Archives: Oct-Dec 2012


End of 2012 and the Unleashing of Evil
Update: 12-30-12

Plans to control humanity are accelerating to unimaginable levels!

Truth and Art Action:
Petition to try Senator Dianne Feinstein for treason to the constitution
Update: 12-29-12

No Not Again!
Update: 12-28-12

Sandy Hoax: No not again

Political Calculator Malfunction
Update: 12-18-12

Mathematically speaking ... Why those calling for gun control are dead wrong

CT police take America to new level of censorship!

Update: 12-17-12

Connecticut Police spokesperson Lt J Paul Vance makes lunatic declaration that no one is to question the police version of Newton CT shooting. Must Watch!

The Monkeys of Evil
Update: 12-14-12

How 2013 Will Help Identify the True Soldiers of the New World Order Agenda

Government Spying Out of Control
Update: 12-13-12

My Short Letter to a Corporate Media "Investigative Reporter"
Update: 12-08-12

Because NBC Investigative reporters are always looking for "good investigative story ideas and documents"

Historic Ron Paul Farewell Speech To Congress

Update: 12-07-12

Courtesy Ron Paul historic farewell speech highlighted with videos and additional text. Must watch!

NFL Declares War on 2nd Amendment for Obama

Update: 12-06-12

The NFL, NBC and Bob Costas use Sunday Night NFL game to make surprising anti-second Amendment rant blaming guns rights for the tragic death of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend!

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton Needs Taxpayer Money for Propaganda!

Update: 12-05-12

New World Order shocker! Hillary Clinton admits the controlled private mainstream media is losing the battle of government lies and propaganda, wants tax payers to contribute!!

Can 24 Million People Be Wrong? … Actually YES!
Update: 11-23-12
Why Americans still flying are undermining freedom

Israeli Soldiers Breaking The Silence
on the Occupation of Palestine!

Update: 11-21-12

Israeli soldier tells all of Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. Please watch and share!

I Woke Up This Morning

Update: 11-20-12

Compelling video outlines secret to defeating the globalist agenda
Truth and Art TV message to every kid in America.
Truth be told!

The TSA Abuses the USA: The Final Solution
Update: 11-18-12

Love America and Freedom?
It's time to say NO to Airlines that support TSA
How To Re-elect a Tyrant
Update: 11-09-12

Step by step instructions
for lovers of tyranny!

HAARP Engineering Hurricane Sandy!! Frankenstorm manipulation caught on
satellite & radar!

Update: 11-03-12

HAARP TTA event caught driving hurricane Sandy!!!
Must Watch!

Geoengineering Crimes Front and Center
How Hurricane Sandy Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

Update: 10-30-12
Halloween Challenge:
Are You a Terrorist? Take the Self Assessment Test Now!

Update: 10-29-12
Are the Globalists Outmatched By Humanity's Greatness?
Update: 10-27-12

Obama Brainwashing Through Rebranding Exposed!

Update: 10-26-12
Obama administration has resorted to name games and rebranding tactics to advance agenda. Political propaganda exposed!

Globalist Dirty Tactics: War Crimes Have Been ‘Opinionized’!
Update: 10-25-12

Soldiers Please Listen

Update: 10-24-12
Powerful message to all military and those thinking of joining the military about illegal call to war in Iran

The Fix is in: How Pro Sports is Rigged

Update: 10-23-12
Author Brian Tuohy reveals shocking possibilities about pro sports after comprehensive independent investigation

80% of drone strike victims innocent civilians!

Update: 10-21-12
Pakistani officials shocking admission: US drones are murdering mostly innocent civilians!

The Fall of America and the Rise In Spirit:
Update: 10-20-12
Confessions of an Ex-Shill: "We're real!"
Update: 10-18-12

Corporate Psychosis: Are You Exhibiting Symptoms?
Update: 10-16-12

Wildly irrational corporate behavior examined closely

Travel Channel Joins Dark Side;
To debut a new reality series GLORIFYING TSA

Update: 10-15-12
Travel channel to roll out shocking new reality series glorifying TSA.

Austin Terrorist Police Gone Psycho on Ordinary Partiers!

Update: 10-15-12
Police State shocker! Austin Police corruption fully exposed
Former president outlined clear criteria for identifying "Terrorists"!

Global Terrorists or New World Order? What’s in a Name?
Update: 10-13-12

Yes on 37 - We Have The Right To Know!

Update: 10-12-12

California residents are being urged to vote YES on Prop 37 and help pass legislation that will expose GMO foods

Tyranny Red Alert! RFID Chip Implementation in Progress!
Update: 10-10-12

The Current New World Order Paradigm: Cracking the Code
Update: 10-08-12

Swedish Politician Admits Toxic 'Chemtrails' Are Real, Not a Wild Conspiracy Theory
Update: 10-07-12

Who Is Behind The Commission on Presidential Debates? Are The Debates Rigged?

Update: 10-06-12

Reality Check: Benn Swann exposes the Commission on Presidential Debates. Must Watch!

CNN Insider: CNN is A Hoax

Update: 10-05-12

CNN Correspondent blows whistle on CNN. Exposes lies and corruption.