Archives: Jan-Mar 2013


What If The Persistent Contrails Myth Was Real?
Update: 03-31-13

Fictional scenarios outlined to expose 'contrails' myth

Alex Jones Calls For Gun Confiscation

Update: 03-30-13

The establishment is desparately coming for your guns. An important message from Alex Jones.

Finding Entry Points of Consciousness to Overcome the New World Order
Update: 03-27-13

Small effective methods for educating others about the global government agenda.

Truth For Kids Page Launched!
Update: 03-25-13

Check out our new 'Truth for kids' page intended to simplify truth issues. We encourage kids everywhere to share this page with their friends.

The Mantra: How to Effectively Deal With the Police
Update: 03-22-13

Points outlined on how to smartly deal with police confrontations

Meet Your Strawman!

Update: 03-21-13

The story of how everyone has a strawman created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue for your government.

Eyewitness: Yes, The Nazis Did Confiscate Our Guns

Update: 03-20-13

History repeats itself. German citizen gives firsthand account of Nazi gun control agenda prior to mass genocide.

Exposing Chemtrails Spraying in Los Angeles for 30 Days
Update: 03-18-13

Results of simple ‘Accu-Terrorist Forecast’ are in

Reversing the Mental Side Effects of the New World Order
Update: 03-13-13

The negative mental effects of dealing with the New World Order, tyranny and fascism addressed.

War Crimes Exposed

Update: 03-12-13

U.S. War Crimes in Iraq Caught On Video

Top DHS checkpoint refusals

Update: 03-11-13

Citizen who knows his rights exposes Federal Checkpoint goons. Know your rights!

From Normal to Insane
Update: 03-09-13

The Journey Ahead For Mainstream Media Believers

Meet the Next Boogie Monster: Celestial Events
Update: 03-03-13

Keep looking up as Hollywood-Media-Government Complex walk us into a new period of sky events to round us up.

Food Fight Music Video

Update: 02-28-13

Educational music video exposes Monsanto, Agenda 21 and the food war the globalists have waged on humanity

Hollywood Rolls Out WW2-Style Propaganda on Oscar Night
Update: 02-25-13

First time ever 'First Lady' appearance marks new level of propaganda for Government Cinematic Mouthpiece

Conan O'Brien Exposes Mainstream Media!

Update: 02-24-13

Late night comedian Conan O'Brien exposes the laughable script-reading mainstream media. Says:"That's kind of scary"... We agree Conan!!

Cop: "You Have That Right"

Update: 02-24-13

New Hampshire cop knows about the Constitution and knows the rights of the people.

Uprising By Anonymous

Update: 02-17-13

Video highlights police brutality, the rise of fascism in America and a call to action.

How the LAPD-Media-Complex Hijacked America For a Week
Update: 02-16-13

Police department and corporate media take corruption and darkness to new level

New Truth and Art Accu-Terrorist Forecast to Expose Chemtrails Terrorists!:
30 day tracking to examine mass media weather forecast inconsistencies

Update: 02-15-13

Is Christopher Dorner LA’s New Bin Laden?
Update: 02-11-13

New LA boogie monster already being used for 24/7 LAPD 'manhunt frenzy mode' leaving city on edge, others dead.

My Police Department ‘Government Kool-Aid’ Screening Test
Update: 02-10-13

Why Police Academies should be screening cadets for wide disconnects from reality

Calling Out The Hypocritical, War-Loving Left- Must Watch

Update: 02-02-13

Pro war Left wingers, Democrats, NBC/MSNBC watchers and complacent Liberals everywhere called out for their hypocrisy.

Truth and Art TV: Out with RT News
Update: 02-01-13

Is network just another controlled opposition platform?

Mainstream Media Puppets Caught in Sloppy Blunder:
Have a laugh at the media Government mouthpieces while exposing them

Update: 01-30-13

Former Air Force Whistle Blower Exposes Chemtrails

Update: 01-23-13

Former Air Force GS-12 exposes chemtrails operations in Air Force base and more.

Anonymous Operation American Freedom

Update: 01-22-13

Anonymous reminds viewers of the fundamentals of America and the Constitution, calls on Americans to stand against rogue criminal U.S. government

Globalist Hollywood Puppets Take Historic Egg On Face
Update: 01-10-13

Concoct Laughable Cinematic Recreation of Bin Laden Death Hoax

Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged Update: 01-09-13

Connecticut Cop Goes Public!

Update: 01-08-13

Cop speaks out, exposes Sandy Hook contradictions. Must Watch 2 part video!

Demand a Real Plan

Update: 01-07-13

Hollywood propaganda anti-gun commercial spin-off addresses mass murders committed by governments

The very politically incorrect truth about the Second Amendment

Update: 01-06-13

Ben Swann exposes 'Michael Moore-like' strawman argument about Second Amendment. Must Watch!

Full Disclosure: CO, WI, CT Staged Shootings Exposed!

Update: 01-05-13

Ben Swann asks the most basic questions about the recent shootings in the U.S. exposing official story lies and inconsistencies. Must Watch!

Creepy World of Mainstream Media Believers Unroofed!
Update: 01-04-13

Observational account quietly unveils the darkness and misery corporate media news watchers live in.

Americans Ring in New Year Drinking Dooms-Day Kool-Aid At Alarming Rate
Update: 01-01-13

Is there really an anti-dote to all this madness?