Truth and Art TV Article

This New Conspiracy Theory May Be Circulating Within Christian Churches

July 19, 2014
Truth and art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez
Christian conspiracy

Thankfully many Christians I have met do not fit into what I'm about to discuss here but unfortunately some do. You see, lately I've been confronted by several so called Christians both at the street level and online, all spinning a new narrative that says that alternative media, the truth movement and the growing global consciousness and awakening taking place worldwide, is itself an evil "deception". Apparently and according to some hard-line Christians, anything that is not of "God" or related to the message of "Jesus" is a deception. Many of them even quote bible versus about "deception" in the "last days" etc. Yes, it appears this brand new intra-church Christian conspiracy theory pins its logic on the fact that any movement that is not grounded on the theory of "Jesus" must be a deception. Strangely but not so shockingly, most of these Christians seem to believe mainstream media news however. In most cases you can tell they only believe mainstream media news but amazingly you'll never get them to admit it. Instead, every time they are challenged about the issue they seem to understand it is prudent to respond by denying their belief in mainstream media news. Perhaps they discern that it's a trick question which they need to answer carefully. Some say they also don't believe mainstream media news but don't offer an alternative, while others avoid the question all together about who or what media source they listen to.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that these voices are coming from the deepest parts of the Christian fundamental and evangelical circles. Anyone following western media and culture knows how influential and successful the right wing Neocons were at convincing evangelical and conservative Christians nationwide that 9/11 was committed by 19 "evil" Muslim dangerous terrorists despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The government propaganda has had a field day toying with Christian leaders around the nation, pushing their Islamophobia and terrorism for years and following up with narratives about the "domestic war on terror". We've seen their circle of "experts" appear for years on Fox News and other right wing stations. Pat Robertson and his Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) for years has pushed the war on terror and government propaganda and talking points to his audience, all in broad daylight as Christians drink the government kool-aid without realizing it or questioning it. Will anyone challenge this massive 'under-the-radar' propaganda which is quietly paralyzing America into complacency and inaction?

This latest alternative media/truth/freedom movement conspiracy circulating in Christian circles claims that alternative news outlets are evil, self-seeking, and masterfully deceptive channels of lies looking to fool you and to deceive you with news narratives that are not real, and deceive you from following Jesus (I suppose). I firmly believe this is a result of government infiltration of churches in America who seek to discredit and minimize the global awakening and truth and freedom movement, and instead reduce the movement to a cult-like status. Let's keep in mind that within Christianity nothing is considered more dangerous and deceptive than something coined to be cult-like. Speaking with Christians in the past I've noticed they have radical opinions of leaders in the truth movement which ironically line up perfectly with mainstream media views of these individuals.  The individuals in questions are usually known to passionately expose the globalist new world order plans. Oddly, when questioned about how they formulated their opinion about the person in question, they never give a straight answer or admit that they heard it on TV.

No one should be naive to think that government intelligence and infiltration agents would not saturate Christian communities with pro-government propaganda. We know that all churches are part of government to begin with as they all need proper 501c3 tax exempt status to exists which requires that they not be critical of government. Can it be any more obvious than this? Challenge many of these hardcore Christians about this government connection and they brush away the relevance of the issue.

What we are seeing, I firmly believe,  is another type of government propaganda and disinformation in effect to divert the attention of anyone who dares to pay attention to what is going on and instead silence them. Our government wants obedient slaves who don't ask questions, and many high ranking church clergies, reverends, ministers and leaders expect this to also be the guidelines for what a good Christian (or should I say church member) is all about. Many Christians are not expected to worry too much about what government is doing or what is happening in this world. These silly "worldly" matters are not to be worried about. Jesus will take care of everything, and the evil men who do harm to this world will all someday be punished by God directly. This mindset is a perfect bed for metastasizing evil. It was Edmund Burke who famously said:  "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing". Dr Martin Luther King famously warned the church community with his stern message: "There comes a time when silence is betrayal". We all know that anyone who stands up to corrupt government puts their life on the line. King understood this and was willing to stand up and be counted.

Unfortunately for this reason corrupt government has thrived while in some Christian circles people have indirectly (with their silence) aided the expansion of corruption and greed in America. There are no scenarios in history where evil was allowed to metastasize and it did not come back to bite everyone. This is the nature of evil, war, oppression and greed. It will factually grow until it kills everything around it. Unless we confront evil and unless we are willing to call it out, it will continue until it kills us all off. There is nothing spiritual, edifying, constructive, wise or beneficial about allowing evil to grow without speaking out against it. This has to be one of the prime examples of irresponsibility that can be charged to a human being. Someone once said that the opposite of courage is not cowardice but conformity and this is true. It is the mass conformity that we are seeing in some Christian circles that is doing great damage.

Approximately 73-77 percent of Americans identify with Christian beliefs. Unfortunately some Christian all continue in their deafening silence against evil government, and subsequently things only get worse. Even worse is in having to listen to the false prophets, the liars and deceivers echo the voices of government as they demonize those who are sounding the alarm. As I debated with someone recently who insisted that everything I was warning about was deception, I couldn't help but to think where did this person get his ideas from? Is there a missing piece of the puzzle to this story? What memo, radio program, sermon, lecture or seminar was this person exposed to that lead to this particular train of thought? These are the real questions we should be wondering. Where are these narratives being born? Just how deep is INTEL embedded in these churches and who might be willing to talk.

Let us not be fooled by this mass complacency and false pontification that seeks to keep all hands off of government criticism in the name of "Jesus" and end times "deception". You hate evil and deception then open your eyes to what is happening all around us. Look to yourself, take a stand against those who would perpetrate evil and harm on others, call out the warmongers, defend the poor and the weak, stand for what is good, love one another, help one another, learn to hate evil, know what evil is and what it is not, know what good is and what it is not, respect life, give back to nature, be kind to animals, study the proverbs, be slow to anger, bless those around you, share what you have if you can, enjoy life and live to give back to others instead of consuming yourself in greed and self gratification. This 'being good' thing is not rocket science and it certainly is not coded in secret religious beliefs or laws whose violations come with punishment, fear and suffering.

Realize that all fear is evil. Do not allow someone to sell or package their version of the "good" kind of fear. It's all lies and deception. You are on earth to thrive and love and learn from one another. Tell yourself, never again. Do not listen to the voices of fear and hatred who seek to justify and rationalize war, harm, violence and oppression. This is what the war on terror is about. This is what the government's prisons are all about. This is what the Christian "hell" is all about (fear and punishment). Your life on earth is too short to relinquish your precious time and attention to these ideologies. Being happy and experiencing true fulfilling joy is a choice that you make every single day and your belief system is also a choice so why not choose love over fear in every single thing you do. Why not say no to all ideologies of hate and fear regardless of where it comes from?

When you finally overcome the psychological manipulation that comes when someone attempts to scare you into believing like you, you will be free. When you learn to identify the fingerprint of the globalist gangsters who want their new world order now, you will easily identify their political agenda in real-time, and that will set your mind free of their real-time false flags, lies and deception that no longer work on many of us. People who are still living in darkness and hypnosis will wonder, how do you know? And you will smile at them and respond that you know because you see, because you are vigilant and you are awake. You'll remind them that truth is not told, it is realized. Yes, there is a magic to being awake. No, this is not a religious experience, it's consciousness, and it's who we are.  

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