Archives: Jan-April 2014


Update: 04-30-14
This is the Truth and Art TV official response to Infowar's Paul Joseph Watson's controversial chemtrails plane "debunk" video.

Update: 04-29-14
Pilot may have accidentally left chemical spraying device on while landing in the fog! Environmental terrorists busted!

Update: 04-27-14
media threat
How police are quietly one of the psychological victims of the oppressive police state and emerging new world order.

Update: 04-25-14
Chemtrails U.N.
Rosalind Peterson presents urges members of the U.N. to end chemtrails poisoning of our planet!

VIDEO: How to become a 9/11 Truther in just a few minutes!
Update: 04-24-14

Truth and Art TV Exclusive: 9/11 Truth for dummies video explains 9/11 truth in idiot-proof manner for all to understand

VIDEO: Breaking: Here's the Final Word On Missing Flight MH370!
Update: 04-22-14

What we know about flight MH370 and why we will likely never know the truth about what happend.

VIDEO: The Mass Marketing Campaign For World War III
Update: 04-18-14

The globalists and politicians are now selling the cold war all over again. Will you fall for this propaganda campaign?

VIDEO: The Bundy Ranch Standoff, Agenda 21 and 9/11: Connecting the Dots
Update: 04-17-14

How Agenda 21 is at the center of the Bundy ranch standoff and the push for the new world order.

Patriot Citizens Halt New World Order In Historic Stand-Down
Update: 04-14-14

Freedom Chronicles 2014: The Nevada Bundy ranch confrontation told through the eyes of history.

VIDEO: Breaking: "Undeclared Martial Law" in Nevada Ranch!
Update: 04-10-14

Waco-style martial law on verge of ignition in Nevada Bundy ranch standdown

VIDEO: Operation: Monsanto Stock Plunge and Panic
Update: 04-09-14

Are you personally funding Monsanto via your envestment portfolio? It's time to destroy the Monsanto killing machine

VIDEO: Have you heard of Project Blue Beam?
Update: 04-06-14

Details exposed. Are you ready?

The 9/11-Style Flight 370 Disappearance: Not the Only Thing That Has Disappeared
Update: 03-31-14

With the Pentagon now fully in control of the narrative, mainstream media has handed over the investigative process to government. Journalism disappeared!

VIDEO: Google reveals how they work with government!
Update: 03-28-14

Google intellectualizes tyranny and aims for conditioning the masses to accept their loss of privacy

VIDEO: How to Steal an Airplane: From 9/11 to MH370
Update: 03-21-14

Remote controlled planes and government operations, a historic view.

Does the Missing Malaysian Plane Pass the False Flag Test?
Update: 03-14-14

Mystery plane disappearance turning into foul play. Where is new information leading to?

Has the Quest For Technology Advancement Itself Become a Form of Psychosis?
Update: 03-13-14

Is humanity in an irreversible path of doom at the hands of our irrational obsession with technology?

VIDEO: Chemtrails Commercial to be aired on PSTV
Update: 03-11-14

Help support the airing of this chemtrails commercial on public TV

Are Online "Contrails" Creeps An Organized Movement?
Update: 03-07-14

An argument suggesing this small core of online voices follow the usual pattern of paid opposition to mass awakening.

VIDEO: Executive Orders- The Music Video
Update: 03-02-14

A Truth and Art TV exclusive music video bringing attention to the alarming chain of Executive orders we've seen in the last few years and its historic implications.

And The People Choose Freedom
Update: 02-28-14

The Truth and Art TV Freedom Chronicles continues. Told from a historic perspective, these freedom chronicles gaze into truths about who we are and where we are heading.

VIDEO: The State is a Parasite on Society
Update: 02-17-14

Are you being eaten alive? How the state is the ultimate parasite on humanity.

VIDEO: The Law You Won't Be Told
Update: 02-13-14

Jury Nullification explained and why the control system doesn't want you to know about it.

VIDEO: Obama's NSA State of the Union: Making You Feel Good About Losing Your Rights
Update: 02-09-14

Illustrating how only Barack Obama can sell unconstitutional illegal mass surveillance to the American public.

VIDEO: 9/11 Truth Crashes Superbowl Post Game Interview!
Update: 02-03-14

We all know 9/11 Truth is forever! Watch concerned citizen slam truth into the middle of Superbowl post game!

VIDEO: State of the Union 2014
Update: 02-02-14

Response to President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address

Engineering the Rollout of Geoengineering
Update: 01-30-14

What appears to be the primary strategy for rolling out chemtrails to the general public?

Introducing the Truth and Art TV Music Lounge
Update: 01-26-14

Acoustic guitar sounds to promote truth and consciousness and soothe the heart

VIDEO: TSA Agent Makes Threatening Call to Citizen Defending TSA's Rights!
Update: 01-24-14

Confused TSA agent pulls gestapo style threat on American citizen! Implies citizens don't have right to criticize TSA!

The Psychology of Being a “Non-Conspiracy Theorist”
Update: 01-19-14

If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Are Climate Changers Pulling an Orwell?
Update: 01-13-14

Completely denying that we are possibly in catastrophic global cooling, instead mainstream media all came out with a new explanation of global cold temperatures. "Polar Vortex"

Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Writers Spin Government Propaganda!
Update: 01-12-14

New 'Conspiracies' magazine author and writer proves to be ghost writer. Unaccountable writers are latest tactic in information war.

VIDEO: What it would be like to buy coffee if it was like Obamacare
Update: 01-10-14

The process of buying coffee used nicely to illustrate how Obamacare works.

VIDEO:Important Message for All Police Officers
Update: 01-04-14

An open message to all police officers urging them to do what is right not what is legal. The role of police in the history of tyranny revisited.

The New Mental Combat Zone
2014: Let The Year Of The Solutions Begin
Update: 01-02-14

Taking action is a mindset which resembles the state of mind of a warrior. 2014 and humanity's quest for solutions.