Truth and Art TV Article

My Short Letter to a Corporate Media "Investigative Reporter"

Because NBC Investigative reporters are always looking for "good investigative story ideas and documents"

December 8th 2012
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

After reading another laughable “al-qaeda-boogie-monster’ story written by NBC’s Robert Windrem I clicked on Bill Dedmans ‘Got an idea?’ link below. The following is my idea (admittedly worded harshly and sarcastically at the same time ... for better or for worse) for NBC global government shills:

I have an idea! How about you guys drop the Orwellian delusions, read history and see the finish line. Your global government fantasies are already failing. Can't you tell? Hillary has already admitted the US controlled private corporate media is "losing" the propaganda war to alternative media! Remember servants of evil, Truth is EASY and your lies are extremely complicated. DaDaDa! Smile,,, your corporate mainstream media lies are being exposed in every corner of the earth. I hope those globalists pigs will treat you guys (The corporate privately owned mainstream media whores ... aka the well known 4th branch of government) with a little kindness. Let's see when the monetary system crashes. Happy whoring for the globalist and THANKS for turning your back on humanity, individual sovereignty, freedom, the Constitution and the principles brought to us by the founding fathers. Good bye!!! :-)

Signed-- A person with a soul, an unquenchable fire, integrity and love for humanity.

PS- Read history and see how things end for tyrants and fascist dictators! Pretty please!! I love you still

The following is Mr. Bill Dedman's response:

"Thank you for your kind and thoughtful note. Please print it and save it so your grandchildren will know you well."

There you go everyone! An NBC ‘investigative reporter’ yet he makes no intellectual attempt to at least call me out on my errors or address corporate media lies, the central moral issue or anything about this NBC article. Perhaps he didn't like the tone but nonetheless that’s called cognitive dissonance and THIS is an example of exposing the evil mainstream media which is the biggest culprit (IMO) in facilitating the attempt to enslave humanity today. There is no entity more guilty than these mainstream media whores who have made it possible for this global government agenda to push so forward as it has at this point in history. Individuals like this typically and quickly resort to excuses for avoiding the otherwise very serious issue they are being challenged with, and in their paradigm it is exponentially easier to hide behind sarcasm and mockery than to actually begin to address fundamental issues of human sovereignty, freedom, morality and challenges to media lies. Perhaps we'll tone it down and test them from another angle next time.

One thing that Mr. Dedman will never understand is that at this point in history neither he or any of the shills working for NBC or any mainstream media entities deserve any serious recognition, at least not until they start confronting the real issues. We won't be holding our breaths on this.

There you go, please don’t hesitate to write to NBC and remind them that their actions are detrimental to humanity.

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