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Michael Hastings:

Was he assassinated ... or Disappeared?

Some facts about the Michael Hastings Story:

Michael Hastings, Assassinated or Disappeared?

He was a Journalist
Covered war in Iraq and Afghanistan
Wrote for Rolling Stone, GQ
Profiled General McCrystal in a story which got the general fired
Received death threats in retaliation to McCrystal story
Hours prior to his death/disappearance told his close friends/family that the FBI was investigating him and he needed to go "off the radar for a bit"
Declared war on the corrupt government
Was "onto a big story" to expose corruption amongst several government agencies including NSA
Made enemies in the FBI and CIA
Died in mysterious early morning car crash June 18, 2013 where his car was driving so fast (taken control of remotely?) and while already on fire possibly due to an explosion from below where witnesses saw fire, it jackknifed while hitting a curb. The vehicle at some point hit a tree where it burst into consuming flames. At the point of impact several vehicle parts including the engine and transmission were detached and traveled forward and ended up approximately 200 or more feet away. The large image below shows where the engine landed.
Vehicle control can be taken over remotely. This is confirmed by studies and is a well known fact.

Researchers Show How a Car's Electronics Can Be Taken Over Remotely

Car-hacking: Remote access and other security issues

LAPD is refusing/resisting to give out any additional or detailed information or answer important questions about this case
LAPD is also on record according to neighbors and eyewitnesses of trying to block anyone from having a proper view of the vehicle and they strangely also covered the vehicle with a tarp of some kind which is very unusual in LA for a vehicle accident.

UPDATE: Michael Hastings body cremated against family wishes!!!
Government cremating a body without permission? This forces another very reasonable question:
How can we know for sure Michael Hastings was actually in the vehicle?

Some of Hasting's Work

The Rise of the Killer Drones: How America Goes to War in Secret
An inside look at how killing by remote control has changed the way we fight

Interview With Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

Hastings Exposes Army Psychological Operations On Senators

America's Last Prisoner of War

STORY on RollingStone.com: Michael Hastings, 'Rolling Stone' Contributer, Dead At 33

BREAKING August 16, 2013:
Was CIA Chief John Brennan Behind Journalist's Murder?

About The Crash Site

Truth and Art TV Confirms Engine Location At Site

Visting Michael Hastings Car Crash Site

Listen to firsthand eyewitness describe how the car was going so fast it was bouncing off the ground while already in flames:

"I see under the car... there was too much fire fire fire ..."


From InfoWars.com

Michael Hastings Told He Would Be Hunted Down and Killed over McChrystal Story

Friend: Michael Hastings Was Working on “Biggest Story Yet” About CIA

Police, Firefighters Ordered Not To Speak About Michael Hastings Crash

Eyewitness to Michael Hastings Murder Says Body NOT Charred Beyond Recognition

“I was just coming northbound on Highland and I seen a car, like, going really fast and all of a sudden I seen it jackknife, ... I just seen parts fly everywhere, and I slammed on my brakes and stopped and tried to call 911." Eyewitness Luis Cortez-
LA Times Article Here

Eyewitness 'Jose Rubalcava':"No one could approach the car because it kept EXPLODING"

Shocking Update To This Story

Journalist Michael Hastings' Body Cremated By Authorities Against Family's Wishes!!

Finally: Consider this ...

Every government crime has a common signature. Anyone who questions the story IMMEDIATELY is tagged with a name (ie "conspiracy THEORISTS") intended to DETER the sheep that are asleep from looking into the event. So instead of responsibly mentioning that 'family, friends, and concerned citizens want more answers' or something to that effect we get:

"Still, conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork to cast suspicion on the crash" -Dennis Romero

Questioning this story makes someone a "conspiracy theorist"? Now where have we heard this before? ...