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The Current New World Order Paradigm:

Cracking the Code

Original Truth and Art TV article- Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Understanding the current paradigm believed and lived by those who; watch mainstream media news, watch public and cable TV shows as well as Hollywood movies is not very difficult. Here is a brief breakdown of today’s Orwellian paradigm that threatens all of humanity and a few suggestions on how we can break these beliefs.

First and foremost everyone must realize that nearly every piece of important news put out by the corporate media has some agenda to it. The news is planned and programmed because those that own and control the news have wishes and desires they want to obtain and it is in their interest to use the resource they have (media) to obtain those goals.

The goals are to keep their news in line with the globalist plans. It’s that simple, and as soon as a person recognizes this reality they are mentally freed to understand all the workings of the global elite or the so called New World Order. This is really that simple. This is why even kids when informed about this, are able to understand the world that is being shaped for them by these globalists. One needs only to recognize that the controlled media cannot be trusted with truth. This simple knowledge is powerful enough to transform a person’s life forever.

Upon realizing that the mass media is potentially all staged to get us to the planned global government one can then begin to appreciate true news sources. Often coined the ‘Alternative Media’, these independent news sources that are not part of the standard corporate mainstream media fraternity should sound like they are willing to report all forms of injustices in the world not just news items that glorify the U.S. Empire, UN, NATO, the big corporations, the central bankers, politicians and various global agendas.

In order to reconcile this difference between “corporate mass mainstream media news” and “alternative media” one must have a fundamental core belief that truth not politics and propaganda is what matters. Luckily as humans we (most of us at least) are fully armed with the ability to discern between good and evil. If you are not sure then read history, pick up a religious or inspiration book or seek out answers within yourself. You will likely find that things like “good” versus “evil”, “love” versus “hate” or killing someone versus helping them is quite distinguishable. One act makes your nervous system, mind and emotion feel bad and stressed out while the other will make you feel good, safer and much more comfortable. Yes believe your own body! For most people it (your body and mind) has a self controlled mechanism for acknowledging good versus evil. Much to the chagrin of famed psychologist Sigmund Freud and many others including proponents of depopulation, Eugenics and even many who push fundamental religious beliefs, humans are actually inherently good people. We need only to be surrounded by well intended people and learn good behavior with positive reinforcement to develop a strong sense of good and evil.

It doesn’t mean that everyone will be a saint and it doesn’t mean that people won’t mess up and make big mistakes. No it doesn’t mean that there would be no need for prisons and punishment. Unfortunately humans are not perfect and historically we have always had to deal with a small element of unreasonably violent type even the psychopathic variety. But imagine if this small element (the psychopathic variety) was twisted enough and energized enough to act on their psychopathic nature to the detriment of the rest of the human race? Can you imagine that? That is exactly what we are dealing with today.

Coming to the realization that psychopaths have focused their way to the top of the control chain and are imposing their dark vision on the world is the most liberating truth that someone can reconcile. As soon as you realize this simple truth you will be in position to live the rest of your life with a fulfilling purpose. You will purpose to do well for humanity. You will realize that you are the person who can change this world the most and there is no action as strong as your action to restore sanity to this earth. The same way that a person cannot move forward unless they can see the road they are on, likewise one cannot be freed from the engineered fear and oppression imposed on the individual by the system of agreements we have created known as ‘governments’. Once your mind is free from engineered agreements known as ‘governments’, then one can leap forward to the next page in the human experience where governments are insignificant and/or assigned specific duties to support the human experience not oppress it. We will never move forward as a human race until we realize the insignificance and historic failure of ‘governments’ that work for a different motive from that of helping humanity. In other words, we have come to the point in the human experience where we realize that governments can be a powerful tool to advance the human race but unfortunately it can and has been extremely instrumental in causing unimaginable pain and suffering for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Preparing to leap forward and cash in your positive thoughts while we are alive in this planet begins by taking the following step:

1. Thinking of doing this. All ideas begin with a thought; this is why they have already made movies about ‘thought crimes’ and the system is already moving in the direction of making free thought a crime. They know that a person’s ability to think on their own is the biggest threat to the new world order global government plans.

2. Making a commitment to educating yourself. That means letting go the current paradigm. Many people are afraid of letting go the current paradigm and they are willing to hold off till the last minute but by then it will be too late. Find the hero inside and fear not, for this current change of paradigm is inevitable and it is for the good and the survival of the human race.

Ask yourself; do you want your great grand children to be dealing with a powerful global government that restricts controls and monitors every form of human activity and silences all forms of dissent? Ultimately the process of educating yourself will be much easier than succumbing to this level of slavery. Knowledge is power.

3. Disconnect yourself from the mass media messages put out every day and think on your own.

4. Purpose to see the world from the point of view of:

a. Global elite versus the ‘people’
b. UN Charter versus the Constitution which guarantees all forms of individual liberties and sovereignty.
c. Global government versus Nation States
d. Free Energy versus energy controlled by the oil mega-companies.
e. Responsible monetary system run by the people through properly elected governments versus privately owned controlled and manipulated currency that benefits only a few people and oppresses the sovereignty and well-being of the rest of the population of the earth.

5. Above all, purpose to recognize the value of human life and the sovereignty that every single person is born with. Learn to appreciate the value of every single person that is born into this world. Learn what it means to love one another and care for one another. Learn to confront evil and expose it for what it is regardless of who is perpetrating the hate and the evil.

Humanity is more than ready to take on the next challenge that history has to throw at us. We are now fully awakened to the plans of the global elite for full control of the world. We understand the goal and we understand the situation. When enough of us act on this knowledge we will all be free. Free to choose what we want and free to think on our own without fear of some external threat of an oppressive government looking to label you a terrorist for thinking on your own.

This entire article is one big thought crime to destroy the new world order.

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