Archives: Jul-Sept 2013


The Planned Institutionalization of Kidnapping
Update: 09-28-13

Quietly legislation is being passsed to set up the stage for enforcement of new standards of legality to undermine every form of liberty including home and private life.

Global Warming Lies Fully Exposed,,, No Really!

Update: 09-27-13

Will the global warming hoax ever end? Likely not, at least not any time soon. IPCC bold claims entirely contradict the facts.

Have We Slain the Beast? Or Is the Global Warming Hoax Still Alive?
Update: 09-22-13

Is there any breath left in the global warming movement? Latest evidence drill mile long hole in movements theories.

RT News Admits it: 9/11 Was An Inside Job!
Update: 09-20-13

Truth and Art TV offers open apology for earlier criticism, welcomes RT to the truth movement!

Feinstein Trounces First Amendment, Pushes For Media Control Law

Update: 09-16-13

Want to know how fast the global government plans are moving? Follow Senator Dianne Feinstein from California. Feinstein does it again, calls for law to control media and journalism!

Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

Update: 09-12-13

The terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks are being revealed, and they don't live in secret caves!

911 - Echoes of Darkness

Update: 09-11-13

Do you or anyone you know STILL believe(s) the 9/11 official story 12 years later? Watch this excellent summary of the facts!

U.S. Empire Warmongers:
Attack Syria ... AND Iran!!

Update: 09-08-13

Don't look away, the Empire is moving really fast. Warmongers on CNN: Attack Syria ... AND Iran!!!

Official ReThink911 Video:
Watch Now!

Update: 09-02-13

Do you anyone who STILL believes the official story of 9/11 told to us by the government and mass media? Show them this video.

CONSENT of the Governed:
The Freeman Movement Defined

Update: 09-02-13

What is the Freeman movement and how can you withdraw your consent from bondage to the state? Click image to watch Special presentation.

Judge Rules NYPD's "Stop and Frisk" Unconstitutional, Orders Federal Oversight

Update: 08-28-13

The U.S. Constitution is king, according to a federal judge who rules NYPD stop and frisk tactics unconstitutional and illegal!

The Nuremberg Charter Required Bradley Manning to Refuse to Collaborate With War Crimes

Update: 08-25-13

Hidden in the Bradley Manning story is the U.S. governments refusal to acknowledge the Nuremberg Charter of 1945 which requires Bradley Manning act with his conscience.

Bush Calls Out Attackers of Freedom: These are "Terrorist Acts"!

Update: 08-24-13

Look no further than the G.W. Bush speeches of September 11th and 12th 2001 to define who really are the terrorists today.

Kucinich: "Either you choose the Constitution or the NSA. You can't have both"

Update: 08-21-13

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich takes a stand for freedom and the constitution!

Is Sports The Greatest Hypnotic Distraction To The Second American Revolution?
Update: 08-19-13

Is the obsession with sports preventing you from awakening to the reality of the second American Revolution?

The Terrifying Future of The United States

Update: 08-18-13

Take a glimpse at the future of the United States which you have the power to change!

Obama Creates Culture of Fear in America!

Update: 08-17-13

Angry freedom and liberty lover calls out Obama crimes against the Constitution, freedom and America. Must watch rant!

CIA Agent: "NEVER watch television"!

Update: 08-13-13

CIA agent warns about watching television and the control it has on humanity.

14 year old girl picks fight with bully TV host - and WINS!

Update: 08-12-13

Watch this 14 year old GMO activist destroy arguments presented by media host shill.

Globalist Agenda Rolling At Super Highway Speed Forcing Conscious Revolution to Accelerate
Update: 08-09-13

Hang on! The road to tyranny in America is moving really fast. With that comes decisions every American must make.

Senator Feinstein Shocker! North American Union Is "Homeland"!!

Update: 08-08-13

When CA Senator Dianne Feinstein says "Homeland" she is NOT referring to the United States of America. Find out more

What The Bradley Manning Verdict Tells Us About America

Update: 08-07-13

The Bradley Manning verdict speaks volumes about our justice system and corruption. The contrast in the treatment of those that commit war crimes versus those who EXPOSE war crimes and violations of the Constitution are alarming.

Reversing the Edward Bernays Effect
Update: 08-03-13

Who is Edward Bernays? Can America recover from a century of propaganda, lies and mass mind manipulation introduced by Bernays?


Update: 08-02-13

A global march against chemtrails and geoengineering is scheduled Sunday August 25, 2013. Will you be part of it?

Which Verdict Are YOU Concerned About?
Update: 07-29-13

Are you living in a dangerous matrix? The lack of mainstream media coverage on the historic Bradley Manning trial, contrasted with the 24/7 circus coverage of George Zimmerman verdict highlights how controlled and bought out the media is.

Psychosis in the Sky?
Update: 07-28-13

How police helicopter madness became the norm in L.A.

Warning: Another Failed Attempt to Frame Pro-Constitution Patriotic Activists!

Update: 07-27-13

The Monkeys of Evil are out in full force. We've discussed recently the disappearing of Michael Hastings, the attempted framing of Luke Rudkowski and now those who sympathize with tyranny and fascism continue their assault by attempting to frame Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes and 'People Against N.D.A.A' founder Dan Johnson. Help spread the word.

Failed Attempt to Frame Activist Investigative Journalist!

Update: 07-25-13

Find out exactly how desperate the global government minions are to suppress the voices warning of tyranny and fascism. Attention to all those who love Freedom and America.

Michael Hastings, Assassinated or Disappeared?

Update: 07-24-13

The question is no longer was Michael Hastings assassinated by government but rather was Michael Hastings assassinated OR disappeared?

Michael Hastings: Was He Assassinated?

Update: 07-21-13

Was Michael Hastings assassinated by government? You decide for yourself after considering the some facts.

Zimmerman Media Circus: A Psyop On America?

Update: 07-20-13

Is the 24/7 media circus coverage of the Zimmerman verdict one big psyhological operation on America?

Mass Media Psyop On America?
Update: 07-18-13

24/7 Zimmerman Verdict Sensationalized Coverage Continues While Tyranny and Fascism Expands in America

Startling Psychology Experiments Expose Corporate 'Money & Greed' Mindset

Update: 07-17-13

Global elite mindset fully exposed. The results of these Berkley Psychology experiments are priceless. See why some are angry about the publishing of these experiments.

9/11 Truth Movement to Organize in NYC For Anniversary

Update: 07-16-13

The flames of 9/11 truth will burn forever. Organized vigil scheduled in NYC September 11, 2013

Global Warming Debunked... Again: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere

Update: 07-07-13

There are few major issues that have been debunked as much as the entire global warming religion. NASA Sun study destroys movement scientifically. Officially no pending arrests of Al Gore or Dr James Hansen.

Russell Brand Calls Out Mainstream Media In Comedic Mockery

Update: 07-02-13

Because comedians can go where others can't. Russell Brand exposes the truth about mainstream media in comedic truth rant while promoting his comedy tour.