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The New World Order Agenda Update- Trump Era

The page below was initially designed and updated mostly from 2011-2013. Obviously many things have happened since then and the world has changed in many ways. Today in 2017 and beyond we know a lot more about the ruling elite plans for world domination than we knew even in 2011-2012. And for that reason we're including key updated sections in many of our agenda pages (linked in the side buttons of our home page) so that the pages more accurately reflect the times in which we live.

With that said, we've seen a struggle within the deep state during the Obama years creating a huge divide in America between the Left and the Right. We believe this was all by design as the ruling elite set their sites on the destruction of America. Obama proved to be the perfect puppet president to accomplish this while pushing the new world order globalization plans for 8 solid years

America was then led into a very controversial election where the ruling elite's candidate of choice Hillary Clinton was derailed from becoming president by mostly the alternative media and segments of the deep state that decided Hillary was not a good choice. That didn't stop the Liberal Left and their mainstream (fake news) media from essentially becoming a terrorist entity in our country with the funding of George Soros. By the beginning of 2017 America was on the brink of civil war with a massive Soros funded psyop "revolution" in the streets of America made up of Hillary supporters blaming Donald Trump, the newly elected president, for everything wrong in the world. This massive divide was by design and it brings us to where we are today.

The children of the new world order have arrived and they are prepared to impose their will on anyone who doesn't agree with them. The enemy is not really Donald Trump it is the sovereignty of nation states and their need to secure their own borders, it is family values, cultures, natural gender differences, it is the education of innocent children, it is truth itself, reason, logic, religious beliefs and anything else that represents the virtues of humanity. The ruling elite's children of the new world order want an amoral fully technocratic world where no one is allowed to disagree with them and everyone is exactly the same thus setting up the stage for all of humanity to be permanently censored, silenced and enslaved.

Meanwhile, while all of this craziness is going on Donald Trump is now the president of the United States and the war hawk Neocons want to force him into picking wars with Iran, Russia, China or whoever else they can think of. World War 3, which Obama tried so hard to start using fake news, propaganda and lies is now on Trumps table. As of early 2017 humanity awaits to see if Trump will find ways to truly destroy the new world order plans or will he listen to the other half of the deep state and continue the new world order plans under the guise of "nationalism" and "war on terror". The progression of the fake war against "ISIS" will dictate much of the future. This proxy army created by Obama which has also been exposed repeatedly to be a group created, funded, trained, armed and supplied by the US and its allies will either go away or be built upon to justify ongoing war. So the obvious question is will the ISIS psyop finally be laid to rest by those in power? Will the lies and creation of more global bogeymen finally end? The answer to these questions determine whether the new world order will become a reality or not. Stand by for more!

“Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. A world where the United Nations, freed from cold war stalemate, is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders"

President George Herbert Walker Bush,
March 6 1991

federal reserve

What if it was 1913 and a private mafia just took over the power to control, issue and print money in the US after a secret and illegal 1910 meeting on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia made this plan possible?

What if this small privately owned banking cartel could now expand and contract the money supply to artificially manipulate the growth and collapse of the economy to maximize their own personal profits at the expense of everyone else?

What if that privately owned banking cartel influenced and controlled everything we do including the news you watch, political policies, laws passed, who wins the presidency and foreign war-related policies carried out while also declaring themselves above the law?

What if you found out that wars are the most profitable of all financial ventures for this banking cartel and that starting with WW1 they would go on to finance both sides of every war

What if that same cartel along with financial elite partners had plans to depopulate the world, destroy individual sovereignty, economically implode all countries, impose austerity and financial enslavement, take full control of all resources, and biometrically control all commerse giving them full control of all activities on the planet, all part of their master plan for a one world government?

This is the story of the privately owned Federal Reserve banking cartel and its financial ruling elite partners. Understanding this debt-based global banking scheme is critical to understanding the big picture and then you'll see how they are the most powerful tool for enslavement of not only nations across the globe but all of humanity!

Depopulation, Agenda-21 and the NWO symbolized

The New World Order is a phrase often used to describe the global elite's master plan for global domination of the world. Many people feel that this plan can be characterized and trace with the creation of the central banking system which goes back to the early days of the Republic. Let's consider what some of the founding fathers had to say about these central bankers and the danger they posed then to the free Republic.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

"The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

"If a Central Bank is ever created in America- Through Inflation and Deflation the "Bankers" will Rob The Americans”

Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826

"We must shut down the Federal Reserve system ... Once we learn not to cooperate with them, then we win the game!"

