Truth & History Quiz

10 Quiz Questions To Test Your Truth Knowledge

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Disclaimer: This quiz was put together in 2012 and we realize much has happened in our world since then. Nevertheless, have fun with these!

1. On September 11th 2001 how many buildings in New York City came straight down at or near freefall speed as admitted by the U.S. government?

    A. 1

    B. 2

    C. 3

    D. none

2. World Trade Center lease owner Larry Silverstein had breakfast religiously every single morning in a WTC restaurant-club, however on the morning of September 11th where was Mr. Silverstein?

    A. Eating breakfast at his usual favorite restaurant and was able to get out of the building in time

    B. At work but running a bit late and upon eating breakfast he realized what was happening and got out in time.

    C. Uncharacteristically and with amazing stroke of luck Larry happened to have taken only this particular day off from work and didn't have to deal with any of the catastrophe that unfolded

    D. Running late to work and was aware of what had happenned in time to avoid serious injury

3. The money in circulation in America is controlled and printed by:

    A. The U.S. Government through a responsible process that involves approval of congress and senate

    B. The U.S. Government but with the permission and overseeing of the Department of Commerse

    C. The U.S. Government using a meticulous and strict guideline that brings the Department of Treasury, Department of Commerse, the Senate and Congress working together to keep the process legit and honest

    D. None of the above, a private mafia-like banking cartel completely ungoverned actually tells the U.S. what to do and controls all aspects of currency circulation including legality, ethics and all decisions on regulations.

4. The Patriot Act undermined many of the freedoms and inalienable rights humans have as outlined by the Constitution and Bill of Rights; when were many of the components of the Patriot Act actually drafted?

    A. After 9/11 when the Bush administration concluded that Bin Laden and his forces executed all the events of 9/11

    B. After 9/11 when the Bush administration concluded that another 'attack' was imminent and for the safety of Americans

    C. As soon as 9/11 happened within minutes the administration began working on this legislation realizing there was no time to waste.

    D. Well BEFORE 9/11; on the morning of 9/11 the Patriot Act was mostly already drawn up and ready; this was prior to any alleged terror attack which the administration said they never saw coming

5. In the United States the 'Logan Act' makes it a crime for any U.S. politicians to be a member of any group that conspires against the United States in any way shape or form. Which of the following is true?

    A. All U.S. politicians abide by the Logan Act and would never do anything to violate the principles it represents

    B. Numerous Politicians in the U.S. have violated the Logan Act by being members of groups like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission which have outlined in their mission statement strategies for building a global order at whatever cost to individual nations.

    C. The meaning of the Logan Act is misunderstood and it does not demand that U.S. Politicians are faithful to their own country. This conversation is useless.

    D. The Logan Act is a piece of legislation that has no practical meaning or application, it is outdated and Politicians can join organizations that conspire against the U.S. while serving in office

6. During the infamous 'Bin Laden Raid' announcement by the US government-mainstream media complex on May 1st 2011, which of the following is true?

    A. The U.S. Government got lucky, Bin Laden was proven to be alive for 10 years, he was caught against his will, murdered and mountains of evidence produced by the U.S. was appreciated by governments and people world-wide

    B. The U.S. Government made the entire story up for political gain and to advance the war on terror against the American people with 'see something say something' campaign. They produced no evidence of the actual raid, went out of their way to put fake Bin Ladens on TV looking decades younger, and both CIA Director Leon Panetta and Barak Obama went on national TV and admitted that at no point were they ever sure that Bin Laden was in the complex

    C. The U.S. Government admittedly had their hands full with this raid and did their best to get the story straight after accidentally putting out numerous photos of what appeared to be fake Bin Ladens and after the story changed several times. These missions are never easy

    D. Capturing and killing Bin Laden was the perfect thing to do. The US can do whatever it deems right and was incredibly sound in their tactics which according to American principles calls for US troops to murder anyone they have conflict with without trial. The Nuremberg laws and international human rights laws do not apply to the U.S.

7. Which of the following about the war in Afghanistan is true:

    A. The war has lasted over 10 years because the resistance put by the Taliban and other fighters is overwhelming, the U.S military has been struggling to keep up with the 'terrorist' technology and weapons and hopes to catch up to theirs some day.

    B. Hundreds of videos showing the highlights of this war have circulated all over the world and on youtube for years. We've all seen the bad guys shooting back at the US with their incredible arsenals.

    C. The US has been fighting patriotically and in keeping with ethical and American Democratic principles has never once considered tampering with any of the resources the people of Afghanistan have in their home land. What's theirs is theirs!

    D. In 10 years no videos have ever been produced showing clearly and undisputedly that their is a powerful army of terrorist with powerful weapons, tanks, artillery pieces and more pointed at U.S. soldiers putting up a powerful resistance that justifies 10 years of wars. At the same time their have been several admissions, photos and videos of U.S. soldiers tampering, guarding and taking over the poppy seed plantations which make up the worlds largest heroin production.

8. On December 19th 2008 Bush Administration and Karl Rove I.T. specialist 'Michael Connell' died in a mysterious plane crash. Which is factually true?

    A. Michael Connell was the exclusive Bush administration hired I.T. person involved in the 2004 election fraud, he had already made a deal with prosecutors to testify against Karl Rove in court and his attorneys testified that Mr. Connell had complained numerous times that the Karl Rove people were trying to kill him

    B. Micheal Connell never died in any plane crash

    C. Mr Connell died in a mysterious private plane crash but there was never any hint of suspicious activity as Karl Rove and everyone connected to the claims came clean truthfully and honestly

    D. Mr. Connell's plane crashed the plane himself as a suicide. This was admitted by him, his familiy and his attorneys.

9. Which is true about Chemtrails?

    A. It is perfectly normal for any plane to give off a long white line that becomes a cloud and brings rain or cloudy weather. No big deal.

    B. The U.S. Government has conducted numerous reproducible experiments that follow the scientific method to prove that it is normal for planes to make clouds. These experiments and data is wide open for anyone to peer review and challenge and no one has ever been able to refute these transparent epic scientific papers produced by government.

    C. Chemtrails are all conspiracies, no one has ever shown that planes fly around spraying any white lines in the sky

    D. Chemtrails are part of a massive global geoengineering projects that are ongoing. The US airforce and other private corporate U.S. defense contractors have patents for weather modification and for actual spraying of the atmosphere. These operations have been going on since at least the early 1990's and escalated in the late 1990's. The chemicals being sprayed are known to include among other metals; silver iodide, barium, aluminum and strontium, all of which are dangerous to the ecology and to humans.

10. The U.S. Education sytem is:

    A. A very ethical sytem that believes in teaching only factual information.

    B. Is concerned with raising a highly educated public that will think on their own.

    C. Produces among the top smartest kids in the world and is a model of success for other countries to copy.

    D. Has resorted to actively teaching lies to the kids about global warming, chemtrails and U.S. history including indoctination in the long debunked 'official 9/11 conspiracy theory' which tells a tall tale of towers coming down at freefall speed through the path of most resistance due to office fires and jet fuel burning which violates all the principles of science and reason.

Answers: 1.C 2.C 3.D 4.D 5.B 6.B 7.D 8.A 9.D 10.D