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Posted 05-28-16

Free Speech on Trial: IRS v. Hendrickson

A federal judge is punishing Doreen Hendrickson the wife of Peter Hendrickson author of 'Cracking the Code', a book which basically exposes the IRS "income tax" as a fraud because it was intended to apply to Federal government workers not the ordinary person. Many people who have read and properly applied the knowledge in Hendrickson's book have won their cases against the IRS and received back the money that wasn't supposed to have been taken from them in the first place. This proves that millions of Americans are indeed being ripped off by the IRS scam. For this reason the federal courts have resorted to bullying tactics completely unrelated to the law and the Constitution of the United States by attempting to force Doreen to sign an affidavit claiming she does not agree with the information in her husband's book. The punishment for not signing this self incriminating statement which is a lie has been at least 18 months in a federal prison. This is the tyranny and corruption that America has degraded into and we must all care because Doreen could be any one of us. This is a battle for truth, justice, transparency and freedom from corruption. To watch this video on YouTube go here. To purchase the book 'Cracking the Code' go here. To support Doreen go here.