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Exposing the ISIS Show- Last Chance For Humanity?

February 26, 2015
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

This may sound crazy but with the new world order so close to coming to full fruition and all human activity suppressed forever, will we look back in the future and see the current globalist staged ISIS show as the last chance humanity had to free itself from permanent slavery and endless illegal murderous war? I believe there is a reasonable argument for why this could be the case.

In the past week, as we reach the home stretch of the global ISIS psyop show, we see the U.S. government, their ISIS partners, all the NATO pro-ISIS supporters, their politicians, and the mouthpiece western corporate media all ramping up the ISIS stories to unthinkable levels in order to garnish American support (particularly Christian Conservative support) for more (unlimited) war in the Middle East, all in the name of stopping ISIS. 

The show is so relentless that most people, even those who are awake probably didn't see full effect of this psyop coming just a few months ago when ISIS was staging singular beheading videos with bad Photoshop and sloppy shadows. The effort by CIA's media to push the ISIS show is so intense that if we pay attention we can carefully observe who's in on it and who's trying to expose it by reading their stories and headlines.

Rule number one for understanding whose supporting the ISIS psyop: Notice who's covering ISIS in any context other than pointing out the whole operation is a CIA/Mossad/NATO psyop. Anyone not focusing on this frightening and disturbing reality is part of the psyop. How can we say this? Because there is plenty of information, admissions, documents and accounts all confirming the U.S.'s (and it's pro-ISIS allies) involvement in the training, arming, and material support of ISIS.

All things being equal, how are stories like the one showing the U.S. air-dropping supplies FOR ISIS in Iraq, or NATO's Turkey allowing the shipment of ISIS supplies in trucks rolling through their borders not considered the stories of the century?? The idea that the U.S. is supplying and supporting ISIS should shock everyone beyond belief. These huge stories should be shaking the foundation of human consciousness (and to some extent it is within the truth movement and alternative media) yet sadly however, within CIA's mainstream media and its millions of brainwashed victims these shocking developments are not even being acknowledged as reality. Imagine that!

Furthermore, we have entire countries and state officials calling out the globalist in their support of ISIS which is a form of international war crime against humanity. Consider that when the post WW2 Nuremberg trials took place there was no distinction between those who gave the orders or those who carried out the orders. Why would we think that with regard to ISIS things would be any different? Other nations of the world and officials are all acknowledging that the blood of ISIS crimes (if any of these murders are actually real) is equally on the hands of those who are supporting (creating, arming and funding) ISIS. That's right, what most people are not thinking about is that with every story CIA's mainstream media puts out glorifying how scary ISIS is, they may just be indicting themselves for future crimes against humanity. Talk about poetic justice!

Our last chance in this ISIS crisis is to see to it that this justice takes place. We (humanity) need to create or appoint an international tribunal court composed by all nations with evidence against the ISIS supporters to examine the alleged and already proven evidence of the U.S. and its allies' (like Turkey, Israel, Britain etc) direct support of ISIS and promoting of the ISIS brand.

The longer it takes humanity to put this awareness and justice effort together, the more likely an argument can be made for why this entire ISIS show could in fact be the last stand for humanity and freedom. Humanity can no longer afford to allow the globalist gangsters to get away with major false flags and massive psychological operations of the masses to justify endless war and move their new world order and PNAC plans forward.

More than ever we need to keep sharing the awareness of the ISIS psyop show, remind others that CIA's mainstream media is promoting CIA's/Mossad's ISIS and that this is all part of their 'conquer the Middle East' new world order/PNAC plans. If they want to say this is not the case let them prove their innocence in a court or tribunal.

I want to urge all readers, researchers and truth seekers to treat this ISIS psyop as a crime against humanity not just another piece of truth history linking the U.S. back to another false flag. The ISIS show unlike other conspiracies is happening slowly and in real-time. We as a humanity still have a chance to tackle this beast and find a way to use the crisis to deflate the new world order plans.

Step back and see the patterns they use. If the globalist don't get their ISIS-show-enabling free unlimited war on humanity they will threaten us and pull off massive terror against us. We are in a lose-lose situation if we don't fight back on this one so we might as well all jump into this fight and push for the truth to come into the light.