Aaron Russo 1943-2007

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Banksters Lineup from top-left: Kuhn, Loeb, Bernard Baruch, J.P. Morgan, Eugene Meyer,Paul Warburg, Max Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Louis Brandeis, Alfred Rothschild

Ben Bernanke (former) Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

"J. P. Morgan, Jr.(in red box), one of the signatories to the establishment of the
Federal Reserve in 1913, played a prominent role in the financial aspects of war mongering. It was he who made the first loan of $12,000,000 to Russia, and in 1915, a loan of $50,000,000 to the French Government. All of the munitions purchases in the United States by the British were made through one of his firms, and he organized a syndicate of about 2,200 banks and floated a loan of $500,000,000 to the Allies"

Following the The Money Trail

For complete article go to

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws." - Mayer Rothschild

... And, so it goes. The enemies to your freedom do not necessarily lurk behind closed doors in Washington D.C. (although you will find many there), nor are they necessarily engaged in some nafarious conspiracy plotting the overthrow of government.

No, the enemies of your freedom live next door and are found in every city and town in America. "We have met the enemy, and they are us."

They are the banker, the corporate executive, the human resource director, the investment counselor, the store manager, the power company, the Internet service provider, the insurance agent, the grocer, the mayor, the city counsel, the realtor, just about anybody that handles your money. Individually, they do not necessarily understand the overall plan to control and dominate you, nor do most believe they are doing harm. However, each is compartmentalized and only understand what is in their narrow scope of authority, and they have been deceived into believing a lie created by satan, the father of lies. Sadly, each does support the overall agenda by their obedient complicity in furthering the collective agenda of the New World Order. READ MORE


The Logan Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 953 [1948]) is a single federal statute making it a crime for a citizen to confer with foreign governments against the interests of the United States. Specifically, it prohibits citizens from negotiating with other nations on behalf of the United States without authorization.

Some organizations that are playing key roles in the fulfillment of the new world order
This list was compiled mostly in 2012 and is somewhat outdated given what we know today

Founded in 1954, the Bilderberg Group
holds "by invitation only" annual meetings of the rich and powerful.When such rich and powerful people meet up in secret, with military intelligence managing their security, with hardly a whisper escaping of what goes on inside, people are right to be suspicious. But the true power of Bilderberg comes from the fact that participants are in a bubble, sealed off from reality and the devastating implications on the ground of the black-science economic solutions on the table.Bilderberg is an extremely influential lobbying group... they do, namely accumulation of wealth and power into their own hands whilst explaining to the participants that globalisation is for the good of all. It is also a very good forum for 'interviewing' potential future political figures such as Clinton (1991) and Blair (1993).

If one group is effectively in control of national governments and multinational corporations; promotes world government through control of media, foundation grants, and education; and controls and guides the issues of the day; then they control most options available. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the financial powers behind it, have done all these things, and promote the "New World Order", as they have for over seventy years. The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life. Its' "experts" write scholarly pieces to be used in decision making, the academics expound on the wisdom of a united world, and the media members disseminate the message.

The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by private citizens of Japan, Europe (European Union countries), and North America (United States and Canada) to foster closer cooperation among these core industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system... The “growing interdependence” that so impressed the founders of the Trilateral Commission in the early 1970s has deepened into “globalization.”...As relations with other countries become more mature—and power more diffuse—the leadership tasks of the original Trilateral countries need to be carried out with others to an increasing extent.

Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, CGI convenes a community of global leaders to forge solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. CGI Annual Meetings have brought together more than 150 heads of state, 20 Nobel Prize laureates, and hundreds of leading CEOs, heads of foundations and NGOs, major philanthropists, and members of the media.

Other key organizations and institutes

Club of Rome
Brookings Institute
Tavistock Institute
The Pilgrims Society (Cecil Rhodes schools)
IMF banking system
Bank of International Settlements (BIS)
SITE Institute
Academy (Blackwater)
Facebook etc etc ...
Plus those pushing social darwinism and social engineering

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives- or ICLEI promotes:
"local action for global sustainability and supports cities to become sustainable, resilient, resource-efficient, biodiverse, low-carbon; to build a smart infrastructure; and to develop an inclusive, green urban economy. The ultimate aim is to achieve healthy and happy communities. We have developed stable, long-term programs to support local-level sustainability and continue to develop innovative new programs to respond to issues of international concern."

In other words ICLEI is a significant tool to systematically implement AGENDA 21 at the local levels throughout the U.S. and thus strip away the sovereignty of Americans by forcing local communities to surrender and relinquish their personal local responsibilities, interests, concerns and policies to a foreign entity that holds "GLOBAL" authority, interests and concerns. ie.. do it for the better of the planet and the Global Government'.... as in 'We the globalist are now in charge and YOU the local community now answer to our global government not the individual sovereign citizens who own the town.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization-

United Nations- U.N.

