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Posted 08-27-17

Explosive Documents Prove Far-Left Violent Attacks Coming to America- Podcast #7

This coming October will be the 100 year anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. And the quickly mounting evidence coming from many directions now points to a planned Communist-style coup d'etat against president Trump and America in the name of "anti-fascism". To rationalize their barbaric wildly un-American behavior these Communist terrorist continually accuse Trump of being "fascist" without any need to provide evidence of course.

One thing America is learning about this bizarre new Communist revolution logic that has seeded itself in the American Liberal Left consciousness with the help of the Liberal Left mainstream media is that the concept of evidence is never mentioned or even considered for a second. That's because the rise of Communism, including the Russian revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917 was never based on making claims which themselves needed to be based on evidence. This is not how propaganda works. The Communist revolution was not based on exercising the rule of law or fair democratic elections. These are not in the nature of revolutions. Neither is civil behavior, mutual respect, good will, civil discussion, the desire for harmony or for that matter anything positive and of good natured. Not at all. The entire concept of revolution including the Communist revolution of yesteryears is about force, anger, hatred for the current government, resistance, violence, war, uprising, showing might, radicalism, militant behavior and imposing your will on another. Does any of this sound like what America and the Constitution and Bill of Rights is all about? Does any of this sound like a Republic ruled for and by the people or a democracy? Not at all because the "anti-fascist" Communists despise America and the Constitution and they hate free speech.

This leaves us with the glaring reality that America is now officially under attack. And the documents that have been unveiled recently only solidify this predicament we are now in. The first document addressed in my recent podcast is a memo written by Rich Higgins former director of strategic planning at the National Security Council. Higgins put out a rather damning and alarming memo back in May of 2017 warning of a complex and well coordinated coup d'etat planned against president Trump. This memo was discovered in July by National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster who then fired Higgins from his post. And to add another twists to this story Higgins himself has a background in "Irregular warfare" when working as a Pentagon official. The memo itself is packed with details of how a coup d'etat against Trump would be conducted.

In my latest podcast I also discuss a recently revealed Antifa Manual intended for members only. Antifa, of course is an "anti-fascism" pro-Communist street terror group which opposes any free speech which they disagree with. I also discuss a new report by investigator Doug Hagmann who recently discussed with Alex Jones what he and his investigators have uncovered about a number of far-Left groups who are now planning a violent revolution here in America in the next few months. I discuss this and a lot more in this explosive 7th episode of the Truth & Art Radio podcast. Join me!

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