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Storm Coverage 1st Year (2017-2018)

One Year Later ... Welcome to the Eye of the Storm - Weekly Podcast #70 10-29-18

One year Q anniversary

Mysteriously Expanding Illegals Caravan- Last Gasp Stunt By the Left? Weekly Podcast #69 10-22-18

Mystery Caravan

Bizarre Online Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories Pick Up Steam Weekly Podcast #68 10-15-18


Q Firm Reassurance [CHANGE IS COMING] Podcast #67 10-8-18

Q Assurance

Feinstein Office, Ford Attorneys Now Under Investigation! Podcast #66 10-1-18


Q Drops 2 Words That WILL Calm and Reassure All Patriots! Amazing!! Weekly Podcast #65 9-23-18

Q Anon 2 Words

New Lisa Page Bombshell Testimony Will Paralyze Trump Haters! Weekly Podcast #64 9-17-18

Lisa Page testimony

Understanding 9/11 Through the Eyes of the Great Awakening

9-11 Special Presentation

Latest Anti-Q Op Self Implodes With Catastrophic Blunder! Podcast #63 (Recorded 9-9-18)

Anti Q Implodes

Trump Proclaims "National Preparedness Month"- Q Highlights Warning- Podcast #62 9-3-18

National Preparedness

Q Anon Mystery Finally Solved!! "NOTHING IS HAPPENING"! (Special Presentation)

Nothing to see here

Special Report: "No Name" Mystery Decoded With Q Clues (8-26-18)

McCain Death Solved

New Clergy Sex Abuse Investigations Spread Across US!!! Podcast #61 8-25-18

Clergy Investigation

Q Reveals Plan for Justice As Sessions Drops Major Hint!! Podcast #60 Monday 8-20-18

Sessions plan

MSM Mocking Q Anon as Fake ... AND Panicking About Storm!!! Podcast#59 8-12-18

Mainstream media panic

Red-Pill the Left?? Here's the Reality They Cannot Unsee- Podcast#58 8-5-18

Redpill Left

Here We Go Again- "Something BIG is About to DROP" 7-29-18 - Weekly Podcast #57

Big drop

Newly Released Docs!! Obama State Dept Contributed to Anti-Trump Dossier Podcast #56 7-24-18

Released documents

Next STORM Casualties: Rosenstein, Social Media Giants! Weekly Podcast #55 7-15-18

Next casualties

Q Opposition Panicking As Great Awakening Continues- Podcast #54 7-8-18

Q Opposition

The "Walk Away" Has Begun! "Enjoy the Show"- Podcast #53 7-1-18 (Recorded 6-30-18)

Walk Away

2 Distinct Plans Unfolding - Here's the Full Analysis- Podcast #52 6-24-18

2 Plans Unfolding

WOW! Q Drops Laser Beam Precision PROOF- Future Proves Past!!!!! Podcast #51 Recorded 6-17-18

Q Proof

An Eye-Opening Report About the "NWO" and the Great Awakening- MUST WATCH! Podcast #50 6-10-18

Eye opening report

Is Gowdy the Latest Great Awakening "Actor"? This Will Explain - Podcast #49 Recorded 6-2-18

Gowdy role

Trump Sounds Like Q On Memorial Day Weekend As Message, Storm Rolls On! Podcast #48 5-28-18

Trump Q anon

Prove Q and the Great Awakening In 3 Easy Steps- Enemy Will Hate This! Weekly- Podcast #47 5-20-18

Prove Q anon

UPDATE: The War On Q Fully Analyzed- Podcast #46 5-12-18

Podcast 45

Unlocking Latest Q Drops! Plus Detailed Breakdown of Great Awakening- Must Watch! Podcast #45 5-6-18

Podcast 45

Special Report: A Closer Look At the "Blame the Jews/Israel" Movement (Podcast #44 PART 2 of 2)

Blame Jews

Breaking-Is Mueller About to Do 180 Degree Turn Against Deep State? (Podcast #44 4-29-18 PART 1 of 2)

Mueller 180 degree turn

"AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN! 11-11-18" -Q - Podcast #43 4-22-18