Scientific Dictatorship
Control of all Resource
Control of all
human activity
Control of the Weather and Nature
Control of the media and information

President Dwight Eisenhower warned in 1961 about how humanity was threatened by a global technocratic scientific dictatorship at the hands of the ruling elite. He warned of the dangers of this. Today we have seen science politicized beyond what most people can imagine. Truly independent unbiased research, critical thinking, ethical principles, transparency, evidence based science and the Scientific Method have all been abandoned for the sake of political interest. In his first election campaign Obama himself admitted the Scientific Method had been politicized.

Today secrecy is the rule and anyone who produces studies that are against the agenda at play is discredited, demonized, ridiculed and ignored. Studies whose conclusions don't benefit the large pharmaceutical industries, vaccine industries, or other industries and trans national corporations are debunked and attacked.

No story illustrates the scientific takeover more than 9/11. The National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) has admitted a law was passed granting NIST "comprehensive" authority over their own data, experiments and claims.

The 9/11 commission report regarded none of the hard evidence that was available

Using the manufactured 'war on terror' narrative the globalist have torn apart one sovereign nation after another and confiscated many of their resources. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other countries come to mind. We saw this in decades prior as economic hitmen politically and forcefully strangled many South American countries for their resources.

The late Aaron Russo told the world how globalist Nick Rockefeller himself explained to Russo how the fake war on terror would be used to systematically invade countries for their resources. The plans for the U.S. military to dominate the world is outlined very clearly in the 'Project for a New American Century' paper titled 'Rebuilding Americas Defenses'

Confiscation of natural resources has been one of many hidden agendas behind the war on terror. Conveniently there is never a solution for peace, never any need to show proof that these wars are real, and as we've seen now there is always room to conveniently create new super skilled terror groups like ISIS to keep the wars going forver without anyone seemingly able to defeat these groups

This plan accelerated after 9/11 with privacy violations, NSA violations, cameras and electronic tracking of average Americans at every level. However, the long exposed Global Warming hoax turned "Climate Change" movement is a political movement planned by the globalist since at least the late 1950's with the goal of creating a global carbon tax to impose on all humans globally. This global carbon tax will act as a powerful tool to control all human activity worldwide. The globalist have been working on Climate Change legislation and linking "climate studies" to "national security", medical health, and anything else they can loop it to to help implement these draconian laws and global carbon tax sooner.

To understand the agenda behind the global warming/climate change movement we must be aware of Agenda 21 which is the U.N.'s master plan for control of the human race by controlling where humans live and how much energy the expend. All of this is being justified by the climate religion and is being done in the name of "sustainability". Once people begin to see how evil and nefarious Agenda 21 is they will hopefully understand the original intent of the global warming lie. People will be judged and thus taxed by the carbon footprint and anyone who doesn't pay their taxes will be subject to punishment. This is possibly the greatest assault on human freedom ever known to humankind and it's all being done in the name of a scientific lie.

Patents for weather modifications are well known. Programs for spraying the atmosphere world-wide have been in effect for many years now. These illegal spraying programs have been going on worldwide without regulation and without consent of the people in full violation of environmental, ethical and human rights laws. We've even watched as the globalist expand their spraying programs now regularly disbursing aerosol injections coined "chembombs" in the atmosphere where massive plumes scatter throughout the sky and cover the sky from horizon to horizon much faster than chemtrails.

Despite this, many US Geoengineers continue to lecture around the country teaching students the need to spray the sky in order to combat global warming. They are conditioning students to the good intentions of future spraying programs all the while these programs have been ongoing for years already.

HAARP is another technology being employed by the US military in conjuction with chemtrails and other programs to modify our planet and even create earthquakes, super-storms, drought and who knows what else.

Companies like Monsantohave been fighting for control of food and continue to force their GMO seeds and crop on the American people (and many other countries throughout the world) without the public’s knowledge and with deceptive advertisement and voting campaigns to deceive the public about the true dangers of eating genetically modified food.

On top of all this the planet has been plagued with many natural disasters like Fukushima and toxic oil spills whose effects have been censored by the mainstream media. The damage done to our planet is frightening and little is being done to expose or reverse this.

A large percentage of the mainstream media TV news is controlled and owned by the same 6 companies- News Corp, GE, Disney, Westinghouse, Time Warner and Viacom. It's no secret they parrot the same news script every day and they serve the interest of these same global elite. This is all possible because they are all controlled by CIA.

The Bin Laden hoax was a classic display of the MSM willingness to push the envelope of hoaxes. Laugh or cry, this hoax came with a lot of future strings.

No independent entity is as responsible for the mess this country is in as the CIA controlled mainstream media lapdogs of the new world order. This serves as a reminder of the need for independent journalist, alternative media, and a media which is willing to be highly critical of government. This is the only kind of media that will allow for a truly free state.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and their great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” ----- David Rockefeller

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