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Living Inside A Terrorist Nation

Firsthand futuristic account of life inside the global evil empire

October 23, 2014
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez
living inside

It's the year 2117. Over a hundred years had past. Humanity had experienced many changes, for very long most of them were steps toward enslavement. Many small victories couldn't quite stop the overall agenda that had been put into motion over two hundred years prior. Novels and historic accounts written by those alive over one hundred years ago began to surface. Accounts mounted far outside the boundaries of the government endorsed official history books which most people discounted as too disingenuous and full of propaganda. Humanity as a whole had finally grinded out a permanent and committed psychological resistance to the so called official narratives that circulated during the early stages of the second dark ages following the turn of the new century in 2000. Most accounts were seemingly written in the first twenty or thirty years after the turn of the century. Some more detailed than others, but one common theme was the desire for people to express what it was like living inside the most dangerous and most powerful global terrorism empire, or what many referred to as the "global Empire". Other names commonly used were, the globalist, global mafia, global elite, and the new world order. Religious groups often referred to this empire as the beast prophesied  about in the Bible. Other religious circles referred to the empire as Babylon or the great Satan. While others firmly believed this empire was the manifestation of other beings from another planet here to enslave humanity.

This (new world order) global agenda (or global mafia) oppressed its own people for many years. Propaganda was eventually recognized as the norm after decades of a controlled media specifically designed to completely fool and control the masses. For at least a solid 30 year period, some say even longer, the empire created fake villains, incredible stories that seemed laughable and surreal to those that were already awakened, yet these tricks of the empire were accepted as truth by the masses, many of whom would eventually pay for this belief with their own lives.

The accounts we tell today is a direct result of the accounts given to us by those who were politically awakened to the events of the time. Until only the last 50 or so years it was heresy to talk about these events how they actually unfolded for fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, terrorist or anti-government. But for several decades now these accounts left to us by many historians, writers, teachers, freedom leaders, critical thinkers, artists, rebels, revolutionaries and free thinkers all now confirm these accounts. The accounts of these events have all been confirmed globally by many throughout the world who watched the U.S. empire (also known as the new world order) and its powerful allies attempt control of the world. The accounts of what it was like to live inside the empire are striking and highly recommended for all critical thinkers and historians.

Many of those that lived inside the terrorist U.S. empire describe what they describe as the most fascinating of all forces. There are many accounts from those who survived living inside the evil empire, of people describing how the controlled corporate mass media at the time was able to brainwash and mislead the masses on a regular bases. The affect of this mass brainwashing many historians consider the secret to the success of the global empire. At least that is what allowed them to make it far.

All along the empire had been dealing with strong opposition from the resistance. The resistance grew with every year. Truthers, freedom lovers, renegades, revolutionaries, critical thinkers, free thinkers, they had so many names. These conscious human beings would eventually prevail but not before many lost their lives. Living inside a terrorist nation would not be a very safe place for truth seekers. They understood this however. History had already shown that the world can be a dangerous world for those who seek truth and choose not to believe lies. The conscious human beings would argue there were no surprises. They knew what they were dealing with and they strived to break through to a new consciousness.

As these chronicles tell, consciousness never went away. It was always there. Those that understood the grand chess game held steady. A chosen group of gatekeepers for humanity would commit to the long term plans of creating and communicating a long term message to and for humanity. It is this small core of chosen ones who altered their consciousness to stay focused and provide this long term account for humanity in the proper context of what really happened.

Because of these accounts we can tell the story of how humanity was conned slowly and deliberately into deeper and deeper enslavement. Many lost their lives never having realized they were duped. Soldiers and civilians alike, lost their lives for committing to the narratives provided by the mass media.

The indoctrination of the young children had also begun in the early portion of the second dark ages. The empire restructured its school agenda to indoctrinate the children but the resistance quickly became aware and fought back. The rest of humanity would fall for the indoctrination. Many children were taken away from their parents, disappeared, or kidnapped for the purposes of government.

