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Americans Ring in New Year Drinking Dooms-Day Kool-Aid At Alarming Rate!

Is there really an anti-dote to all this madness?

January 1, 2013
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

As the New Year descends upon us all, is it just me or can others who are awake feel the fear, gloom and doom that Americans everywhere are drinking to like the Jonestown Kool-Aid? I admit it; I’m slightly alarmed at how alarmed Americans are lately. With the progressively graying Kenyan globalist teleprompter reading puppet popping up on TV selling fear and gloom, to his evil henchmen in California orchestrating surprise attacks on the constitution jumping center stage to absorb some of the blow-back for his administrations agenda to disarm Americans, to the primarily 6-headed 4th branch of government, preaching 24/7 breaking-news-style fear, doom and gloom with their CIA approved anchor talking heads. How ironic that two of their primary henchmen from two of the most important globalist families have recently suffered sudden medical threats to their lives (HW, Hillary)? Should we take this as an omen, a sign of something to come?

Like an interesting wild and fast moving horror movie where you don’t know who is going to go down first, the movie is entertaining but unfortunately too many Americans are drinking the Kool-Aid and believing the movie is real. Please take a deep breath and remember this is THEIR movie. It is one thing to understand their paradigm it is another to believe and succumb to their paradigm. I’m in awe at the amount of DOOM-GLOOM fever spreading everywhere; seeing so many people who are buried in their perfect storm of fear, doom, gloom, end of the world paranoia and the all familiar stock up and save thyself mentality. Americans at alarming rates are drinking the Kool-Aid started just a few years ago with all the globalist end-of-the-world Hollywood movies and have continued with a steady dose of cable TV ‘End of the World’ programming that have Americans fully addicted to this synthesized paranoia.

Many fear junkies are perhaps disappointed that the world didn’t end on December 21st so they seem to need to sink their teeth into other fear paradigms of which there are many to choose from. So what can we do to slow down this automated madness?

Let’s all start by drawing a line between knowledge, wisdom and hope. Knowledge is the gathering of information which many reading this article are good at. Information gathering is related to intellectual capacity, mathematical skills, problem solving and IQ. Many people are experts at gathering information and piling it in their heads like a storage space packed with items. That’s knowledge but then there is wisdom. Just because you are smart does not mean you are wise. Wisdom however is related to HOW you deal with the information that you have gathered and how you lay it out, how you process the information so that it is functional and useful to you. This wisdom skill incorporates many other factors and elements to generate appropriate decision making or what is known as JUDGMENT. One can have a box of automobile parts and be intelligent enough to know how each part works but it does very little if you don’t know how to assemble the car. Wisdom allows us to process all the fear, doom, gloom and wisely categorize it in its right place in one’s mind. If you allow the fear, doom and gloom to enter your mind and you carelessly throw it around just anywhere, beware it can and will distort your thought process, judgment and perception and will have a cascading detrimental effect on your mental, physical and spiritual progress.

Finally there is hope. Hope is another thing all together. Hope can be viewed by some as irrational, naïve, unrealistic even stupid but hope can be the greatest game changer of them all; for knowledge without wisdom is a lost cause and knowledge and wisdom without hope can be very burdensome and ultimately a lost cause. So to all my truth seeking friends I offer this small argument with the opening of our new year: Give hope a chance and try to see that we humans are intellectual beings, we are cognitive problem solvers and yet we have another element hiding deep inside our existence that some call ‘spirit’ or ‘supernatural’ or whatever you want to call it. This element, I challenge my readers is the element that ‘they’ don’t have. ‘They’ the evil globalist pigs or Monkeys of Evil live in a miserable world that they cannot escape from. They are godless and HOPELESS and they only gain satisfaction from knowing that they are controlling others and that they are inflicting some kind of suffering and pain. People this IS the so called ‘other side’ of humanity. Yes, humanity has a dark side and these people are the expression of that dark side. Every time someone succumbs to THEIR fear, doom and gloom you are joining them and obeying them in partaking of their misery and you are allowing them to walk you into their world of darkness, suffering, fear and gloom. This is exactly what they planned on imposing on humanity. They knew they couldn’t usher in their so called new world order without creating chaos. GWB referred to “order out of chaos” and this is part of their ritual.

I for one will pass and reject their tray of fear, gloom and doom. I refuse to drink their Kool-Aid and I invite all of my friends to see the silver lining of hope. This hope I speak of is one of the X factors that they cannot destroy.

If you understand this message then try it on someone. In fact the next time you see one of those brainwashed cops foaming at the mouth and looking for terrorists that don’t exist, hit that police with a gigantic smile and waive at him. Tell him how happy you are and how hopeful you are of humanity and our current situation and let him know that you appreciate them and even though you don’t believe all the mainstream media lies about terrorists let him know that you know he means well and you are rooting for him and watch the expression on his face change. If you are really clever you’ll have a chance to educate that officer, just remember to do it with respect.

That is my 2013 HOPE TEST, will you take on the challenge? No it’s not about being naïve or unrealistic about the situation we are in, it’s about reaching deep inside you choosing to be the change that you want to see in the world. This is how the game is played. Now let’s begin 2013 and may the best spirit win! Peace and love.

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