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How to End the War Crimes in Gaza

August 17, 2014
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez
Solution Gaza

Some people may read this and say, no way, this is not a solution but I challenge your belief and I offer that this is indeed an effective and powerful way to move forward as a humanity with regard to the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. Is there actually a way to end the war crimes in Gaza? There is, but the answer lies in our humanity not in politics, politicians, or a rigid ideology. Ideologies that result in human deaths are ideologies of hatred no matter how anyone spins it. We, as a humanity, must find a way of ending ideologies of hatred that serve political purposes. With acknowledgement of this first step we can then move forward to real solutions.

The first solution is to find a way to tone down, even mute mainstream media. Mainstream media is at the root of most political propaganda (which is now LEGAL) and deception. Politicians and warmongers would have no voice if it were not for mainstream media. Knowing this, we have to (as a humanity) reconsider everything we hear on mainstream media news. This really is a critical and core part of the solution in my opinion. As soon as people learn to turn off mainstream media news, then we can really begin to implement real solutions. People must realize that mainstream media is controlled by the CIA and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) for political purposes. Try to understand the importance that mainstream media is to the globalists who control the world or as some call it, the .1% (or the Illuminati). Look up Operation Mockingbird and listen to what former CIA operatives have admitted about how they control the media.

Until we can change or stop the control of the mainstream media (which may never happen) each person has to do whatever they can to share information with people they know that may contradict the messages being put out by the controlled mainstream media. Keep in mind that six corporations (all pro Zionist) actually own almost all of the mainstream media in the U.S. so you will never get a balanced report on what is happening. For this, you will have to tune to alternative media and progressive/human rights related platforms. Most importantly think on your own. If you see something happening, ask yourself, would I tolerate this action in my own life? If you see atrocities being committed, condemn the atrocity regardless of who is doing it. Do what you can to find out who is funding the atrocity. (Like the CIA funding $$ ISIS in Iraq)

The people of Gaza have a right to exist and they have a right to not be murdered and have their homes destroyed. All human atrocities are the same. We must acknowledge human rights globally and not allow one country and corrupt politicians to control the narrative and use propaganda to condone war crimes. This is not a very complex solution. You simply need to turn to your own humanity and compassion and stop condoning war crimes.

Are you religious? Muslim? Christian? Hindu? What does your messiah, guru or savior have to say about violence? Is it normal to kill babies for political reason? To "defend" your nation's flag? Don't all religions condemn murder? If your religion doesn't (and according the interpretation of some they don't) condemn murder, then it's time to dump your religion.

Nature teaches that you reap what you sow and those that reap violence will sow the seeds of hatred and suffering which will come back to get them. Love and peace is the big lesson here. We must learn to love one another and live in peace. It is time for humanity to wake up to the new world order plans. This is a powerful global cabal of super rich and powerful elite who have been planning global control of the world for a very long time. They want full domination of the world including all resources and land.

This is the bigger picture of the atrocities we see today and it is understandable if some people reading this can't quite understand this. You may even think this is unrealistic or ridiculous talk due to the way government has turned the term "conspiracy theory" into a thought blocker. Try to overcome automated feelings that make you want to ignore the information up front. Instead, begin to think critically. Begin to think on your own and resist knee-jerk responses to critical information.

Remember that we are conscious (not political) human beings first, and we have a responsibility to think critically and analyze the world around us. Will you be a follower or a leader? Ultimately, it is up to you to decide. This conflict in Gaza, or should I say, these war crimes we bare witness to in Gaza, are a great opportunity to trigger mass consciousness about the global agenda of the global elite, as well as the government of Israel. It is also a great opportunity to show your friends and family exactly how biased the mainstream media is. Exposing these issues are a big part of the solution.

Lets use this situation to come together as a humanity, for it is by coming together that we will be able to expose the global plans of the global elite and trigger the mass consciousness we need to make this world a better place. 

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