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Global Warming Gospel Permeates Catholic Church, New Religion Born!

New "40 day fast for climate" elevates hoax to new levels

February 19, 2015
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez
Global Warming Gospel

In its effort to roll out its new climate religion to serve as the backdrop for a future forceful implementation of Agenda 21, the Global Warming movement (aka Climate movement) is now making a strong move towards making this climate religion a reality. In a recent shocking revelation, the Catholic church is breaking ranks with its Biblical principles of prayer and devotion to God and officially jumping into the global warming/Climate change 2015 psyop campaign carefully planned by the Club of Rome.

Entirely ignoring that the planet has been cooling since 1998 and entirely ignoring the unexpected email hack of November 2009 which revealed IPCC scientists discussing how to lie about global warming, leaders of the Catholic church have shamelessly joined forces with the movement in a way that should concern everyone whether you are Catholic or not.

In this latest global psyop being pushed by the global warming hoaxers and now adopted by the Catholic church, the religious principle of fasting is now being introduced. As is being reported in the globalist global warming agenda website

A chain of one-day fasts will sweep across 45 countries between Ash Wednesday and Easter, beginning in Peru and ending up in Botswana.
“We think it is very important that Catholics understand climate change and the importance of the UN negotiations in Paris,” said Ciara Shannon, who is coordinating a Hong Kong fast on 23 February.
The action has been organised by the Global Catholic Climate Movement.
Fasting carries a particular significance for Christians during this period, who traditionally give something up in remembrance of the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert.

As you can see "fasting" is being used as a marketing propaganda tool to push the global warming CO2 theories hidden inside today's Climate Change movement which will be absolutely necessary to implement a global carbon tax and global behavioral restrictions on every citizen on the planet.

With the concept of fasting being stolen from spirituality and religion and now being used to promote lies and deceit a new religion is now officially born. Just as predicted and called for by the Club of Rome in 1968. The Catholic church is now behind the same organization (Club of Rome) which has openly stated:

“The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

This is the global elites best attempt to merge spirituality with politics. Goodness with evil, benevolence with malfeasance, truth and lies, self edification and self destruction, light and dark. The end result is more confusion, more oppression, less freedom, more power for the oppressors and ultimately permanent enslavement to the masters who will appoint themselves in charge of the earth.

But you may be wondering why infiltrate the Catholic church to push this political movement toward Agenda 21? The answer is they have 1.2 billion reason to do so because that is how many Catholics there are in the world according to Vatican figures. That's right, almost twenty percent of the world is Catholic (17+%). But its not just the numbers that explains what's going on here, it's important to understand more about the Club of Rome.

The Club of Rome is the original founder of the global warming hoax. With members that include Al Gore, global warming mastermind Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger in addition to numerous CFR and U.N. related members, the Club of Rome is like the Bilderberg group version of the environmental movement. Membership is limited to select elites, decisions made in secret regarding future goals for control of the planet, and plans made on how to implement and fund these massive campaigns designed to accomplish their private goals.

In case you are wondering just how deep this global elite connection and conspiracy runs, consider that the Club of Rome was actually founded at the physical location of the David Rockefeller estate in Bellagio Italy. Imagine that, the very foundation of the organization took place in the estate of one of the premier global elite criminals of our time. Yet today many well meaning people believe the global warming fraud especially now that its changed its name to "climate change". They defend it as though it represents a part of who they are. They take personal ownership of the climate change debate and they will defend against any attack on it.

With the Global Warming/Climate Change movement being pushed by global elites whose goal for depopulation are openly stated, it shouldn't be difficult for critical thinkers to at least see the political ironies even if they still don't understand the nature, characteristics and the history of CO2 on earth. Anyone who doesn't understand that CO2 follows (not leads) temperature changes, or that the powerful massive sun (not greenhouse gases) is the primary determinant of temperatures on earth, should be able to at least admit that the people behind global warming are not the people that have the best intentions for humanity. Shouldn't that count for something?

