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A Word On Infiltration

Infiltration of the truth movement for the sake of this explanation relates to the notion of Ďagentsí inserting themselves inside activist groups to manipulate the group for the purposes that benefit the opposition or disrupts the accomplishments and goals of the group. Here are a few points on this topic:

Nothing New Here, Wheel Not Reinvented:
Infiltration of political opposition groups has been a common tactic employed by the U.S. Government for many decades going back to at least the 1960ís with Operation Northwood but likely back even before the early days of this country. Truth activists should thus not be surprised at the idea that organized and well financed governments would consider infiltration of perceived opposition groups important enough to act on. Thinking that well organized and well financed governments would not consider this agenda important to their agenda is unrealistic.

Spend Your Energy Elsewhere:
Since agents donít get paid for admitting they are agent it is almost certain that no one will ever admit to being an agent. Therefore it is pointless to spend time and energy trying to directly accuse or prove that someone is an agent. This is a sure form of wasted energy as you will be distracted and less during that time to promote the mission statement. Feel compelled to stand up and call out an agent? Hold that thought and read on.

Judge Truth Activist by Actions and Words:
As a group or individual activist, you should have a goal or mission statement. Let that mission statement be the focus of the group and notice what kinds of things others say and do and compare it to the mission statement. If you notice a clash between someoneís words/actions and the mission statement, make a mental note, keep an eye out for patterns consistent with this opposition to the mission statement. Remember it is more important to simply identify those that act against the mission statement. Whether they are agents or not they do the same amount of harm to the group. So as you can see, actually knowing if they are agents is irrelevant and only satisfies your personal curiosity. Try to skip the judgment and guessing games and address the words or the behavior directly. Agents and problem activist usually give away their intention without any assistance. Nurture the platform that allows the messenger to expose themselves. Let the mission statement do the work. Less is more.

This Is Why We Do What We Do
Ordinary common infiltration is why groups and activist organizations have Mission Statements or stated goals. For this reason we should all look to protect these missions without any bias of friendships, opinions or emotional feelings. It is easy for example, to regularly disagree with someone you donít like or to agree with someone you admire. If we donít measure what every person says by the mission statement we become susceptible to being INFLUENCED into thinking a certain way or going along with a certain idea. Be NOT a respecter of persons and youíll never loose your footing in the road of truth.

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