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Truth and Art TV: Out with RT News

Is network just another controlled opposition platform?

UPDATE: RT News, since the time of this article, came around and did several reports exposing the 9/11 official story as a lie and for that we commend RT News! See article here!

February 1, 2013
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

The Truth and Art TV project cleaned out all the RT News links and this is our official position on the matter and why our RT News links were removed from our lower menu.

RT News calls itself “alternative media” yet the ownership of the network refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room known as 9/11 Truth. Given this state of delusion that RT News chooses to live in, we find that calling oneself “alternative news” is impossible and many (like us) would argue a classic example of controlled opposition (whether intentional or not).

Truth and Art TV project thus (for now) rejects the RT News platform and will categorize it as a probable controlled opposition platform given the overwhelming and easily reproducible and confirmed evidence that exists for the WTC towers being destroyed by controlled demolition as well as the hundreds of holes in the never proven ‘official story’ myth. Perhaps RT News ownership is aware of a secret Controlled Demolition company owned by Bin Laden and secret videos showing Bin Laden henchmen preparing the towers for controlled demolition in the weeks prior to 9/11. Until then, we believe that no news entity can honestly and sincerely side with the long disproven laughable 9/11 official story myth and even still refer to itself as ‘alternative’.

Almost every serious problem in the world today and certainly in America can be traced to 9/11 global terrorist attacks and to try to dissociate this event from current global and domestic problems with a (mainstream media propaganda-like) magic wand is both delusional and nullifies any serious attempt at credibility. Sorry RT News, you are NOT alternative news. We are not implying that anyone who doesn’t agree with Truth and Art TV is controlled opposition, we are specifically defending 9/11 Truth, the implications of understanding what happened on that day and the ramifications of actually still believing the official story myth. As opposed to other issues, 9/11 Truth is an inexcusable topic to overlook for a network that considers themselves alternative.

So as RT News gets put on the same shelf as Huffington Post, MSN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and the rest of the dinosaur media, we want to remind our readers that controlled opposition is a norm in CIA/Intelligence world. Please don’t be too mystified by it and just accept that this is their norm. This is how they push their agenda and this is how they create control over information. Thanks for reading.

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