America united

Trump 'Trojan Horse' Move Exposes Those NOT Trusting Plan- Must Watch!- Podcast #42 4-16-18

Trojan Horse move

Q Anon is FORCING a Shift In Consciousness! Here's the Evidence- Podcast #41 4-7-18

Q Forcing Awakening

Special Report: New Anti-Q Psyop Torn to 1000 Pieces As Storm Rolls On! Podcast #40

Torn to a thousand pieces

Deep State Preparing For Shocking Revelations + Gun Control: What You Need to Know- Weekly Podcast #39

Panic Gun Control

Q Anon Basics For All Humanity- Special Report- Share Far & Wide!

Special Report

Q,Trump, Sessions Outfox Deep State-Glorious Year Unfolding! 3-18-18 (Podcast #38)

Outfox deepstate

Snowden Clues Solved! Q Anon Wrap up 3-11-18- Must Watch!! (Podcast #37)

Snowden clues

Explosive Breakdown of Big Picture, Trump, Q Anon- 3-4-18- Podcast #36

Podcast #36

RED ALERT!!-Truth and Art TV Channel Under Attack By YouTube!!!!- 2-28-18

Red alert

Trump Drops Massive Q Anon Hints At CPAC 2018! See for yourself!- 2-25-18
Podcast Episode #35

Trump hints

The Truth Behind the Anti-Q Anon Attacks Revealed- 2-17-18
Podcast Episode #34

Q anon attackers

Q- Overview- Decoding the Big Picture For Patriots - 2-11-18
Podcast Episode #33

Q anon summary

This ONE Factor Defines the Left and Unlocks Deep State Plans - 2-3-18
Podcast Episode #32

One thing

Deep State Truly Unraveling! Q Messages Decoded - 1-27-18
Podcast Episode #31

Q messages decoded

Late Night Q Critical Interpretations For Patriots- 1-23-18 Part 2

Q anon late night 2

1-22 Late Night Critical Q Anon Interpretations- #GreatAwakening

Q anon late night

Q Drops New Bombshell!! Checkmate For Soros, Podesta, Brazille- #Prison

Q anon bombshell

Trump's New America Giving Birth! Patriots Rising, Deep State Destroyed- Podcast #30 1-20-18

Remember this day

Q Update! Future Proves Past AGAIN!! Deep State Exposed! 1-19-18

Breaking Q-anon

Breaking Q-Anon: "Checkmate", "We are closer than you think" 1-14-18

Breaking Q-anon

Shocking Reality About Q's Predicted "Great Awakening" Now Revealed!! Podcast Episode #29 (1-13-18)

Great awakening

Bannon Betrayal Backfires, Deep State Collapse Continues In Trump's Storm- Podcast Episode #28 (1-7-18)

Bannon betrayal

Q-Anon Revelations, Trump Era Awakening Explained As 2017 Concludes- Podcast Episode #27 (12-31-17)

Trump's Great awakening

Storm Update: State of Emergency, Indictments Revealed! Trump's Great Awakening - Podcast Episode #26 (12-30-17)

Great awakening

Breaking- New Q-Anon Post Puts Patriots On High Alert Nationwide! - Podcast Episode #25 (12-25-17)

Christmas report

Apocalyptic Ending to 2017 As Trump's Storm On Deep State Rages On - Podcast Episode #24 (12-24-17)

Storm rages

Trump's Storm Now Sweeping Nation As Deep State Fights Back- Podcast Episode #23 (12-17-17)

Storm sweeps nation

Who Will Survive Trump's Storm? Here's the Answer- Podcast Episode #22 (12-10-17)

Who will survive

Trump Goes Nuclear On Deep State- The Storm is Here!- Podcast Episode #21 (12-03-17)

Trump goes nuclear on deep state

This Thanksgiving Rant Will Silence Trump Haters- Podcast Episode #20 (11-25-17)

Thanksgiving rant

Trump's "Storm" Has Begun! Here's the Evidence- Podcast Episode #19 (11-19-17)

calm before the storm

Paradigm Shift is Here- Pray... The Swamp is Draining!- Podcast Episode #18 (11-11-17)

Pray drain swamp

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