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Climate Change Psyop Study Makes New Wild Medical Claim!

Another "study" is out. Funded by William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The Grantham Foundation and other big global warming/climate change agenda funding accounts. "Researchers" now are claiming that hindsight "projections" allows them to spin together several comparative charts and graphs that then allow them to predict varying levels of impacts on health that specified levels of carbon emission decrease would yield. Sound confusing? It should. See links below.

With 2015 being the year of the Climate Change movement, no one should be surprised that the globalist are spinning these new studies blaming CO2 emissions for health diseases. Without mentioning a word about the daily geoengineering of our planet now being seen worldwide and the dangers of spraying toxic metals daily into the atmosphere, pro-climate change "researchers" are now focusing on ONLY CO2 emissions hoping to make the relationship between CO2 emissions and heart attacks, respiratory diseases and even sudden death.

Anyone can make correlations with any disease and any pollutant. Clearly all pollutants have adverse effects on human health. CO2 itself is not a pollutant however even if some of the other pollutants mentioned in the study are. The bigger story is how they are ignoring what we know about CO2, what we know about human health and how they are ignoring much greater issues that impact our health like GMO foods, geoengineering of our skies and even dangerous soon to be mandatory unproven vaccines.

A government who clearly has no interest in human health should not be looking to take dictatorial control of climate change legislation and using health claims to do it. That is what is happening here. Obama administration passed an executive order in 2013 giving Obama dictatorial control of Climate Change legislation. We are now seeing this come to fruition. These "studies" are a precursor and will be used to justify wide spread mandatory Climate Change CO2 emission legislation this coming summer 2015. Beware




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