Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift 2017 Update

As of the beginning of 2017 we are seeing and continue to see the paradigm shift talked about in this page (below) transpiring exactly as envisioned. We said the shift would be dramatic to some while not noticed by others and everything in between. With the controversial US presidential election of 2016 we saw many things come to light which no one expected. We saw mainstream media and the Intelligence community panic and start a "fake news" psychological operation on the masses desperately hoping to divert the public's attention away from topics like the pedophilia criminality in Washington DC (pizzagate). The Wikileaks emails revealed a lot about the corruption of the deep state and now their corruption is common knowledge and exposed to the world. The country reacted by electing Donald Trump and choosing to listen to alternative media instead of mainstream media.

As a result of this mass awakening to the crimes and corruption of the ruling elite the children of the new world order are now upon us threatening the overthrow of our government just like George Soros would want. Now the "revolutions" of the past like "Occupy Wall Street" can be put into the proper context as Soros and the CIA has a history of engineering civil unrest and ultimately overthrowing governments. All of the modern day chaos and divide is all part of the predicted paradigm shift which we are now seeing.

The Trump administration is the first "post-Wikileaks" administration and will be scrutinized like no other presidential administration in history. We now know that Barack Obama occupied the White House for 8 years while providing what is now confirmed to be a fraudulent birth certificate short form document on the website. We also know that the Obama administration created ISIS. How will these incredible events change the course of humanity? Only time will tell. This my friends is just the beginning of the foretold paradigm shift on this page.

Please browse the information below and see if this resonates with you.


Paradigm Shift:
A conscious perspective

Paradigm Shifts have occurred throughout history. These are changes in the way we as humans view the world around us. Modern technology and the abundance of information available today has made it possible for humans to become fully aware of the globalist new world order schemes and now humanity is prepared to collectively act on this knowledge. This consciousness we share about the current day scenario is the 'truth' that will allow us to move forward as a human race to hopefully provide a better world for future generations.

The current paradigm shift is already in effect.
This website and many others like it are proof of this shift in consciousness. The observed sequence of behavior that involves ridiculing the truth, followed by anger, followed by attacks and finally acknowledging of truth is all part of this shift in consciousness.

The opposition's main task is to delay this awakening process by creating distractions that muddy up the truth and keep people in confusion by framing every important and common sense issue as debatable. Subsequently in today's mainstream media there is no truth except what the media TELLS YOU is acceptable truth. Everything else is an opinion or point of view.

The Paradigm Shift is not so much a sudden event (barring a major financial collapse or extraordinary false flag event), it is a gradual process laced with key events. We are seeing these key events and decisions already. Some states for example are exercising their 10th amendment rights to nullify federal laws, while others are exercising opposition to components of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that allow arrest and indefinite detention of American citizens. Sheriffs nationwide are having conferences about their obligation to the Constitution of the United States. These examples show how the paradigm shift is already in effect, is gradual and for many will be uneventful.

The Paradigm Shift will be felt and perceived differently by everyone depending on their initial level of awareness. What may seem scary to some will be jubilation to another. Many people are not able to accept any paradigm that is not first perceived to be accepted by the masses; for someone like this the shift may be perceived as simply a new zeitgeist that everyone is hip to, never having appreciated the magnitude of what humanity has gone through to get to where we are now. We are extremely influenced by our environment and this 'influential' factor will play a large role in the overall cognitive transition to a new political, governmental and existential paradigm.

At higher levels of government we can expect more and more resignations, controversies, scandals, arrests, investigations, political tensions and unrest. We can also expect more rumors of wars, continued illegal invasions and war crimes all leading to a period of exposure followed by hearings, legislation and constitutionally based political action that will demand accountability. Yes we can! Humanity is already in the process of turning things around on the criminals who have caused so much human suffering. A period will come which some refer to as 'mass arrests' in which many crooks will be arrested regardless of what status they had. The system will be prepared to handle this process.

Paradigm Shift will be accompanied by a shift in business and investment mindset. This will usher in a new era of innovation, inexpensive and free energy resources and technological advances which will make our lives more efficient and resourceful and thus more enjoyable. The criminals who have oppressed our world will eventually lose influence and they will resist giving up their power any way they can. When their power is finally diminished the world will benefit in numerous ways!

FINALLY: The PARADIGM SHIFT we are experiencing involves the masses waking up to the fact that corrupt elements at the highest levels of government and private sector (aka the ruling elite or oligarchs) have created a global system of financial, mental and physical enslavement as well as brutality and violence against individuals and nation states that don't cooperate. This enslavement has been perpetuated with technology and media through the use of state propaganda and the indoctrination of the masses through the educational system. The end result has been the implementation of learned helplessness at a mass scale as the people fully accept their enslavement and many even willfully choose to defend this very system.

Moving forward, awareness of this information itself is one of the natural antidotes humanity will and is feeding off of in order to guide us into a direction of healing and restoration. In this process, humanity as a whole will continue to explore itself and all of its abilities, skills and gifts limited only by its imagination, heart, will and motivation.

In the functional physical and political conscious realm humanity will pull together in many ways incorporating human rights, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, natural law, religious and spiritual principles of love and forgiveness, justice, accountability, cooperation and good will. How many people will suffer or die before we reach this point is a question no one can answer.

Here are some important issues to follow as time passes:

- The ISIS-Islamic State narrative- This created, funded and armed US proxy army is a key to the establishment of their new world order. They (the ruling elite) need ISIS to stage real or imagined "terror" here in the US to usher in "state of emergency", "lock-down" or martial law. They also need their ISIS proxy army to destabilize particularly Middle East countries that don't cooperate with the West.

- Road to WW3- Using ISIS and increased tension and propaganda to attack Russia, China, Iran and other nations that don't cooperate with the West is leading to a road to world war 3. Will this be prevented?

- A new global order is being with things like the Trans pacific partnership agreement (TTP and TTIP), global ("climate change" related) carbon taxation and other global (police state) partnerships like the Strong Cities Network just to name a few. Let's keep an eye on this.

- Engineered collapse of the US dollar. Keep an eye on the U.S. dollar and the stock market. In the end this is all about the money. Being aware awake and ready is the best way to prepare for a new (decentralized) currency system (or no currency at all) and the subsequent way of life that follows.

-Expansion of the surveillance state as government looks for new ways to track your behavior, whereabouts, conversations, communications, biometric data and much more.

- Persecution of individuals, whistle-blowers and activists to be labeled as "traitors" or "domestic terrorists". These topics are just a few to watch for as we come to a point in history where we are observing a massive clash in consciousness. There is nothing new under the sun and be assured that humanity has been through this process many times in the past and come out of it better. The only difference between this clash of human consciousness and new paradigm shift and those of the past is the available technology of today. Let's share the knowledge, take advantage of whatever technology is available and rediscover our humanity first. Then let's realize that all of this is a process more than an event. Find your place in this process and discover the power of love and care. Reject fear at all cost and purpose to be part of the solution.

Here's to a new era in American
and World History!


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