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Did MH17 Failed False Flag Spawn New Era Of Western Media Anti-Russia Propaganda?

November 29, 2014
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez


Although the United States' relationship with Russia had been slowly getting worse or perhaps just not improving since the period after the 9/11 new world order terror attacks. And although Russia's intervention in Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2014) didn't help improve the relationship, it seems this past summer's (2014) events changed the relationship in a more significant and politically intense manner.

As the U.S. continues to spread its "democracy" around the world by arming, supporting, creating, training and funding illegitimate replacement governments, militants, rebels, fighters and terrorist groups, what we are seeing with the U.S. and Russia is a basic dualism between one entity who wants to push everyone around and another that won't be pushed around. We are all likely familiar with this model since grade school- Bully wants trouble with anyone he can find, bully pushes everyone around then runs into resistance finding out not everyone is willing to be pushed around. The fight begins then the teachers break up the fight. The question of 'who started it' then arises. Each student will point to the other but in fact we all know who started it. Each student however can be accused by the other to be the one lying. The teachers thus can only rely on three things primarily: eyewitnesses, consider the reputation (thus the agenda) of each student leading up to the fight, and possibly any objective (factual) evidence like security cameras and recordings etc.

The exacerbated fallout of U.S.-Russian relationship seems to have begun this spring following the Malaysian Airline false flag series involving first MH370, then more importantly MH17. It was earlier in March 2014  that Russia was said to have deployed forces in Ukraine to resists the U.S. artificially inserted Kiev government in a continued attempt to add nations to the NATO alliance list, something they know Russia won't go for in former Soviet regions. With this tension mounting we suddenly saw MH370 disappear from the sky in a bizarre sequence of events. We then watched the U.S. military-mainstream media complex completely take over the narrative of this story claiming they had no idea what happened to the plane and eventually announcing to the world that it could take very long even "years" before MH370 will be found.

With important unanswered questions still hanging such as why was there an exact same plane parked in a Tel Aviv airport in Israel, why multiple sources show the plane was headed in the direction of Diego Garcia U.S. Air Force base before disappearing, why it was confirmed that power to the plane was deliberately shut off,  and why many family members of the passengers claim that the passenger's cell phones were still working after the plane was said to be downed, with all those unanswered questions the MH370 bizarre story suddenly went away. Before it completely went away however, it is interesting to note that Russian Intelligence put out a statement in stark contradiction to the U.S. Military claims and western mainstream media claiming:

"Flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines missing on 8 March with 239 passengers was hijacked. Pilots are not guilty; the plane was hijacked by unknown terrorists. We know that the name of the terrorist who gave instructions to pilots is ‘Hitch.‘ The plane is in Afghanistan not far from Kandahar near the border with Pakistan,"

Everyone should have taken note that Russia's Intelligence claims though unproven would fall in line a lot closer with the MH17 mysterious shoot-down which would occur a few months later. Anyone with any sense of critical thinking would have quickly figured out that whatever the truth about MH370 was, the western U.S. military-mainstream media propaganda didn't stand a chance of being true. The U.S. military had a chance to properly address the MH370 disappearance after initially admitting they were tracking the plane when it went west and instead they played the ignorance card claiming they had no idea where this plane could have gone. Regardless whether both countries were putting out propaganda, four months later, the MH17 false flag would add a lot of context to this story.

The MH17 false flag failed and this U.S-Kiev-NATO proven false flag would mark a bitter point of hatred for Russia and the launching of a new anti-Russia, anti-Vladimir Putin campaign which was picked up by the State Department and its mouthpiece mainstream media, and has now permeated into talking points of the west, that is left-wing Democratic media circles, right-wing Republican media circles and even some Libertarian websites and political talking point circles. The entire western political machine is now poised to fully rekindle a 1950's style anti-Russia classic propaganda campaign. 