Time has run out for holding back. Now is the time to share with others the importance of not believing the ISIS psyop. Don't let them fool you again. We know how these psychopaths think. They think they can manipulate the Christians by parading more and more Christians to be murdered in the ISIS show but Christians all over the world should be looking up to their God not to the mainstream media for guidance. Read your own scriptures and see what your bible says about killing people. Nowhere in the Bible does the scripture give a green light for murdering those that you THINK may be murdering you. Quite the opposite. The Christian Bible speaks about death as being a good thing, a transition from the flesh to the spirit.

With the recent push to garnish Christian support by showing mainstream media believing Christians how many Christians ISIS is supposedly murdering, now is the time to look for repeated patterns in their old worn out script. See how nicely the globalist repeated war script has been used. Realize that this is what they always do to justify war. Realize they are lying to you which means you, whether you are Christian or not, have the power to reject government lies once and for all. You have the power to turn off Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the prestitute mainstream corporate media and finally think on your own.

We must all do this now! Think on your own and apply PRINCIPLES to your life instead of basing decisions on fear and political mouthpieces. Instead of listening to CNN or MSN, ask yourself- what do I think of more war? Ask yourself- could this be staged to justify unlimited war? Then ask yourself- how did the last three or four or five wars work out? Fourteen years after 9/11, did we ever actually succeed in stopping terrorism? Spreading democracy and freedom?? What good has the U.S. done for the world that justifies the millions of lives that have been murdered since 9/11? Are you a Christian? Then ask yourself- what would Jesus do?

Madelyn Albright thinks it was "worth it" to kill a half a million babies in Iraq, how about you? Is a world of war, murder, poisoning, raping, torture, and endless suffering worth it? Is it worth it to believe government and their mouthpiece media when they tell you that group such-and-such is the boogie monster terrorist that needs to be destroyed, only to watch more of the mercenary-like free-for-all torture, murder and war crimes scenario we've seen since 9/11 go unchecked in the name of the 'war on terror'? Does it not bother you that there is convincing evidence that this terrorism is funded and staged by the U.S. and its allies themselves who have the most to gain in the long run?

The psychosis, the psyops, the lies, the deceit, and the openly and fully exposed 'destruction of the Middle East' must stop now. Those who have been involved with the creation, funding and arming of ISIS must be charged now with International war crimes against humanity. Tribunals must begin now, ISIS unmasked, corporate and political partners exposed. The world deserves to know who's cutting out the checks for ISIS members, exactly who's in charge of the supply lines going through Turkey and who arranged the takeover of Mosul in Iraq admitted by Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq's own president. In a statement regarding the Mosul ISIS handover al-Maliki admitted:

“The Iraqi army did not fight or clash with the ISIS gangs in Mosul,”

He pointed out that:

 “a prior agreement placed in a joint operations room between some political parties to overthrow the city”

He also admitted that:

“A section of the military units and commanders in Mosul withdrew before the night of ISIS attack on the city under a planned agreement, while others withdrew during the attack.”

If the alternative media, independent researchers, independent investigative journalists and humanity as a whole drops the ball on the global ISIS show and allows the criminal globalist cowards to cash in on the ISIS psyop show with more war we may all live to regret that day. The warning is now. Don't let this happen if you can. Do whatever you can to stop the evil empire from expanding its power for war based on lies and deceit.

Great moments in history are preceded by humanity's awareness of these moments. The awareness, knowledge and understanding of the moment is needed before action is taken. You cannot be a hero unless you truly understand the situation you are in. The fact of the matter is the global U.S. empire (I.E. the new world order globalist terrorists) is prepared to criminalize the act of exposing their ISIS show. Let's make our move to approach these thugs with handcuffs in hand and be prepared to make the arrest if not literally then figuratively with our aggressive approach. Let's also try to see that taking no action in this late hour could potentially translate into the final mistake humanity makes in its fight for global peace and respect for human dignity and sovereignty. Don't let this be the final mistake in our fight for freedom, America and humanity as a whole.

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