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A Little More About Truth and Art TV

July 28, 2014

Hey' it's Bernie, creator of the Truth and Art TV project and I want to talk a little about the history of this web project. launched December of 2011. I pooled together some of the topics I felt were most important to understand to live a meaningful life.  The idea all along was to provide a platform where viewers can be exposed to a group of information that is related to the globalist plans for world domination, and a platform that would convey this idea in a simplistic surreal entertaining manner. I strongly feel that left brain 'over-intellectualization', and demonization of truth by making truth seem creepy, is very much a part of the globalist plans of deception. 9/11 Truthers for years had been portrayed by mainstream media as angry, dangerous or even creepy and mysterious people. This was all by design. Likewise the system has always relied on over-intellectualized psuedo-science talk to present "persistent contrails" and "global warming" to the world hoping and knowing that most dumbed-down Americans won't bother to do their own research.

Here in this web site we choose to represent consciousness because we think that it holds the keys to the solutions.

Truth and Art TV was designed to cut through all of these deception techniques and offer truth seekers a refreshing and simple platform for truth mixed in with art to learn about many of these important issues. Mixing truth issues and art has always been one of the primary ways in which humanity expresses itself and the goal was to provide this kind of platform for viewers. See our ABOUT page for more on the philosophy of this site.

As someone committed to confronting and exposing evil, I want to grow this platform by uploading more creative content and some day providing creative art opportunities. I want to continue building the 'Freedom Chronicles' writings as I believe future generations may look to these creative communications for clues about who we are. Also, creative communications often inspire others to do other creative things. This, I hope will be what this site represents, a site for young adults and information seekers to use for quick learning about the world around us from an 'anti-new world order' point of view. We do not deny that the world can be seen from many points of views and this point of view is but one. That is part of the beauty of life, that we can choose what world and what paradigm we live in. If we are really good at it, we can choose our paradigms carefully while maintaining a full awareness of other paradigms. This is an issue of consciousness. A consciousness we hope will provide solutions for the future of humanity. Here in this web site we choose to represent consciousness because we think that it holds the keys to the solutions. History shows that there are places where only consciousness can go. It is the last remaining life form against the growing evil which threatens our existence? This is a topic I will discuss more.

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