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Did Israel Really Do 9/11? Or
Planned Psyop? Must Watch!

Here in this video I tackle the ultimate question. Did Israel actually pull off 9/11 all by themselves as some people in the truth movement have been insisting over the last year or so? Is there really any substance and reality to this suggestion? Or is this all part of a greater psyop?

Are elements in the truth movement taking advantage of known truths about Israeli involvement to create a new faction within the truth movement? All of these questions are answered in this video.

Despite the honest efforts by some truth seekers and the interest this topic draws, the fact of the matter is that the notion that Israel somehow acted alone on 9/11 is not based on any reality or fact. In fact, this notion is wildly far-fetched and completely disconnected from reality.

More importantly, this is very likely (IMO) a psychological operation on the 9/11 truth movement to split the movement into yet another faction. Ultimately, the whole game is about divide and conquer, just like government likes to divide and conquer the people in every other area of life.

Governments maintain their power by divide and conquer and no one should be surprised by any of this. I leave it up to truth seekers to watch this video and decide for themselves what they think happened on 9/11.

As usual, I will close this channel to the usual government paid trolls. We at Truth and Art TV will no longer give a voice to the opposition on our channel. They can always go to another channel to troll. I hope that other truth channels will do the same and silence the voices of the obvious trolls and useless idiots that impede the learning process with stale old mainstream media paradigms and indoctrinated views from years of TV watching and mainstream media brain washing.

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