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Posted 05-05-16

Is "The Greater Israel" Concept Being Used to Fool You? Must Watch!

This is the 3rd video I'm making on this topic and I feel it is the most important. (See the links to the first 2 videos below) In this video I discuss the concept of 'The Greater Israel' that we keep hearing everywhere. Initially suggested by Zionist founding father Theodore Herzl, many point to the "Oded Yinon" article of 1982 as end-all proof that Israel wants to rule the world, but the fact is that it is a suggestion for how Israel can dominate their REGION by breaking up the countries that surround them not a plan for global domination as the US PNAC plans are. I also discuss the 'Clean Break' document which suggests how Israel can increase their regional dominance and become economically independent of the U.S.. Neither of these are considered national decrees, constitutions, mandates or "official" documents to be followed.

Many people also point to the USS Liberty attack of 1967 as proof that Israel would attack the US but all evidence points to the USS Liberty attack being a planned false flag straight out of Operation Northwood, a document that describes how the US could stage false flag attacks in order to provoke war against desired enemies.

Finally, I discuss the importance of staying focused on the bigger picture that goes far beyond a nation state, religion or culture. The new world order plans are very real and we are seeing the evolution of this global control grid as we speak. Let's therefore not allow infiltrators to disrupt your local truth groups with skewed information and disinformation designed to cause division and confusion. If you agree with this message please share with others.

Watch this video on the Truth and Art TV YouTube channel here.