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ISIS Psyop Fully Exposed- ISIS receives supply support via NATO's Turkey!!

ISIS is part of a project to use terror groups as pro new world order mercenaries, fighters that will act as tools for the globalist as they continue to advance their global plans for the Middle East which are consistent with Israel's plans for the Middle East, outlined in the PNAC plans (Project for a new American Century) and outlined by General Wesley Clark in his famous appearance on Democracy Now.

Here I expose how NATO's Turkey is caught playing a central role in allowing ISIS to receive supplies via hundreds of supply trucks passing every day into and through Turkey to get to ISIS. There it is, we've been saying it all along, ISIS is working WITH the U.S. and is a creation of the west. The U.S. is more interested in attacking the sovereign nation of Syria, the only legal authority and legitimate government in that region.

Many people are wondering why the U.S. is attacking Syria's military forces who are in the best position to defeat ISIS, while not focusing on attacking ISIS's supply line and disabling ISIS.

Resist the ISIS psyop and let's hold these supporters of ISIS accountable. At some point America needs to confront propaganda and pass laws to make propaganda illegal again.

Here's the link to the original report exposing supply lines through Turkey




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