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Posted 03-13-16

Operation Chaos? Paris Shooting Band Frontman Suddenly Denies What He Saw

Eagles of Death band frontman Jesse Hughes is now just 2 days later flipping the script of his OWN testimony. Just 2 days prior Hughes admitted that the night before the "attacks" at the concert in Paris security was acting very strange, that the head security guy was a guy he had not ever seen, and that many of the normal security guys mysteriously did not work the concert. All of this lead Hughes to conclude that the event was planned, and who wouldn't conclude that?

But here we are, just 2 days later and suddenly Hughes is changing his story after likely being spoken to by the powers that be. Now Hughes actually blames himself for being confused and in "therapy" over what happened on November 13, 2015.

All of the sudden denying of his own reality, thoughts and perceptions reminds us of CIA's Operation Chaos (1967-1975) where influential musicians were infiltrated, drugged, even murdered in many ways just to sabotage their "anti-government" message and the powerful influence they were having on American culture known as the counter-culture movement.