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The systematic and deliberate large scale engineering and manipulation of the planetary environment, ecosystem and all living creatures and life forms therein.

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Ever wonder where the term "Chemtrails" originated from?

To the right is the U.S. Air Force Academy 1990 Chemistry 131 Manual. Notice how the word "chemtrails" is clearly written on the front.

See Air Force "Chemtrails" Chemistry 131 Manual:

Chemtrails Chemistry Manual United States Air Force Academy - 1990 by enerchi1111

Tracking Chemtrails Spraying in LA for 61 Days, See Results!

The Sky Spraying Agenda


For nearly one hundred years if not more, U.S. government has documented its intent to manipulate the weather using planes. Hundreds of patents have been obtained, experiments conducted, meetings held to discuss the issue, even documentaries shown explaining what they are doing, how far they've come with it and where they hope to go with it. Government agencies and the military have even released documents outlining exactly what they have in mind and how they intend to do it. This much is not debatable.

The picture tells the story

Since noticeable spraying began, (some have it at some point in the late 1990's) activists responded to this new and unusual disfiguring of the skies by asking the usual questions. What are they spraying? Why are they spraying us? When will it stop? Is this ethical? Who authorized this ongoing spraying? Why are our politicians not willing to address this issue? These questions went unanswered for years. Shortly after the movement picked up it was clear what direction government was going in defense of their weather modification programs and global geoengineering. Government (Central Intelligence) made a decision to simply deny that the programs exist. Someone at Central Intelligence decided the denial card would be the best way to handle the issue to get the most accomplished in the shortest amount of time.

And with that, the chemtrails "conspiracy theory" was born. Keep in mind the alternate option for government would have been something similar to what we currently see with the battle for GMO foods or vaccine safety. No one claims these are conspiracies. Everyone agrees it's happening, foods are genetically modified and vaccines do have Mercury and other metal toxins in them, so the globalist have a much different and difficult battle in their hands with these issues. They need to constantly battle the facts about these topics and they are constantly being embarrassed, in some cases by children on these issues. The chemtrails "conspiracy" however, would prove a very different game. Everyone can see the trails in broad daylight so the only chance to maintain the program would be through hard propaganda, top secrecy, and pure denial. This government agenda is entirely wedged in denial while at the same time they face the challenge of having to roll out chemtrails to the general public. For this they will need to ride on the Global Warming lie. At least that seems to be their long term game plan as of now. Ironically, government scientists and military have not only for decades acknowledged these geoengineering programs but even today they actually still admit to them. It turns out (by observation) the process and promotion of denying these programs (like a denial operation) seems to have been delegated to politicians, key government mouthpieces and an army of mysterious online trolls and shills. Is any of this starting to make sense? Welcome to the Chemtrails movement.

Chemical spraying programs are long exposed, here you can appreciate several of the types of spraying mechanisms mounted on the planes that are used for these crimes. Additionally, additives and chemical concoctions can be added to jet fuel to get their geoengineered chemical results. Now we are seeing so called 'chem-bombs' released into the stratosphere whose method of delivery is unknown. Understanding how blatant these crimes are, one can see the tactics they use to keep the these programs operating in secret.

Deflecting Responsibility & Consequences

Image showing the inside of a chemtrails plane with the typical chemical barrels

The geoengineering of our skies with chemical particles is no question one of the great crimes against humanity and the planet of all time (IMO the greatest). Almost every single day for years we've been observing planes disfiguring our skies. Many activists have brought the issue to their local communities. Denial avoids having to answer the tough questions that no one wants to answer. It also puts off any need to be accountable to the people and essentially removes all consequences from their actions. The thinking? How can we be held accountable for something that we claim is not happening. This is equivalent to giving a criminal the right to deny a crime committed because he knows that no one will be passing judgment. Getting the picture? So while the online trolls dwell in the dream world of denial, the rest of humanity has burning questions like:

-Why exactly are they spraying these chemicals?

-Why should the people accept these spraying programs?

-Will damage to our environment from metal toxicity ever be addressed?

