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Posted 02-17-16

For the Undying 9/11 MORONIC Replies

9/11 scientist Jonathan Cole responds to the December 2015 (painful logic) "For the Undying Moronic Jet Fuel Argument" video by the Blacksmith who attempts to disprove 9/11 truth science by sticking an iron rod in an 1800 degree furnace (that's 300 degrees ABOVE the maximum temperature reached only under ideal conditions) and deceptively showing how it bends with his pinkie. The paid Blacksmith troll (see 2nd video at the bottom) not only sells the 9/11 official story, but perhaps realizing his faulty logic he implies that it doesn't matter either way if 9/11 was an inside job! This is how you dismantle a 9/11 official story troll.

For the Undying 9/11 Moronic Jet Fuel Argument

Watch this 9/11 official story troll video for yourself and listen for the painful, deceptive, and Orwellian logic.