With the 2015 Global Warming psyop now in full swing, it is up to each and every individual person to step back and see the climate change globalist agenda for what it is. The global elite cannot be trusted. They are bleeding the world of all its beauty and spirit. They seek to crush the human spirit of freedom and blame humanity, not their own geoengineering of the planet, for all the environmental changes we see today. This prospect of planet worship and human blaming is the perfect paradigm for permanent human enslavement at the hands of a small group (Club of Rome members only number 100!) of people who will decide your future forever.

The human race is now truly in a major crisis fighting for its survival. Time is running out for humanity to wake up and today the climate change religion is officially worldwide and launching religious style rituals now being embraced by the Catholic church.

"Save the planet!" It sounds good, it feels good, and it's the newest global religion being officially born as we speak.

In another 'fasting for the climate' religious ceremony taking place globally the- "Responding to Climate Change" website states this:

Campaigners are also holding a 365-day fasting chain, which began on the 1 December 2014, and will run until the 30 December 2015, when the UN’s climate negotiations kick off in Paris.
Sano said: “The power behind fasting lies in its purity of purpose and the sense of selflessness necessary to embark on fasting. This is the power of the fast—because it is meant for our aspirations of a better world.”

Isn't it unbelievable  to see the words "selflessness" and "aspirations of a better world" cleverly tied in to the new religion? The message is clear: Even though tens of thousands of scientist disagree with the climate religion, even though their goals were stated before the movement began, and even though the climate goals of the climate/global warming movement perfectly match up with the plans for global enslavement and depopulation, the architects of this new climate religion are saying 'We have a truth, you better listen to this truth, you better agree with this truth and you better give up something of yourself for this truth as a gesture that you care, and you are a good citizen. But what about those who are not good citizens?

Be not fooled, for this story does follow a very careful and predictable script. Catholics, who are well versed in the concept of 'punishment' (of hell or purgatory) for those who don't do as they are told, will be soon afterward sold on the 'punishment' side of this "selflessness" climate religion. That punishment will come in two forms- loss of money and loss of freedom (imprisonment). The narrative they are selling goes something like this:

'The lord (of climate) is speaking to you, the unbeliever. Believe now in the lord (of climate) for the lord is doing this for your own good. The lord (of climate) only wishes to make you appreciate a better world. If you reject the lord (of climate) the lord will punish thee in due time (by arresting you, taxing you and tracking you globally). Do not doubt the lord (of climate) for the lord is just and the lord knows what is best for you. Amen'

Anyone falling for the climate change lie is already lined up to be a permanent slave. Without realizing it you've already traded in your faith in god and exchanged it for faith in the Club of Rome. You trust dirty old men, all members of the same top globalist organizations who are openly implementing their new world order, to tell you how the earth works. Those who have fallen for the global warming/climate change religion are now being taught self denial (just as you would in any religion) clearly a sign that the movement is going for it all in a desperate attempt to survive.

The globalist architects of the movement have taken a page from history which shows that religions have staying power while faulty science does not. The global warming science has been torn apart years ago but the "spirituality" of it can and is showing itself to have a chance at sticking around. Remember, there is nothing scientific about religion yet billions around the world follow religions.

This is a reminder that it is easier to get people to follow you if you abandon reason, critical thinking and logic (all upper brain) and commit to appealing to people's feelings, emotions, and lower more primitive brain functions. 

So as we move through 2015, a year already promising to be a big year for the climate religion, be prepared. Obama signed important legislation in 2013 preparing for the events that will happen this year. Remember, the architects of this movement always plan ahead and so should you.

Decide what you want to stand for now and prepare for what is coming. If you believe in freedom be prepared to die for that belief. Ask yourself what is the price of freedom worth to you? What is the price of freedom for your future generations worth? Is this really a topic you want to ignore as a new religion forms?

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