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Harassing The Minds Of ISIS Believers

Truth and Art TV ISIS Challenge
October 09, 2014
Truth and art TV ISIS Challenge
Contributed by Bernie Suarez
ISIS Challenge

Here are 4 keen mysteries about ISIS that should convince you ISIS is yet another round of phony terrorism created by the same globalists who want to continue setting the pretext for wars around the world. They know that these endless wars guarantee their world domination. These globalist are thus doing exactly what every dictator villain of the past has done or wanted to do. So why are Americans so dumbed-down, so indifferent and so complacent about murderers committing war crimes and unforgivable injustices on humanity? We call it a 'psyop' for a reason. Humanity is under mass mind control and in the middle of all of this are engineered organizations like ISIS. They are no less a deception as Al Qaeda.

1. And speaking of Al Qaeda, where is Al Qaeda during all of this? Watching TV at home? Rooting for ISIS? Or maybe Al Qaeda IS ISIS. Same men with names switched around. Face it, Al Qaeda is a figment of people's imagination. The globalists have resorted to old tricks and mind games endorsed by the mainstream media.

2. Why will ISIS not attack Israel? No one seems to be able to answer this and the media quietly avoids the topic all together. Notice Israel is not even concerned one iota that ISIS may attack them. Even the president of Argentina was threatened with ISIS and still Israel never gets any threats from ISIS. Why is ISIS so willing to travel LONG distance to kill yet feels so uncomfortable attacking nearby countries which would make much easier, economical, efficient  and more realistic targets.  Get the feeling ISIS command center is not where everyone thinks it is? This may prove the easiest way to expose ISIS in the long run.  

3. Why does ISIS still exist?? Why aren't they at least dismantled? Reduced significantly? We know where they are, supposedly what weapons they have and that includes ammunition yet we hear nothing about the U.S. destroying their supplies and crippling them from the inside out. Whatever happened to U.S. military strategies of old employed supposedly in Vietnam and other wars? How is ISIS defeating the U.S. Military Intelligence and managing to still exist and exist effectively enough to fight for (according to criminal Leon Panetta) THIRTY (30) full years? Again, who is buying into all of this surreal nonsense?

4. We (the U.S.) have the world's greatest intelligence and ISIS is just a bunch of guys with faces covered who supposedly act on lower brain function of hatred and anger not (upper brain) intelligence and cognitive strategy. So then why is ISIS not completely exposed by now? U.S. Intelligence had information about who did 9/11 within minutes (so they claim) of the planes hitting the towers on 9/11. Yet weeks and weeks go by and little is supposedly known about the identity of the men involved in ISIS. Even after SITE Institutes Rita Katz boldly proclaimed on TV that she personally watches ISIS social media accounts and knew exactly where to look to snag up the ISIS fake beheading videos. The U.S. seems to know so much about ISIS, yet so little. Such is the nature of erratic and bizarre mass psychological operations.

These are but a few mysteries surrounding ISIS. Read more on ISIS throughout this site. We've dedicated much of the recent effort of this project to continuing the exposing of the origins of ISIS and the engineering political agenda that comes with it. We thus challenge all ISIS believers to answer to these facts about ISIS. We challenge ISIS believers to look at themselves in the mirror and consider that YOU, the ISIS believer are the life blood of the new world order that makes it possible to spread more and more lies.

As for those awake, help us reach more people with the message about this current ISIS psyop before its too late. We can't afford another 9/11 which is exactly what all ISIS believers will get, as will all of us victims of political propaganda, if we don't stop this nonsense now.

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