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Posted 11-09-15

Flashback: The most dangerous Barack Obama video ever!

Turning back the clock on the soon to be ex-"president" that never proved his citizenship and lied about almost every single issue from day one. Barry Soetoro, the Muslim who went to a Muslim school in Indonesia will forever be a dark spot in the consciousness of America due to his participation in so many lies, his long list of false flag shooting black operations, his long list of murders of U.S. citizens, the creation arming and funding of his ISIS Middle East proxy army, his murderous wars of aggression, his bailouts of the criminal banking cartel, his hijacking of the medical industry, his cooperation with the U.N.'s Agenda 2030 helping create the new global order and undermining U.S. sovereignty, his war crimes against doctors and patients at a hospital in Afghanistan and his instigation of Russia while leading us to the brink of WW3. What America has endured in the Obama years is historically diabolical. This video turns back the clock so people can see some of the fundamental issues that were never addressed and why these last 7 years have turned out the way they did.