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No Not Again!

SANDY HOAX: Another Sloppy Government False Flag FallS Apart at the seams

December 28 2012
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Here we go again. I was browsing some articles, videos and links and couldn’t help to think how sloppy our pathetic government criminals are. Of course we can agree that most people working for government are well meaning people and even honest hard workers. No doubt government wants these kinds of reliable people to operate and rightfully so it needs good people to do what it does. But looking at the last shooting in Newton CT we are reminded that all governments have evil elements that carry out agendas literally for the better or for worse. With a little independent and critical thinking one can easily put information together and allow logic and intuition to do the rest. This logic and intuition must supersede your love of your current paradigm in order for things to make sense.

So without getting into long conspiracies I find it fascinating how many odd coincidences are coming together surrounding the December 14th shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newton CT

Here’s an intriguing article to start getting your brain to wonder.

I Think It's Official, The Sandy Hook Hoax Has Backfired

Why would a Facebook page for someone claiming R.I.P. appear 4 days prior (Dec 10, 2012) to the actual shooting date? (Dec 14, 2012) As I said, here we go again.

Now that America seems to be more awake and able to catch the government false-flags pretty much in real-time, as the article linked above suggests, this is good news for freedom lovers and those that hate the global government monkeys that hate humanity.

Let the Sandy Hoax shooting be yet another wake up call for America and another nail in the coffin of the globalist pigs.

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