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Top 3 Most Ignored Stories By the Mass Media

#1 Most Ignored or Censored Story:
Obama Fraudulent Birth Certificate

This story has been growing and growing like a cancer with hard evidence pouring out for years now. Arizona decorated veteran Sheriff Joe Arpaio's 1000+ size investigation team has been reviewing all the evidence in hopes of clearing Obama's name. The team has begun conclusion on the long and arduous investigative process and has concluded that the Obama birth certificate produced by the Obama administration on April 27th 2011 is a fully fraudulent document.

Breaking News July 18 2012: National Security Threat: Obama’s Birth Certificate Proven Fraudulent

Infowars Archives Breaking News April 28 2011: New Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 1

The corrupt mainstream media from both the left and the right has done everything in its power to ridicule this story and character assasinate anyone who dares to expose this story or question the blatantly fraudulent birth certificate produced by the White House. Many forget during the 2008 presidential election campaign it was actually the Clinton's who raised this issue before they were apparently asked to be silent about the issue.

The ramifications of this issue may be too overwhelming for Americans to wrap their heads around, but just think for a second what this means. Everyone should be asking just WHO IS 'Barry Soetoro' (Obama's real name), who does he work for and how did he occupy the office of President of the United States when he doesn't meet the basic constitutional requirements to be president? This issue alone would explain why Soetoro feels no obligation to obey the constitution of the United States, preserve freedom and the American way. This means that a foreign born with allegiance to the central bankers, United Nations, NATO and the new world order agenda NOT the Constitution is in charge of our country. This allegiance to FOREIGN entities outside of the interest of the United States is TREASON and very impeachable as a high crime

#2 Most Ignored or Censored Story:
Meet the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)

ICLEI is an organization that is doing the ground work of enforcing GLOBAL laws and regulations on small local towns all over America and the world. Marketing their treasonous Global Order plans under the banner of "LOCAL GOVERNMENTS FOR SUSTAINABILITY" ICLEI is systematically imposing GLOBAL rules on small towns thus destroying all Constitutional rights of citizens throughout the United States. This issue is being packaged under the "green" movement and is directly tied to the lie that human produced or 'anthropogenic' produced CO2 is the biggest driver of global temperatures and not the sun as all historic data shows. CO2 is natural and necessary for life and is not or has EVER been shown to DRIVE temperatures. THIS unproven claim is at the heart of the long exposed 'Global Warming' HOAX which practically died in November of 2009 when the CLIMATEGATE scandal exposed that IPCC doctored their data to make it seem like global temperatures were getting warming instead of cooler. The 'Global Warming' hoax then took a different road and was repackaged as simply 'CLIMATE CHANGE'-- quite different from 'Global Warming' as climate change is perfectly natural. So as the United Nations pushes forward with AGENDA 21 and the globalist hope to impose their carbon tax on the world ICLEI is almost secretly UNDOING the peoples constitutional rights under this now global religion which is the back bone of the quest to globalize the planet under their ONE WORLD DICTATORIAL ORDER

United Nations' Agenda 21 & ICLEI:
Severe Geneva convention violations by UN

#3 Most Ignored or Censored Story:
2100+ Architects and Engineers Have Concluded Controlled Demolition And Signed a Petition Demanding a True 9/11 Invesigation

No one is still trying to figure out HOW the World Trade Center towers came down on 9/11. Scientists, scholars from many fields of science, physics teachers as well as thousands of architects and engineers including the 2100+ professional Architect and Engineers who have signed the petition for a 9/11 investigation, all have concluded that all 3 World Trade Center towers (WTC 1,2 and 7) were blown up controlled demolition style. The overwhelming evidence can be seen and reviewed at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and other 9/11 science research and news sites. This hard evidence is easy to confirm as Newtons Laws have been the standard scientific rule that defines the characteristics of objects in motion for hundreds of years. Despite this overwhelming evidence and the work of so many scholars who have all risked their careers and reputation to stand for truth the Media, Hollywood and Politicians alike continue to ignore this story like it's not even happening. Go to Truth and Art 9/11 Truth page

911 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out-Official Trailer

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