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Bernie Suarez, Mass Media Mind Control- the Unofficial 4th Branch of Government?

Monologue from Scott Teeters at -- Broadcast recorded Friday February 6, 2015 -- Played on

Dr. Bernie Suarez from is back with us for another visit. Dr. Bernie’s dishes up info in an entertaining way that’s informative without beating you over the head with a bullhorn.

I’ve been enjoying Bernie’s work for some time now and one of the issues he’s been hammering away on is how the Mass Media is nothing more than Mind Control. This offered to me, as well, several years ago, and I’ve been saying that the MSM is the “Unofficial 4th branch of Government.”

Over the last few weeks, Dr. Bernie has taken this on with a vengeance – as we all should.

On January 18 he published “6 Major Lies The Will Be Pushed On NFL Fans This Week.”

On January 28 he published, “Reporter Goes Public, Admits ALL Mainstream Media News is FAKE!”

And on January 31 he published, “6 Immediate Health Benefits of NOT Believing Mainstream Media.”

This is a war for your MIND listeners. In movie, The Matrix, the character Morpheus said, “ I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.”

That is what we are doing on Far Out Radio, in our own unique way. It is what Jeff Rense and the rest of the hosts on The Rense Radio Network are doing. It is what Dr. Bernie Suarez is doing at

You can follow Dr. Bernie Suarez’s work here

You can enjoy Dr. Bernie’s previous visits by accessing his Playlist here




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