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Michael Brown Murder Spinning Off Into New Conspiracy Theory!

This is my second video on this topic. See the first video in the link below. Again, the shooting death of Michael Brown is being spun by some to portray officer Darren Wilson as the victim instead of the killer. This is being done using several points. One of them being that Michael Brown was a big guy. Darren Brown defenders are reasoning that since he was so big it only makes sense that officer Wilson would shoot him to death, and that is faulty logic. Someone's size should not be the determining factor as to whether you empty out your gun on them. If Brown really was "attacking" Wilson, Wilson could have tasered him, used mace, swing a baton or even shoot him in the leg to disable him as officers used to be taught.Lethal force is rarely justified especially when the person is unarmed.

Supporters of officer Wilson are also suggesting that all the witnesses of the shooting who testified that Brown had his hands in the air are all lying in one big conspiracy against officer Wilson.

Here's the first video I made on this story from August 2014




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