-Who should we hold responsible for the spraying programs that constitute crimes against humanity and the planet

-Why does the government continue to remain silent on the issue denying it exists?

-Why should we trust anything government says about this when they have been caught lying so often

-Who are these pilots that are spraying us and why do they not speak about these programs to the public?

-When all of the details of these programs are revealed, what should the punishment be for the perpetrators and those who have cooperated or done business with them?

-Have we now caused irreversible damage to the planet and ecosystem?

-When will these programs end and when will the perpetrators in our military and government private contractors be held accountable?

U.S. Government documents and admits need to address chemtrails
H.R. 2977 (107th): Space Preservation Act of 2001: Read Now

What We Know About Chemtrails Spraying

1. We know that spraying programs are being conducted world-wide.

History channel reveals purposes of spraying programs

2. Many interests and reasons have been expressed and suspected. Consider the History Channel has a presentation admitting to spraying chemtrails for reasons of controlling the weather against enemies at war (See Video -->)

3. Thanks to GeoEngineer David Keith, we know they want to introduce the programs overtly after years of covertly operating, under the guise of helping with Global Warming

4. Elements in the government are aware the chemtrails block important sunlight from hitting the earth so they are aware they are disturbing the ecosystem and can trigger massive global cooling as is being seen already world-wide (See 'David Keith' video link in line above)

5. We know that they are spraying various nano-sized metal particles into the atmosphere that are dangerous to human beings, plant life and their entire ecosystem

Chemtrail being sprayed over Las Vegas

6. We know that individuals supporting these spraying programs try to diminish and downplay the concerns people may have about the metal toxicity to humans even as doctors warn of the dangers of these metals to humans

7. We know that some of the metals in the chemical sprays include but are not limited to Barium, Aluminum, Strontium, Silver Iodide (which they use to create rain), and various other metals

8. We know that the US military defense contractor Hugh Aircraft Company has a patent for seeding weather modification chemtrails containing the Welsbach formula ingredients, and we know this is one of many other patents obtained by government and private government contractors.

9. We know that elements within the US government and military have clearly stated and outlined plans for controlling the weather by 2025

10. It appears that these spraying program involve both the military and private companies that stand to gain by having personal investment in the manipulation and control of the weather

11. We know that spraying programs are a violation of the right of the people to breath clean air and live in a healthy environment free of toxins

12. We know that the spraying of chemicals into the sky without the permission of the people violate ethical code and standards for experimenting on human test subjects

13. Because of this violation of basic human rights we know that chemtrails spraying is a crime against both humanity and the planet including the plants, animals and all inhabitants of the earth and sea

Close-up of spraying nozzle on a chemtrail plane

14. Many have observed plant life declining, farmers throughout the world have noticed difficulties in growing crops and we have seen many instances of unexplained dead wildlife including millions of dead fish and birds

15. We know that many countries realizing the dangers of manipulating the planet have opted out of spraying programs

16. We are now seeing and hearing evidence that the weather is actually being traded as a commidity

17. People who have tested their blood for levels of metal particles have found unusually high levels of Barium and or Aluminum in their blood

18. We know that the amount of metals that have been released into the atmosphere have weaponized our atmosphere due to the properties of the metals

19. We know that companies like Monsanto have developed patents for aluminum resistant seeds in conjuction with these chemical spraying programs and they stand to benefit greatly from catastrophic drought and crop destruction by offering their GMO seeds as a replacement.

20. It now appears that weather modification and control is one agenda with monetary incentive for some who invest or bet on the weather as a derivative- This topic is covered in the new documentary 'Why in the World Are They Spraying'

