Truth and Art TV Article

Tyranny Red Alert!

RFID Chip Implementation in Progress!

October 10 2012
Exclusive Truth and Art TV article- Contributed by Bernie Suarez

We’ve been hearing about the globalist terrorists wishes to control the entire human race and chip every person so that they can monitor their whereabouts 24/7. There is nothing eerier than seeing the global terror policies being implemented. A shocking new “Student Locator Project” was recently launched by a San Antonio High School which demands that student carry their special “IDs” otherwise they will be denied various school privileges against their will. Naturally, some students and parents refuse to participate and are being punished and refused standard school privileges and services.

The idea of tracking average American High School students is the manifestation of tyranny dawning on us in broad daylight. It is time for humanity to wake up and realize that we have a problem of fascism and tyranny being systematically implemented and forcibly imposed on the people. The time to push back on this dark oppressive ideology of unchallenged governmental control of the people is now. Speak up now before it’s too late. Once all freedom is lost there's no guarantee that you will ever get them back. This is exactly how tyrannical empires of the past systematically and incrementally imposed their domination over nations of the past. Do your part to resist tyranny and stand for the constitution and freedom. Know your rights and stand tall in these challenging moments.

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