Archives Jun-Sept 2012


No Child's Play by EJ Mijares

Update: 09-29-12

Historic U.S. military atrocities fully exposed

The Prosecution of an American President-Trailer

Update: 09-27-12

Controversial Bush Documentary. An Explosive Documentary On The Truth Behind The Iraq War

Man Discovers Package:
Has Life Changing Experience!

Update: 09-24-12
Truth & Art EXCLUSIVE!:
Man's life changes after discovering unattended package- MUST WATCH!

Boycott the Vote

Update: 09-23-12
An argument for boycotting the presidential election.

Who Were The 9/11 Masterminds?

Update: 09-20-12
Fascinating presentation cuts to the chase and exposes some of the entities behind 9/11

Matt G - Broken Monitors

Update: 09-16-12
Truth and Art Music exposes corporate media and politician lies and deception

After 9/11: Ten Years of War

Update: 09-13-12
A special production by James Corbett for GlobalResearchTV

9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out

Update: 09-11-12

Pakistan: Center of the Grand Chessboard

Update: 09-10-12

The people of Pakistan share their pain and suffering at the hands of the U.S. violence. Must watch!

GARY JOHNSON - America Needs A Handyman

Update: 09-09-12

Say no to the phony left-right 2 party paradigm. Learn about Gary Johnson- Help spread this video

DAVID ICKE - Knock Knock,,
Who`s There? YOUR APATHY!

Update: 09-07-12

Viewer discretion advised. Consciousness raising video!

Truth & Art Comedy: TSA Tests Drinks For Explosives!
Update: 09-04-12

Update: 09-03-12

Mr Scam Man- Anti Obama Song

Update: 08-29-12

'Mr Sandman' parody tune comically addresses horrors America has tolerated under Obama

Crony Chronicles:
I Want To Be A Crony

Update: 08-28-12

Children speak simple satirical truth!

Fabolous Speaks Out on 9/11
Update: 08-22-12

WTC1 Explosive Ejections Or Air Jets?

Update: 08-16-12

Taking a close look at the evidence!

This Is What Democracy Looks Like
(This video is no longer available)

Update: 08-11-12

Depiction of Fascism and the American Police State

Reality Check:
U.S. Government Created Al Qaeda

Update: 08-09-12

Ben Swann Reality Check takes look at how U.S. government
created Al Qaeda

Thought Crime To Destroy
New World Order

Update: 08-05-12

Thought Crime to Destroy New World Order

Revolution 2012: It's Time To Rise

Update: 08-04-12

"We will not be silent,
we will not obey!"

Culture in Decline

Update: 08-01-12

Episode #1 "What Democracy?" by Peter Joseph

The Terror Within: Former DHS Officer, Julia Davis Speaks Out!
Update: 07-28-12

Dave Mustaine: We Are In The Fight of Our Lives
Update: 07-28-12

'Mr President' -Megaupload Boss Raps
Obama In Musical Protest

Update: 07-25-12

"Lets get together lets all unite"

Obama For America TV Ad: 'Drone Warrior'

Update: 07-25-12

Symmetry Of Hypocrisy

NY Times Admits Mainstream Media Is Censored!
Update: 07-24-12

IPCC Admits Its Past Reports Were Junk
Update: 07-19-12

A Message For All Humanity
-Charlie Chaplin

Update: 07-16-12

Chaplin: "Soldiers in the name of democracy let us all unite!"

Time to Wake Up: The Building Blocks of Global Tyranny
Update: 07-15-12

Judge Napolitano On Illegal Drones Spying Ordinary Americans

Update: 07-12-12

Judge Napolitano: First American to shoot down a Drone will be an American Hero

America Is Not In Debt:
Bankers Charged With Treason
Against America

Update: 06-30-12

Central Bankers and Treason: Exposing the Illuminati banksters and their crimes
Must Watch

IRANIANS WE LOVE U: A Message To Iran From Israel

Update: 06-28-12

"Let us stop this hate" - A powerful message from the people of Israel to the people of Iran reminding us that we must all resist and expose the politically and New World Order driven message of hatred and war

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Update: 06-14-12

Experts speak about the global warming hoax, how unscientific it is and how aggressive the proponents of this agenda have been on those who expose it

Century of the Self

Update: 06-13-12

The story of Edward Bernay and mass mind control in America

Invisible Chains

Update: 06-07-12

Exposing the fractional reserve banking scheme which allows banks to print money out of thin air and charge interest on it

Donald Duck Fills Out 1040 Form

Update: 06-04-12

Disney takes center stage in this 1943 propaganda film featuring Donald Duck. This campaign was designed to induce compliance on paying taxes to the IRS and it proved successful in swindling Americans of their money to fund WW2. Watch Donald Duck even get instructed on filling out his 1040 form!