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GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1

Watch the official trailer for the popular independent film Gray State, a film about the coming American holocaust at the hands of the now out of control police state. All of this is part of the new world order plans this website is dedicated to exposing. How important is this film? Important enough that the film's 29 year old screen writer and producer was apparently murdered in cold blood along with his wife and daughter. The body of David Crowley, his wife Komel, and his daughter Rani were found in their Apple Valley Minnesota home after being dead apparently for weeks. As with all politically motivated murders, the mainstream media is reporting this as a "murder suicide" which no one is believing. Crawley showed no signs of suicide and nothing about his life points to suicide. Conversely, everything about this story points to murder.

Do what you can to get this film out to as many people as possible and help sound the alarm about the police state and new world order holocaust that is coming to America if we don't stop the globalist now. Remember, when the chaos begins there will be no time to laugh anything off as "conspiracies" and there will be no where to run or hide. Why wait till there are no options? Why not take action now?

Unreal! Gray State Film Family Found Dead In "Murder-Suicide"

This video sheds more light on the murder of producer David Crawley and his family. Video originally posted on TruthMediaRevolution YouTube channel




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