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Freedom Chronicles 2013 –The Year End Review From a Freedom Perspective
Update: 12-28-13

2013 moments of the year reviewed, from a freedom and tyranny watchman perspective.

What Will Happen When the Arrests Begin?
Update: 12-24-13

A futuristic picture of mass arrests, critical mass and journalistic awakening

Dec 23, 2013: Federal Reserve Private Banking Cartel Turns 100 Years Old Today
Update: 12-23-13

The Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23, 1913. America has not been the same since.

Teddy's Law, The Worst Attempted Homeschool Law In The Nation

Update: 12-23-13

State of Ohio attempts to take control over home schooling decisions from Ohio parents. See shocking story exposed by Ben Swann.

Google is Going to Blackmail You
Beware of Google+ Scam!

Update: 12-20-13

The 'Google+' (Google plus) scam is fully exposed. After the recent inadvertent deletion of the Truth and Art TV Youtube channel, the timing of this video couldn't be better. Beware of the Google+ scam.

New York Police Officer Gives Stunning Second Amendment Speech!

Update: 12-19-13

Officer Aaron Weiss issues scathing speech, rebukes politicians and legislators in Dutchess County who want to take away basic gun rights against all basic principles of what it means to be an American.

Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA

Update: 12-17-13

Next time you hear J.P Morgan, Goodyear, or Dupont think, fascist dictatorhip takeover of U.S.. Yes, that is exactly what happened in 1934 when U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Butler exposed this to the world!

Government Geoengineering Spokesman Rolls Out Chemtrails to Public!

Update: 12-14-13

Geoengineering front man appears on the Colbert Report to sell chemtrails spraying programs! Assumes audience is clueless to ongoing operations!!

NASA’s Valkyrie Humanoid Robot: The Empire’s Next Move?
Update: 12-13-13

Why the globalist’s latest toy should be considered a major threat to humanity.

Is Chemtrails The Most Ignored Conspiracy Of Our Time?
Update: 12-11-13

Are chemtrails spraying operations the psychological mother conspiracy of our time? The most ignored? Taking a closer look at the issue.

10 Climate Myths Busted (in 60 seconds!)

Update: 12-09-13

Watch a sixty second slap-down on 10 climate religion myths including the often debunked and buried global warming hoax.

The Side Effects of Obamacare on Healthcare Providers

Update: 12-07-13

Dr Keith Smith discusses the reality and horrors of Obamacare and what it represents for the future of healthcare providers as well as the future of available healthcare for patients of all income levels. Must watch!

Is Humanity Declaring Checkmate on the New World Order?
Update: 12-05-13

The information war is being won, people everywhere are waking up to the plans of the global elite to control humanity and usher in their 'new world order'. Is this end times for the ruling class?

Are You Suffering From Failure to Thrive?
Update: 11-30-13

What does it mean to thrive, how can you identify deficiencies, and what can we do to make thriving a reality?

Matt Damon: 'Our Problem is Civil Obedience'

Update: 11-26-13

Reading an excerpt from a Howard Zinn speech Matt Damon points out the importance of civil DISobedience in the quest for justice and freedom for the human race.

JFK: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

Update: 11-25-13

CIA murdered, former president John F. Kennedy outlines 'wishful thinking' concepts about what he hoped America stood for at the time. The powerful and evil global government minions would later catch on to the president and terminate his voice with the approval of vice president Lyndon Johnson.

Ben Swann Announces "JUST US" Jury Nullification

Update: 11-19-13

Ben Swann introduces jury nullification by increased participation. An idea for bringing back power to the people. Be part of the solution.

The Link Between Sunspots, Global Cooling And Agenda 21
Update: 11-13-13

Are we already entering an irreversible global cooling period that could claim millions or billions of lives? Sun study evidence says yes!!.

The Global Warming Agenda Pushed In 3 Stages Over 6 Weeks!

Update: 11-09-13

Global Warming movement blind sides America with three big moves over the last 6+ weeks. Signs of a desparate and dying movement?

Desperate Empire Turns to Hollywood Puppets, to Spin Off New Global Warming Lies ... TV Series!!

Update: 11-07-13

Agenda 21 red alert! When no one believes the lies of a desperate empire, what should they do? Answer: Turn to Hollywood for help! New TV series to promote global warming blatant lies! Must watch!

Obama Signs Dictatorial Order Imposing Debunked Climate Change Policies!

Update: 11-03-13

Obama administration ignores geoengineering and global cooling concerns, advances political "climate change" agenda with sweeping dictatorial order.

Obama Zombie Phenomenon Explained

Update: 11-02-13

Jason Mattera explains how the promotion and marketing of Barack Obama has brain washed an entire generation of zombies.

Halloween Trick? Sacramento Police Play Gestapo With Another "Lock Down"

Update: 10-30-13

Martial law check points in Sacramento mark another low-point in American history.

Hitting Pockets of Supreme Propaganda on Road to Global Tyranny
Update: 10-26-13

Article pushing for U.S. aggression in Syria spins off weird tactic to rally support for war in Syria.

The New Individualism:

Update: 10-23-13

Exposing the American educational system.

Do You Know The Pat Tillman Story?

Update: 10-21-13

Every American should be familiar with what happened to Pat Tillman. Listen to analysis and watch The Pat Tillman Story.

Snowden: US govt allows top
officials to lie to Congress, yet
prosecutes truth-tellers

Update: 10-14-13

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden calls out the U.S. Empire.

The 'Building Seven' of the Navy Yard Shooting Scam

Update: 10-09-13

Massive surreal inconsistencies and odd behaviors in the so called 'Navy Yard shooting' that will alarm as government false flags now occuring at regular intervals this year (2013).

There Cometh the Time to Swallow the Red Pill
Update: 10-05-13

The time has come for everyone to see the new world order plans for what it is.

Police Admit to Intentionally Burning Man Alive - The Christopher Dorner Case

Update: 10-04-13

LAPD admittedly intentionally murdered Chris Dorner. Listen to audio for yourself, take a stand against corruption and share.

How You Can Manually Change the World: Turn Your TV Off
Update: 10-01-13

Some of the biggest things you can do to change the world is sometimes some of the easiest. Turn off your TV, spread the word.