The MH17 false flag literally fell apart in the first day after Kiev government and military sources claimed that they had "proof" that pro-Russian/Ukrainian rebels shot down MH17 only to have it revealed that the recording took place a full day BEFORE the actual downing of the plane. Despite this obvious fraud the state department with their artificially erected Kiev government kept pushing what became the obvious planned narrative- blame Russia for the downing of MH17 to rally sentiment for the U.S. and against Russia worldwide. The plan however backfired. Multiple sources confirm Kiev government fighters tailed flight MH17 before it went down. Where exactly (when and if) it went down is still unknown however but the Ukrainian Military's Interior Ministry was caught admitting they were involved. Additionally, sources confirmed the plane was mysteriously and deliberately flown out of its ordinary path into a region known to be at war and dangerous for planes to fly over.

Then the false flag really fell apart when it was reported with video recorded proof that most of the bodies at the crash site were stacked in one area, were not even fresh, they were cadavers with no clothes and had little to no blood. The staged MH17 plane parts at the crash site, which seem more like a plane that was blown up while parked on the ground (MH370?), have not been proven to be part of a real crash scene to this day and to date no one has produced any video or satellite evidence of a plane falling from the sky into this crash site. The only video presented to the world shows an explosion at ground level. If that was not enough, a pile of fresh unscathed fire-proof passports (9/11 style!) supposedly corresponding to the passengers was said to have been recovered as "proof" that these were the passengers in the plane. The MH17 false flag had completely failed to convince the world that Russia somehow was behind it. To make matters worse for the west, Russia openly showed satellite images proving that the Ukrainian military moved anti-aircraft weapons systems into place just prior to the shoot-down.

From this point on the western mainstream media, seemingly in shame, disappeared the story from their headlines and anyone living in the U.S. who is awake knows that when western mainstream media disappears a story, to the sheep the story is gone from consciousness. A new story however arose following this failed false flag and that was the anti-Russia (get even) propaganda campaign that we are seeing in full motion now.

Here we are in the latter part of 2014 and America is now being bombarded daily with anti-Russia/anti-Putin propaganda comparable to U.S. versus Soviet Union propaganda of old and sadly millions of Americans will buy into it. Instead of seeing the political battlefield at play for what it is, and instead of stepping back and seeing the U.S. global role of imperialism and Russia's choice to stand up to the global bully, people are falling for the mainstream media propaganda campaign just like they did in the 1950's.

Can it be that humanity is politically stuck in time and unable to learn from the past? Can it be that issues like this bring out the primitive nature and controllability of humans as long as its wrapped in political labels? The fact is that Russia has resisted the west's dictatorial monetary policies, refuses to cooperate with NATO, has stood up to the global imperialism and sees (like many of us do) how the west with Israel and its allies won't stop at arming and creating terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda and use them in their long term plans against not just Russia but other regions in the world they want to conquer. In this case and point the region of Iraq and now Syria, all part of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) plans which doesn't involve Russia. This should remind us, it's not just Russia standing by and observing the events of the last 14+ years it's all of humanity, anyone not siding with the specific political plans of the west.

The west doesn't seem to get it that we are all humans first. The west and all its media propaganda wants all of us to believe their propaganda and stand behind yet another enemy, this time Russia. The CIA controlled western mainstream media is so desperate to fight and help implement the new world order that it (the mainstream media) has become the most powerful force of evil (in my humble opinion) known to humanity.

This year alone we have witnessed an escalation in the propaganda tactics (which is now LEGAL in the U.S.) of the western mainstream media and that is really what this article is all about. The globalists are resorting to old playbook tactics only they are adding small twists to them. Notice how in order to sell the ISIS psyop to America the mainstream media had been talking about how ISIS loves to employ massive "propaganda" to tease and tantalize the U.S. and to recruit members. They had (and still have many of the sheep) people believing that ISIS actually has a department of propaganda. This is all propaganda being taken to the next level by the very west who is the master of propaganda.

