Truth and Art TV Article

How Consciousness Will Be The Last Stand For Humanity Against Government

September 03, 2014
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez
Last Stand

The control system we all live under is now disseminating propaganda and lies at free fall speed, all designed to bring humanity down and deliver it into the hands of the control freaks who rule the world. The full manifestation of our current day model of governmental cleptocracy is now in full view. Its power to destroy humanity now being flexed like the muscles of a body builder. The powerful control grid is now expanding beyond anything anyone (even George Orwell) could have imagined. Anyone keeping track of alternative news, not filtered by the Zionist controlled mainstream media knows what I'm talking about.

The control system understands that its battle now is against human consciousness and truth itself. No one on either side knows with certainty what will really transpire as both sides carry on. They (the control system) know a lot about how humans operate, how to control humans, and how to enslave them. Many of us who are free from the matrix of lies, have fully operable intuition and mental capabilities that give us an advantage over synthetic systems.

The species overall is dealing with two classes of energy. On the one hand is what I'll call government's artificial-intellectual-engineered capabilities, effort or pseudo-consciousness. In my model of the information war and the struggle for survival that humanity is in, I envision this engineered artificial intelligence desperately attempting to tame the human being itself, like a zoo keeper taming a wild animal. The system of animal control that operates at zoos is carefully and systematically applied by professionals based on established obtained knowledge about the animal and effective use of resources (eg tranquilizers and behavior techniques) to control the animal. Likewise the enslavement of humanity and the day to day intelligence tactics and information battle which is designed to permanently enslave humanity is being applied with obtained knowledge about the animal (humans), and carefully thought out (engineered) strategies for tricking the (human) animal into submission.

In response to this artificially engineered oppression, a small but growing segment of humanity is active, focused and dedicated (like a scientist) to countering all of these tactics and information manipulation (propaganda) that humanity is under. This awakened and astute segment of humanity, which continuously looks to cleanse itself of all state level propaganda and engineered tactics, is figuratively operating on a small budget. The weapons it relies on are very few, but the authenticity of what it relies on is much more genuine, penetrates deeper and ultimately can be more effective in the right circumstances since it is natural and (like disinformation) also appeals to the natural function of humanity.

On the one hand, the disinformation process (ie propaganda) appeals to primitive loyalties, engrained ideologies, subliminal suggestions, classical and operant conditioning, hypnosis, developmental identity searches, peer pressure, early indoctrination and many other tactics employed by the control system. On the other hand, the counter to this manipulation of humanity at the hands of the control system relies on intuition, sense of morality, consciousness, sincerity, love for truth, love for nature, love for humanity, empathy for others, attraction for things that are genuine, the desire to see humanity thrive, the lack of racism and sense of superiority replaced by a sense of equality with others, and the refusal to place flags and ideologies above human life among other things.

This is now the picture of the do or die, sink or swim situation humanity is in. It's already happening and some may have noticed, we are coming to a point where the competing energy and tension humanity is in can be felt from far away. Often I can feel the negative energy vibrating off of those who believe mainstream media news, condone war crimes, and side with the police state for example. The tension associated with the energy of hate and ignorance feels like it can be cut like a knife sometimes.

The powerful effect of ignorance often blocks the perpetrator's awareness of this negative energy that is opposed to humanity while it may support a flag or ideology. Instead the perpetrators (of hate, bigotry and ignorance) argue to satisfy their own personal selfish consciousness based on the engineered manipulation they've been exposed to at the hand of the control system (mentioned above). Their opinion is a representation of their ego and self-view of the world. To disagree with them is considered a personal attack on their sense of self and their ego. They argue in pursuit of a perceived victory (as in sports) over those who disagree with them. As in some sports, very often they will develop genuine feelings of hatred or dislike toward those who disagree with their ideologies. This state of self-absorbed consciousness is one of the prime engineered strategies employed by the globalist through media and social engineering. We are now in the middle of a second experimental century of modern day humanity, where the results of the grand experiment of human psychological manipulation is being observed.

Let us realize that all of this is engineered from A to Z. This now out-of-control human farming and mind control experiment is no longer sustainable and the segment of humanity which is free from the mental prison will now observe in the next few decades what the end result will be. We, as a conscious awakened humanity will observe to see how the species' counter-attack on this system of disinformation and mind control will transpire.