21. We also observe that chemtrails spraying techniques have changed over the last few years. As of the day of this update (September 2014) we are now seeing the newer spraying technique refered by many as "Chembombs"- Planes are seen actually spraying chemicals much less often. Instead we observe huge trails of chemicals SUDDENLY appearing in the sky (no plane around), almost always, we see huge high (sometimes stratospheric level) feathery looking clouds with the suddenly appearing trail cutting through the middle of the cloud. For more on this topic see my chembombs video here or click on image below

chembombs video

Forget Chemtrails, How to Identify Chembombs

They often look like thin, white, widespread, feathery clouds sitting above the normal clouds of the troposphere. If you look closely you will make out the shape of a feather, a leaf or cotton candy on a stick. Look for the chemtrails planes laying their chemical trails through the center of these plumes of chemicals which are also known as CHEMBOMBS. Here in Los Angeles, for months now we are seeing this mixture almost every day. Days that would otherwise be blue skies or party sunny skies, now are sabotaged with a massive sheet of feathery clouds high above (in the stratosphere) blocking our sunlight. The chembombs seemed to be sprayed in the sky as a matrix for mixing additional chemicals (coming from the chemtrails planes), just like in a laboratory. Also, the chembombs seem to come from the Pacific ocean almost like they are releasing these plumes from out in the ocean then watching the plumes migrate over the land. This is the signature of chembombs/chemtrails soup they are mixing almost every day in our skies.

Chemtrails Open Statement

We consider Geoengineering and the spraying of chemtrails to be the greatest crime in history. No dictators or empires of the past (though I'm sure they would have liked to) took it upon themselves to manipulate the natural environment and the entire ecosystem. This is sometimes a very difficult and troubling issue to wrap ones head around. The issue of chemtrails and geoengineering is very unique in that the government both denies it's happening and brags how they are doing it. Government is not only tampering with nature and exposing humanity to toxic metal particles but they've also decided to resorted to psychological tactics and denial to create confusion in order to throw the public off track in their pursuit of truth. For this reason only an awake and vigilant public eager to educate others and be active will be able to bring significant attention to this crime and see to it that justice is handed out to the perpetrators as well as those that are complacent in these crimes. We ask that everyone reading this do everything they can to spread the word about these crimes and bring about awareness to the masses. We need you involved in this fight for humanity and to be willing to be on the right side of history.

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39th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology- 2010
Session 2C- Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP)

Government Geoengineering lead man David Keith makes shocking appearance on Colbert Report attempting to bring the chemtrails crimes into the public as the movement has been predicting for years. Stephen Colbert tells Keith government is already spraying us! Listen as the crowd laughs at Keith's attempt to sell the global spraying agenda as solution for debunked global warming. Geoengineering crimes fully exposed! Watch and share this video with everyone you know.

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Toxic Barium, Aluminum Levels Found in More Mohave County Residents

GOLDEN VALLEY, Ariz. (May 16, 2011), by Bridget Lewison — Just three months after Golden Valley resident Gianluca Zanna encouraged others to get blood tests, more than a dozen people have tested positive for toxic levels of barium and aluminum. The majority of those who tested positive are from Kingman and Golden Valley. Two are from Phoenix and one is from Dallas, Texas.

“None of them works in an at-risk industrial environment, and most spend their time indoors,” said Zanna, who, along with his wife and another area resident, tested positive for toxic levels of barium earlier this year.

A total of 17 people have pursued blood tests, with 13 testing positive for toxic levels of barium or aluminum.

The maximum safe level, according to Labcorp, is 2 mcg/L; for Quest Labs, it’s 10. Using those guidelines, most of those who tested positive measured at more than 1,000 percent above safe levels. The highest barium count was 250, found in a Golden Valley woman.


Chemtrails: Do you Have Heavy Metals Poisoning

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

“There are all kinds of things going on with these Chemtrails. I think these Chemtrails are outrageous. They don’t belong in our sky. …We don’t need this kind of dosing the population with unknown chemicals, and messing up the body metabolism. I find it very reckless.” ~ Dr. Rosalie Bertell, May 3, 2005. Author: Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War.

For the past decade (perhaps even 15 years or more, depending on where you live), Americans, then the entire North American continent, and now people worldwide, have been used as uninformed, experimental lab rats for illegal aerosol spraying programs overhead with highly toxic Chemtrails. This massive project by the military, government officials, and elites continues every night and every day. Both commercial and private planes are being used. Despite thousands of calls and letters, public officials have refused to respond. Any of our real concerns are ignored or dismissed. The mainstream, corporate-controlled media and weather reports are complicit in this planetary cover-up. The global environmental consequences are already dire.