3-17)

Trump haters shocked

Explosive Documents Prove Far-Left Violent Attacks Coming to America- Podcast #7 (8-27-17)

Far left attacks

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Bright Light of 9/11 Truth Shines THROUGH Trump Afghanistan Speech- Is There Still Hope? (8-25-17)

9-11 Bright Light

White House Petition to Recognize Antifa As a Terrorist Organization Quickly Explodes With Over 200K Signatures (8-22-17)

Antifa exposed 2

Antifa: The Political Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Is Now Revealed (8-20-17)

Antifa exposed

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