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Geoengineering Crimes Front and Center

How Hurricane Sandy Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

October 30 2012
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Almost everyone likes games. If not as an adult then likely as a kid you enjoyed playing games, and why not? Games are intended to be fun and entertaining. Games usually come with some kind of rules and instructions to simplify your understanding on how to play well and get a high score or beat your opponent. In America and globally speaking, ‘we the people’ are now all caught up in a game of survival and truth that goes something like this:

Plain and simple, the state now works for the purposes of the global government that operates in secrecy and is working hard to design a global control-grid while depopulating the planet to make the control-grid easier to manage. As this process moves forward we are observing it in both real-time and as historic events and we (humanity) are capturing their crimes in real time and quickly (in real-time) able to put it in the right historical perspective. As a result humanity is experiencing a political awakening of historic proportions. Many of us are fully awakened to the globalist actions and are looking to expose their crimes.

Here’s where it gets tricky and here is where fellow truth seekers need to focus and realize that ‘we the people’ are still in control. Whenever the global terrorists push their agenda forward with a false flag event of any kind, we the truth seekers simply need to feed off of this engineered event and find ways to expose their plans even more. If they don’t push forward with their agenda that makes it harder to gain other peoples attention and harder to prove and warn others. However, when the globalists do move forward with their state crimes against humanity, those of us fighting for humanity must use these events to fully expose their intentions and their plots.

We have seen countless false flag and engineered attacks on humanity in the last few years. The Obama administration and the globalist minions they answer to lately seem almost desperate to push the global government/new world order agenda and they are willing to risk being exposed by the alternative media. In other words we are now in a full-on war of information and that means that if you care about humanity you need not pick up a gun or a rifle like patriots needed to do in past wars. Instead we can see that the events that are happening world wide are golden opportunities to educate and show others their plans.

With hurricane Sandy being fully exposed as an engineered storm which has tried many times to downgrade itself only to be artificially strengthened, we can now see one obvious purpose of the chemtrails crimes and the HAARP operations being put to use for the purposes of mass destruction. Now is the time to dive in and research geoengineering crimes that have been long admitted by their own geoengineers. We were told even by the history channel long ago that they were practicing how to create, intensify and even kill storms for political reasons and we've known for long that our own government owns the patented technology to spray the skies with chemicals yet the mass media continues to ignore these programs in order to keep the public in the dark and entirely unable to connect any dots back to hurricane Sandy.

I call all of this an information-and-awareness video game where YOU the human being born with a natural urge to thrive get to sit down and call out their lies in real time. You get to be the architect of the future of humanity by simply being the change that you want to see, by sharing the truth about the globalists’ agenda and state crimes against humanity and by opening your mind to the voices of freedom, wisdom and knowledge that are all around us now. The only thing you need to understand to make this happen is that the artificially created mass media propaganda machine and Hollywood IS the very blueprint for your demise. This propaganda machine is the very thing that is keeping millions in mental captivity and preventing them from beginning a fruitful life on earth. This awareness is what you need to make the decision to turn off their propaganda machine forever, never to be revisited again.

I’m enjoying this game knowing that all I need to do is continue to be the model of what humanity was meant to be and I hope to influence and help others come to this point in their lives. I silently watch hurricane Sandy sensationalized by the mass media, used as a tool to shut down all human activity, and used as a scare tool to report deaths and predictions of death. Why do I get the feeling that the very same politicians that felt the NDAA was a good idea are also the same politicians hoping to see massive death and destruction as a result of Sandy?

Images of HAARP facility in Alaska

Perhaps hurricane Sandy can serve as a powerful tool to get people to look up and question the illegal spraying of chemical trails all over the world, to acknowledge that we have a HAARP station in Alaska that should be permanently destroyed and that the U.S. Air Force and Geoengineers have already admitted that they are conducting these programs for years. Let’s use this hurricane to listen to the voices of the government whistleblowers that have been warning us about these programs and let us use their crimes to expose their own crimes. This is probably the most effective form of action we can do.

Life is uncertain and we don’t know what is going to happen from one moment to another but one thing we do know; a concept borrowed from the most fundamental laws of physics; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We’ll take it.

Thank you, globalists for taking action that we can use to push the exposure of the global geoengineering crimes. In the meantime we’ll keep reminding everyone to keep looking up and encourage more people to hold their state elected officials accountable for doing nothing about these programs!

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