The dark ages of the rule of the U.S. empire are described by many as they tell of massive propaganda campaigns unleashed on humanity simultaneously for multiple desired effects. The empire, many had predicted, would be one great psychological experimental laboratory for humanity. The end result of this human experiment known as America, was clear to see.

The empire (many tell) used several extremely effective tactics and techniques to pull off their dominance of nearly one hundred years. Central to their success what a combination paradigm grounded in Judeo-Christian beliefs. These groups were heavily targeted by government intelligence at the political level through TV and media and at the church level through non-profit status and prophesies about god's nation of Israel. Upholding that Israel was actually god's people, these religions would intertwine and share core beliefs that would keep them grouped together in a perfect way so as to allow the political Zionist agenda to move forward.

The Zionist agenda would prove to be just another front for the new world order agenda. The Zionist new world order front would allow for huge steps forward as within the agenda it was much easier to demonize the opposition to this long term agenda. Christians were also held in check by several bible versus including Romans chapter 13 which told them government is god, all the while many within this group would be fully targeted by mainstream media propaganda which would always line up with their beliefs. Without this Judeo-Christian paradigm the government's tactics for ensuring their new world order would never have worked.

Then there was the left right political paradigms that the empire used to drive the mental energy of the people in various directions while they moved clearly forward with their plans. The left wing liberal agenda would come in nicely to devalue humans, strip them of all family values, and disrupt many fundamental concepts of morals and ethics. This would fit in nicely with the give-yourself-to-government socialist agenda that many of their leaders would preach. The empire cleverly used all political parties against each other to push their global government agenda forward.

To destabilize their own government and other sovereign nations, at one point the empire would even create, fund, arm and launch their own terrorist operations. The government would then use these operations to threaten its own citizens with terror activity just to keep them afraid and reliant on government perceived protection. The tactic worked. The empire would boldly move forward with criminal activity and no one would say anything. Those awake would watch with shock and horror as their own country waged war after war against innocent sovereign nations. Those in control would commit atrocities and get away with it and this would become the norm.

Fraudulent elections, mass operations to control the weather, manipulate nature and contaminate the earth would roll on in broad daylight. Genocidal projects would be carried out right before everyone's eyes as the masses were fed poisoned food and huge portions of humanity would give themselves terminal diseases without any hope for survival. All along the mass media and mass electronic control system would tell humanity that everything was fine. Regularly humanity would be encouraged to eat more cancer causing foods, absorb more metals, and inoculate themselves with more and more dangerous cancer-causing, diseases-causing and autism-causing vaccines. The empire would even engineer diseases to speed up the depopulation then would design killer vaccines to move the plan forward. The masses would readily accept all of these poisons as normal and would even defend criticism of these toxins.

The revolution would come in many forms. Just one of them discussed here being the food and health revolution. The survivors of the criminal global empire would live to tell the world in detail how to be healthy and how to fight back and eat right. These core lessons and values would be resurrected within society as a means of survival. Again, sadly the core of humanity which succumbed to the globalist plans and would never figure it out. The poisons they ate all the days of their life would all catch up to the them. Cancer and death would become the norm for many. Again, truth seekers would live to tell these tales of life inside the empire.

The thing to learn here is that humanity is always watching and even when things seem down and it feels hopeless, humanity finds a way to bring out the good. Humanity finds a way to hold steady, keep track of events and true history, and make sure the truth is told to future generations.

Living inside a terrorist nation many said is like being inside a huge plane that is pulling off dangerous maneuvers. You feel like you have little control and all you can do is tell the account of what happens and hope the plane doesn't crash.

In the end we can be sure it was all about consciousness and let this account be shared by others in hopes that humanity will learn from its past and avoid future dark ages.

We are free again and its the year 2117. Much has changed and while the empires of the past slowly disintegrate we have these lessons and stories to share.    

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