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ISIS And The New World Order

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What You Should Know About ISIS

Starting with the US-Soviet war in Afghanistan from 1979-1989 the US has established a policy of creating, radicalizing, arming and funding Jihadists, terrorists and "rebel" proxy armies to do their dirty work. This strategy has been long exposed and admitted by the mainstream media and Washington itself. To understand the role ISIS is playing today in this very same strategy one needs to only look at their origins.

ISIS is a continuation of the group formerly known as al Qaeda in Iraq. The name change no doubt is itself a strategy to confuse people who are trying to understand their origins. Be not deceived however by names such as "moderate rebels" since even the leadership of the so called "rebels" who the US is allied with and who have been fighting to topple Assad's regime in Syria (instead of focusing on defeating ISIS), is on record stating that "it's no secret" that they are sympathetic and aligned WITH the mission of the Muslim brotherhood, Al Nusra (ISIS' official front in Syria) and ISIS. In other words they are one and the same. This relationship has been confirmed across the board by many nations and media sources worldwide.

ISIS was funded, armed and created by the US and its allies particularly Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and is part of a long term "strategy of tension" devised by Washington (CIA) as far back as Operation Gladio conducted in Europe largely between the period of 1960-1990. It is factually documented that proxy army soldiers (ie terrorists) were fully trained in a CIA training facility in Jordan. During this training soldiers were taught tactics characteristic of terrorism like encouraging soldiers to finish off the enemy. Tactics like this are considered war crimes according to the Geneva Convention, yet the US is on record funding and training terrorist to commit these war crimes.

ISIS uses US made weapons shipped to them from Libya thanks to the Hillary Clinton operated Benghazi gun-running operation that allowed weapons to ship from Libya to Syria where ISIS fighters were happy to receive these. Many weapons were also handed to ISIS during the 2014 takeover of Mosul in Iraq. This is possibly the greatest weapons exchange false flag psyops conducted to arm ISIS in Iraq and Syria with powerful military weapons. This eventually made ISIS' presence, destruction and havoc in Syria possible. ISIS drives US made Toyota pickup trucks fitted for our US military special forces. And a German investigative team exposed how Turkey had been helping ISIS with their much needed supply deliveries across the Turkish-Syrian border and into Syria. The mainstream media of course doesn't want you to know any of this. The rest is ISIS propaganda to help facilitate the long term US plans of global domination (PNAC plans) as well as Israeli's Middle East plans (aka Greater Israel). General Wesley Clark is also on record admitting the plan as far back as 2001 was the destruction of "7 countries in 5 years". Except for Iran and to a lesser extent Lebanon (where "Hezbollah" is blamed for "terrorism") these countries (Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya) are the primary countries coincidentally selected by ISIS for attacks. Hmm, coincident?

Finally, have you noticed that ISIS will not attack Israel or any Middle East or African nation for that matter that cooperates with the West? That's because this would not be politically convenient to the US war machine. It's no secret now that the global elite are using ISIS as a tool to achieve their political goals abroad and destroy the sovereignty of selected nations, destabilizing their economy and ultimately replacing or murdering their leaders like they did in Libya. It's also no secret that these leaders just so happen to not want to be a part of the western Federal Reserve banking system. Isn't that an odd coincidence? Add to that, ISIS is then used as the perfect boogieman to accuse of "terrorism" here in the US (as well as other EU nations like France, Belgium etc) in order to create the pretext for the people to be afraid and give up their rights. This also creates the pretext for advancing the police state and mass surveillance. What more of a gift can ISIS be??

This is the brief story of ISIS and how they are the latest tool for the new world order. Do your part and help us expose the complacent mainstream media who (like they did on 9/11 and ever since) are only interested in playing along with the ISIS script that will ensure the globalist achieve their goals for a global police state and imperialistic takeover that will allow their global totalitarianism. Help spread the word about this ISIS psyop on America and the world.

Phases and stages of the ISIS psyop

ISIS psyop

STAGE 1- Christians beware!
First the mainstream media began stories about ISIS beheading Christians in Iraq. Christians were told by media, Christian radio stations, even within alternative media, that they had reason to be afraid of ISIS. This fanned a new wave of CIA engineered Islamophobia throughout America. The primary target? Christians, conservatives. This fearmongering outreach to Christians went on for months but nothing political came out of it except the early deception and strong support (for action) from the Christians, conservatives and Right wing republican base in America.
STAGE 2- Shocking proof of ISIS horrors!
Then came the outright fake beheading videos of James Foley and later accidentally released fake beheading video of Steven Sotloff. These videos were staged and full of video production-style features including the Alfred Hitchcock style fade to black mystery movie effect used upon moment of beheading. Minus one mistake- you can see the fake executioner supposedly cutting (a calm) Foley's head with what appears to be a fake knife but more importantly NO blood is drawn as he cuts! Youtube and other video hosting giants did everything in their power to censor the fake videos from actually being seen, by claiming it was too graphic. Expert analysis of these videos concluded they were not authentic and many agree the head lying on top of Foley's body is a cut out photoshop image. Most of America however, blindly believed the mainstream media and still went along with the debunked beheading videos.
STAGE 3- America must pay for war to defeat ISIS
Once the media had done it's job at promoting the fake beheading videos immediately the issue was handed to the politicians who quickly voted to fund war against ISIS. Even though the Sotloff video and the Foley video were never proven authentic and with no evidence whatsoever a decision to fund war was made. The ISIS psyop early phase was a success. Now it was time to move to a new stage in the ISIS psyop.
STAGE 4- ISIS is mighty and unstoppable!
Ever since the money for war was secured politically the next phase of the ISIS psyop consisted in creating stories reflecting ISIS' might, sheer power, dominance, strength, intelligence, recruiting skillfulness, social media and production skills AND their ability to take out massive armies without effort. The false flag battle of Mosul Iraq was the prime example. 30,000+ Iraqi troops lay down their weapons for a couple hundred members of ISIS as their generals refuse to fight back AND claim the right to remain silent about what really happened. After this handover of Mosul to ISIS the media focused on ISIS recruiting efforts and how people everywhere are joining ISIS. All propaganda to make ISIS appear much greater than they are. Using this narrative pundits and politicians like Leon Panetta claimed boldly that it may take "30 years" to defeat ISIS!!
STAGE 5-FINAL STAGE- Prolonging the existence of ISIS
Despite war against ISIS, and as the weeks went by, ISIS was portrayed as getting bigger not smaller, stronger not weaker. ISIS was said to be air strikes proof, villains able to recruit on the internet, release propaganda videos and terrorist with a worldwide reach, endless supplies, endless ammo and endless money. ISIS soon could operate flawlessly while defeating multiple enemies on multiple fronts, all without a single instances of failure. By November 2014 ISIS was portrayed as the greatest fighting force in the history of warfare. At times we began seeing a few days in a row with NO stories about ISIS in the mainstream media. What is this all about? The PROLONGATION of the PERCEIVED existence of ISIS. This is where we are now and where we will be for a long time. ISIS will never be defeated, will never attack Israel or be attacked by any NATO countries. Get it?

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