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Posted 04-07-18

Q Anon is FORCING a Shift In Consciousness! Here's the Evidence- Podcast #41 4-7-18

This week I discuss and illustrate how Q anon is now forcing a mass consciousness shift on all levels. This shift in consciousness is the Trump storm we've been narrating for over 5 months now. With mainstream media now openly talking about the Trump Storm and Q anon, and with record worldwide CEO resignations, with thousands of sealed indictments, with the state of emergency Trump declared on December 21, 2017 and with all the recent take-downs of the social media giants, with all the breaking developments taking place in the House Intelligence Committee and DOJ, and with all the US Military "accidents" which can no longer be called a coincidence it is time for everyone to make a decision as to what they believe and whose side they are on as we move forward. Join me in today's discussion.