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The Monkeys of Evil

How 2013 Will Help Identify the True Soldiers of the New World Order Agenda

December 14 2012
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Yes we know about John McCain, Carl Levin, Leon Panetta, Hillary, Barry Soetoro and the rest of the faces that represent the global government agenda; we also know about the ambassadors and architects of the agenda at the highest level like those in control of the money. This generation is now able to see who the evil ambassadors are that are pushing humanity into a world of suffering, misery and death. Above and beyond the Henry Kissengers of the world, the Ben Bernanke’s the Bush’s and the Clinton’s who else is really behind this evil global plan?

2013 will reveal more plainly who these perpetrators are at not only the high levels but at the lowest level too. With the reality of the so called New World Order crystallizing before our very eyes we are seeing people everywhere considering and reconsidering their belief system. I believe they are consciously and subconsciously deciding whose side they want to be on. The majority of people who still believe mainstream media news (which by the way is the litmus test which divides who is still politically asleep and who isn’t) are in a state of confusion and decision making (I believe). Psychologists call it cognitive dissonance but you can call it whatever you want. People everywhere want to believe mainstream media lies because it allows for continuity of their already established paradigm but with every day that goes by they find it more and more difficult to do so.

This conflict will give way to a contingent of people nationwide that will be identified by their steadfast support of the dying system; people who will continue to rationalize beyond reason what the global government is doing no matter how unjust. These people are the new ‘Monkeys of Evil’. They are the ones who will help directly and indirectly carry out the unjust agenda of the new world order. They will directly and indirectly ignore their conscience and do as they are told, snitch on sovereign citizens, join organizations that work against humanity and obey illegal orders. They will do this hoping that they will somehow be saved by the very system and ideology that they are protecting. They do not realize that becoming a monkey of evil only ends with your own demise. They don’t realize that evil is evil and it is not possible for the system to care about them. Ironically, the lies that they dwell in will eventually be their own destruction.

So ask yourself, are YOU on a path to act as a monkey of evil? There is no two ways about this. Read your history and read your favorite religious book; there is no in between when it comes to evil and good. Change your path now and make a commitment to defend freedom, humanity, good, human rights and the constitution of the United States. This country and the values it stands for was not built overnight and only the commitment and understanding of what true liberty, justice and freedom is all about will help us get back on the right track. Don’t be a monkey for evil in 2013, join us in creating good solutions for humanity now. For whether you live or die your legacy will carry on long after you are gone. Can you see the wisdom in this? Hope to see you on the other side!

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