The fact of the matter is that although countries all lie, keep secrets, and employ propaganda as a tool to maintain control there is no single country or coalition of nations that have mastered the art of propaganda more than the U.S.-Israel partnership. More than any country in the history of the world (in my opinion) the U.S.-Israel coalition has mastered and implemented levels of propaganda never before tried. They are the masters of this as Edward Bernays, founder of propaganda in the United States, would have told us. There is a track record in our country's history on how Bernays taught president Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D Roosevelt and other presidents exactly how to implement political propaganda to advance domestic and global political agenda. There is also a track record on how he helped launch the CIA's department of propaganda.

So when you hear western mainstream media harping about Russia employing state propaganda to do what they want in opposing U.S. foreign policy decisions (ie imperialism) only a naive and ignorant person completely asleep in the matrix and under the direct hypnotic effect and control of western mainstream media would believe this propaganda. Only someone completely succumbed to western mainstream media propaganda would believe that the CIA controlled western mainstream media has abandoned their own long history of propaganda and mass mind control implemented by their own Bernays and implemented long ago by their own CIA and military intelligence just to tell you the truth about Russia.

Such is the nature of propaganda that we should all learn from. You can't be the self proclaimed master and author of propaganda as confirmed by the literature, history and psychology text books, and at the same time accuse someone else of employing propaganda. It's like bragging to the world that you are the best liar, then wonder why no one believes your stories about others lying.

This information battle between the U.S. mainstream media propaganda machine and Russia which was highlighted in a recent clash between CNN and RT news, is a very interesting and likely educational lesson for all of us about humanity, political karma, and consequences of one's actions. Let's remember that the U.S. empire's/globalist march for a new world order is an aggressive march toward world domination that does not assume any consequences. However, anyone paying attention to events of the last year alone can see that their actions do have consequences. And we are seeing some of that now.

In the meantime we can expect more and more anti-Russia propaganda from the State Department and its western mainstream media new world order mouthpieces. The propaganda will only get worse and more exaggerated and only if we are lucky this will not culminate in WW3. The lessons from MH17 can be taken by humanity- As long as a large nation such as Russia opposes the NATO aggression it will at least buy humanity more time and slow down their march toward the new world order.

Now we are seeing why all along, the western mainstream media and the U.S. military have been sworn to secrecy regarding the plans for a new world order. You may have noticed that everything that is not linked to the new world order is fair game with mainstream media. Stories that are directly related to their new world order plans however are immediately labeled "conspiracy theory". Pay attention to what stories they label "conspiracy" and notice how soon in the timeline mainstream media opts for the label. In the case of MH370 I personally confronted Boston Globe's Chris Ceasar who within days of the plane's disappearance without asking any critical questions and actually doing his job as a journalist, labeled all non-mainstream media and state department narratives and possibilities regarding the fate of MH370 as "conspiracy theories"! After seeing this early opting for the classic thought blocker phrase "conspiracy theories" I was sure this was a new world order related event. Look for this pattern and see if you can identify it. As soon as the mainstream media opts for the early use of the word "conspiracies" your internal red flag and critical thinking 'spidey senses' should be going off in your head. Hint!

All in all this only means that the supposed enemies of the U.S.-Israel-UK complex, both real enemies and engineered-staged enemies (Russia, ISIS, Al Qaeda etc) are the menu from which they will choose to pick who they will blame for the next false flag. No one should dare miss this most critical point. Knowing and understanding this political chess game and concept of false flag and how to identify and appreciate the timing of the false-flag-blame-list really is the most important thing to understand about all of this. The U.S. military industrial complex lives off of these staged scenarios which they play on the masses to keep everyone in fear as they accomplish their political goals. It is one thing to identify a false flag, it's another to identify the LEAD-UP to the false flag. They are running out of cards and their moves are now all repeat moves. So let us spread the awareness, share the information and stay alert to this dynamic process of propaganda that is being generated every day now in real-time and delivered to the minds of the masses.  

Bernie Suarez
Creator of Truth and Art TV Project

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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