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The original Truth and Art banner dating back to early-mid 2011 belonging to the meetup group Truth and Art Los Angeles.

It sure is raining fascism. Here the message is about staying focused. Seek integrity, courage, determination truth and hope, the umbrella of protection in times of tyranny and fascism. The rain falling DOWN on the people is symbolic that fascism and tyranny always drips from above down below and onto the people. On the other hand, hope, courage determination and truth always comes from below or the grassroots level. It's raining right now, are you staying dry?

Illustration of some of the components of our current world system that have positioned humanity where it is today. Humanity faces opposition from an agenda of full control and global dictatorship. The need to wake up is highlighted on the right. Try to see how this all fits. The summary of this illustration is the main purpose of We constantly are looking to tie-in all the components of the New World Order agenda. We know that many people especially those that come to our site are NOT sleeping through this but unfortunately many others are politically sleeping and unaware of these plans and systems and thus need to wake up. For more on the 'New World Order' agenda go to our New World Order page.

Dedicated to all the family members and friends of the victims. 9/11 was a major scar on humanity as a whole and this is represented by the globe. Our intention was to highlight key events that will lead to a path of justice. Too often we forget the most basic evidence available to conclude 9/11 was a state crime against humanity. Rebuilding America's Defenses was a 76 page report draft by many Bush Neocons essentially plotting and planning HOW they were going to go about launching their modern dominance over the world. Many of us plan things out and put it in writing and so did they. Those that oppose the truth movement ignore this important piece of evidence by simply not talking about it. Here's to all the families of the victims and here's to exposing the simplicity of 9/11 truth

Dedicated to Barry Jennings who offered definitive testimony clarifying that the explosions throughout WTC 7 where he was all took place BEFORE the North tower destruction thereby completely refuting the official story that claims that WTC 7 sustained damage as a result of the North tower debris from it's destructive collapse. Mr. Jennings and others confirmed that it was the numerous "EXPLOSIONS" that accounted for the destruction and death experienced at WTC 7.

For more on Barry Jennings visit a site dedicated to his memory and sheding light on his testimony for the world to see. theme. FYI- The background image here is actually a photo from WTC ground zero during reconstruction around 2005. The blue is related to 'True Blue' as in True Blue Media our mother project. Blue has personal meaning not only symbolic of truth as in the the phrase "true blue" but in memory of our former skies which used to be truly BLUE before the skies became contaminated with chemtrails. The Red theme throughout is symbolic of Blood. We know that the price of freedom is blood and life is in the blood. In the banner itself the torches presented in the logo are known historically as the symbol of Truth. We will continue to burn the flames of truth and we acknowledge that the torch when lit also serves as a light source for those who can't see in the dark.

This site is dedicated to Barry Jennings, his testimonies and his memory to make sure no one ever forgets what he said. In honor of this effort we here at also pay tribute to Barry Jennings- R.I.P.

Featured in our front page is our 'Which Road' portrait of the future. A reflection of the conflicting zeitgeists that define our Orwellian generation. The establishment and its deceptive mainstream media and politicians are represented on the left and the truth movement and mass awakening of consciousness reflected on the right. Which road are YOU on?

The scientific method presented here. These are among the most basic rules of science always to be observed. Without question, any entity regardless of who it is, who makes scientific claims without abiding by the scientific methos is scientifically invalid and not worth having any discussion about. These are the basic rules of the game.

Got mind control? A spin off of the 60's revolution and Timothy Leary's message to the world. The purpose is to convey the importance of literally turning off the mainstream media mind control over the masses. Deliverance of your mind before being led off the cliff.

Here we look to exploit the simple ludacrisy of blindly believing an empire that has already surpassed the Hitler regime in terms of war crimes and now looks to control and oppress its own people as all tyrannical empires have done. This is a starting point to understanding the simplicity of the cause.

Luckily, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to step back and notice trends in all oppressive fascist governments. One central common demoninator is SECRECY. Fascist government CLAIM many things with ZERO proof. Fascist governments will produce laundry lists of excuses as to WHY they can't produce proof but unfortunately none will do. Secrecy is historically common only in evil oppressive entities who have something to hide. Many religions and historical teachings address the basics and wisdom of these principles of secrecy versus open honesty. Let us CHOOSE wisdom here.

The birth of the modern day push for the New World Order is acknowledged here. This world order launched with their 9/11 False Flag operation which was predicted in the report entitled 'REBUILDING AMERICA'S DEFENSES' which was part of the Project for a New American Century and is recognized globally as the official prediction of the 9/11 operation. As a result of the 9/11 operation the U.S. Empire (a.k.a the global government or new world order) gave themselves the right to invade any country under the banner of the 'war on terror'. We patiently await to see a human rights and constitutional grassroots uprising and a mass quest for change that will mark the point of 'critical mass awakening'.

How can we take a phony campaign designed to impose fear and advance the U.S. Police State and turn it around to remind everyone of where we are in history? This is our own 'See Something say something' campaign, only this one is so important our freedoms, liberties, dignities and the very nature of who we are hinges on this. See signs of a characteristic deceitful and oppressive government pushing fascism on its own citizens? See something and say something before it's too late!

The global takeover by the globalist elite has come from every direction and control of the weather and depopulation is no exception. Here we focus on one of the issues many feel is most disturbing. The CHEMTRAILS being sprayed world-wide are admitted in many circles, showed off as a weather control tool in other reports and yet completely denied by our politicians when they are challenged to explain why they are spraying in every part of the world. GeoEngineering and manipulation of our ecosystem, atmosphere and everything that is natural is arguably the greatest crime against humanity in all of history!

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