Geoengineering Basics


Geoengineering defined:

The systematic and deliberate large scale engineering and manipulation of the planetary environment, ecosystem and all living creatures and life forms therein.

Imagine you are watching an old Science Fiction movie about mad scientists who take over the world and in order to destroy the world they decide to tamper with nature slowly killing off all life in a dangerous game of playing god. All along you would tell yourself it's only a movie, surely no one could do that in real life, could they? Actually, that is exactly what is happening in our world today under military and government "secret" operations world-wide.

Our entire planet is now being manipulated and engineered without consequences by the controlling psychopaths who want to rule the world. Although now almost all operations are out in the open and admitted by government, they promise the public that this tampering and manipulation of nature is for humanity's own good. Whether they are lying about global warming, catastrophic climate change or food scarcity, they promise to use this immoral and illegal tampering of nature for the greater good. Here we consider several angles of the geoengineering phenomenon.

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Now imagine these same mad scientists taking over all food supply, poisoning every tree and plant on earth and recreating life in their own evil way by making it impossible for anyone to grow their own food. Imagine if they actually stripped natural ingredients from fresh fruits and vegetables and inserted their own permanent poison into natural things that grow. Sounds like something out of a horror film? You guessed it. The psychopaths behind this attempt to hijack nature and destroy natural food are companies like Monsanto and Dupont to name a few. Find out more about the dangers of Genetically Modified Organism food or GMO and why the criminals orchestrating this crime against humanity are also funding the propaganda campaigns to fool the public into accepting this takeover of nature.

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