It is now becoming crystal clear that ultimately we (humanity) will be left with one tool to save humanity and that is consciousness itself. The history of humanity proves that under no circumstances can an engineered artificial governmental system flush out consciousness from a willing human being. They can hurt you, drug you, torture you and kill you, but they cannot remove consciousness from you. They claim they will build robots to mimic consciousness but in the end they will fail like they have failed to mimic nature with their poisonous GMO food.

They may succeed in killing off a large segment of humanity and persecuting truth and reason. We have seen this pattern throughout history and humanity has a blue print for this process. But as history shows, humanity ultimately gets its message out to subsequent generations who then responds to that message. All of the progress humanity makes is ultimately due to consciousness.

For this reason, when all is said and done, consciousness I believe is and will be the last stand against the evil control system. For this reason we should strive to understand what consciousness is and what it is not. For this reason we should act now as if there is no tomorrow. With mainstream media and government taking off the gloves and unloading world record propaganda lies on the world, let us no longer assume that tomorrow will come. Everyone should formulate their mental survival plan based on an end-game scenario. We should no longer assume that this empire will ever be taken down unless we ourselves all commit to being the change or unless (in the extremely unlikely scenario of) a large enough element within our military itself awakens and acts together to arrest, try and imprison the perpetrators in D.C. and higher.

We should rightfully and rationally now acknowledge that all of humanity's problems are actually being delivered to us and made possible by the very people around us who allow it to happen. See someone condoning Israeli war crimes? They are the authors of our doom. Know someone who condones the banking system cartel? Someone condoning the Bush or Obama administration? The crimes in Benghazi, Libya, Iraq? The repeated false flags on our own soil to push gun legislation? The creation of Al Qaeda and now ISIS to expand the globalist new world order plans with perpetual war? Someone condoning more war in Iraq or Syria while ignoring who ISIS really is and who is funding them? Someone calling for world war against Russia and spreading U.S./Ukrainian government propaganda? Someone still believing the 9/11 official story despite the overwhelming available evidence?  See people who ignore the history and accounts of U.S. wars of aggression because they blindly support the flag? These people are the ones who have shut off their consciousness and have made the control system possible.

Imagine how much more guilty the chain of command is for spreading the lies and propaganda. Yes, the Sean Hannity's of the world and the Jake Tapper's, the Rachel Maddow's, the Wolf Blitzer's, the Bill O'Reilly's, the Anderson Cooper's and the rest of the tools working for the concentrated group of (6) corporations that own all western media mainstream news. Then there is the politician war criminals and liars themselves who work in D.C. and above and are part of the Pentagon, Intelligence, CIA, CFR, Bilderberg etc. Need I go on? This is the chain of command that has built and employed this powerful weapon of destruction against humanity.

Until you yourself are sick of their narratives and purpose to be the antidote to this poisonous anti-consciousness energy these villains disseminate every day, you will continue to be part of the problem. Yes, the last piece of the puzzle is the silent majority. Are you part of this group? Even individuals who are knowledgeable and aware of many things often sit around and do nothing. They often have a lack of belief in the potential of humanity and they often have a strong belief in the potential of the globalist for some reason. They seem convinced that the globalists are eternally more powerful than humanity and have eternal control. For this reason they silently view activism as a waste of time. The damage being inflicted on humanity by this silent segment of informed yet inactive individuals is as damaging to humanity as anything else.

With not enough willing to fight, we face two possible scenarios. In one scenario humanity slowly changes its path and the bad guys slowly die off and or are exiled from humanity as they get old. Willing minds and active participants take a role in shifting the direction of humanity. I acknowledge some of this is already happening. In this scenario consciousness prevails and the results of the change will be clear especially to anyone paying attention. On the other hand- the alternate scenario paints a dark picture of a future enslaved humanity. Consciousness however will continue. The difference? As in the days of Galileo or Socrates, those expressing consciousness, reason, truth, and goodwill toward humanity will be persecuted and punished for their beliefs. We had the template for this all along. As we can see from history in either case consciousness will not be put out.

For this reason I argue that consciousness will definitively be the last stand for humanity win or lose. And for this reason we need a revolution of consciousness which ultimately will prove to be the greatest weapon we have.

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